Monster Paradise
577 Lancelot Likes to Eat Vegetables
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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577 Lancelot Likes to Eat Vegetables

Four hours later, Lin Huang and his posse cleared all the monsters in 16 of the rooms on the first floor. From the second room onwards, it basically became their show time as Lancelot would only help them out occasionally.

Most of the monsters on the first floor were below blue-flame level. One to two blue flame-level monsters would only appear once in a while and barely provided a challenge to them.

After Yi Yeyu and Li Lang showed off their abilities, Leng Yuexin and Yi Zheng started fighting freely.

Leng Yuexin's Saber Dao was utterly different from that of Yi Yeyu's as it was of the ice element. If she showed her elemental powers, the speed of the monsters would be affected. In addition to the terrifying Saber Dao that she possessed, she could handle her saber fluidly like flowing water.

Yi Zheng's Saber Dao belonged to the wind element. The level of his Saber Dao was on par with Leng Yuexin's. However, his saber realm was completely different. It could launch a swift and fierce attack with a horrifying killing rate. Each time he brandished his saber, the effect of the attack would never be rendered useless.

Lancelot finally found something interesting while watching the battle among the few of them, fixing its gaze on Yi Zheng, Leng Yuexin, and Yi Yeyu. Although the level of its sword realm was much higher than the three of them, it could still learn something new from them.

"It's not a problem for Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin's Saber Dao to achieve level-3 before they get to the immortal-level," Lin Huang secretly evaluated their performance. Since he now possessed a level-3 Sword Dao which was also called the Pinnacle level, he could easily identify their accomplishments in Sword Dao.

He then shifted his gaze towards Li Lang and Yi Yeyu. He knew that aside from a few of the killing skills that Li Lang had not used, he had basically done his best. Most of the monsters that Lancelot destroyed were monsters that he had missed.

However, Yi Yeyu was in greater trouble. Although she had a fast attack speed and could even be compared to Leng Yuexin's quickness, her attack was too dependent on the flames in her body. This would suppress the development of her Saber Dao to a certain extent, and it was not beneficial in the long run. If this continued, Yi Yeyu would be able to trounce the weak monsters. However, she would be quickly killed by the strong ones, especially those that were immune to elements.

"We've killed all the monsters on the first floor. Let's take a break and have some snacks. The fight on the second floor will be more difficult," Lin Huang suggested after the last battle on the first floor where they had cleared all the monsters.

Yi Zheng took a look at the time and shook his head. "It's already two o'clock now! Four hours have passed!"

"I didn't even notice that." Li Lang lowered his head to confirm the time. "It was shocking how time flew by so fast!"

They exited the room that was full of blood stains and returned to the clean corridor. They then took out their snacks. They had dried meat and dried vegetables as snacks. Yi Yeyu saw that Lin Huang did not give any food to Lancelot, so she gave a piece of dried meat to it.

Lancelot then turned its head back and looked at Lin Huang, asking for his approval. Lin Huang nodded and said, "Take it. You may have a try."

Lancelot then accepted the dried meat from Yi Yeyu. When it moved its index finger, it cut a small piece of it and tossed it into its mouth. After munching on it, it gave the remaining to Lin Huang. "It doesn't taste good."

"Alright…" Lin Huang had no choice but to take the piece of dried meat. He had never fed Lancelot before. Therefore, he had no idea what Lancelot preferred to eat.

Yi Yeyu was upset when she heard Lancelot's comment. However, it was just a summoning monster, so she could not do anything to it. She could only shoot Lin Huang a deadly stare.

Lin Huang then took a bite of the dried meat that Lancelot had given him. After a few bites, he nodded his head at Yi Yeyu and remarked, "It's quite delicious. Perhaps something is wrong with its taste buds."

Lin Huang then gave Lancelot some dried vegetables. Lancelot hesitated for a while as it supposed it should reject human food after giving the dried meat a try. However, it felt that because Lin Huang was its master, it was inappropriate to do so. It then accepted it.

Again, it cut a small piece of the dried vegetable and put it into its mouth. After a few bites, its blue eyes glowed in delight. "It's delicious!"

It then put all the vegetables left in its mouth. After finishing them, Lancelot turned to look at Lin Huang. Although there was no expression on his metal helmet, Lin Huang knew that he had fallen in love with vegetables just by examining his pair of blue eyes.

"It likes eating vegetables…" Lin Huang mumbled to himself. At the same time, he took out a packet of dried vegetables from his storage space and gave it to Lancelot. "It's all yours."

The stony, cold expression on its face immediately disappeared as it gorged on the vegetables. It looked like a kid that had been starved for many years and had just seen delicious grilled meat.

"Why didn't you tell me that he likes vegetables?" Yi Yeyu stared at Lin Huang again.

"You gave it meat without asking," Lin Huang answered. However, a thought ran through his mind. "How I would know what it likes to eat? I've never fed it."

"Hmph!" Yi Yeyu growled with a pout and ignored Lin Huang.

As Lin Huang was chewing on his third piece of dried meat, Lancelot had already finished the whole packet of dried vegetables. Even the small morsels of dried vegetables in the empty packet had been cleaned up. Until it was sure that nothing was left in the packet, it turned to peer at Lin Huang.

"I don't have many packets of dried vegetables left. You finished the whole packet in just a short while. We're going to stay in the ruins for a month. There won't be enough dried vegetables for you if you eat at the speed at which you do!" Lin Huang was speechless.

"So petty! You don't even want to feed it dried vegetables," Yi Yeyu mumbled and took out another pack of dried vegetables for Lancelot. "I have some with me! Eat mine!"

Lancelot did not accept it. Instead, it looked at Lin Huang expectantly again.

"Take it. I only bought a few packets of the dried vegetables." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly.

Since Lin Huang had granted permission, Lancelot then took the packet of dried vegetables from Yi Yeyu. However, after learning that the supply of the dried vegetables was limited, it ate at a rather slow speed.

Leng Yuexin and the rest could not stand watching its plight and gave it their dried vegetables.

Seeing that Lancelot holding four packets of dried vegetables, Lin Huang found it humorous. He then extended his hand and said, "Give three packets to me. You should just take one."

Lancelot hesitated for a while when it heard what Lin Huang said.

"You even know how to save the food for yourself!" Lin Huang chuckled, "I'll keep it for you. They're all yours."

Lancelot then gave three packets of the dried vegetables to Lin Huang unwillingly.

The four of them simmered with laughter as they saw this.

They had finished their snacks and Lancelot had finished half of its second pack of dried vegetables.

"Alright, it's time to work." After resting for about half an hour, the five of them were prepared to go to the second floor.

Lancelot had stopped eating. As it realized that Lin Huang was staring at the half packet of dried vegetables that it was holding, it hid the snack behind its body as if it was not going to give it to Lin Huang.

Seeing its aggrieved expression, Lin Huang did not demand it back. Instead, he smiled, shaking his head. He then turned around, leading the team to enter the second floor. "Let's proceed to the second floor!"


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