Monster Paradise
575 Eating The Meat Without Saving the Soup
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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575 Eating The Meat Without Saving the Soup

Most of the regions of the war foothold had collapsed. The walls and the ceilings that had disintegrated sealed many of the places off, resulting in dimming the whole site.

As Lin Huang and the rest entered, they started sizing up their surroundings.

The wall of the room was covered with moss and poisonous mushrooms of various colors that grew in the corner of the wall. There was the occasional grass that occasionally appeared on the ground, and the leaves rustled as the wind blew past, reminding them that they were not in an entirely dead world.

Lancelot followed after Bloody, leading them towards the entrance of the underground.

Earlier, Bloody had checked the buildings that had collapsed to ensure that there was no presence of monsters. However, Lancelot, Lin Huang and the rest were still being careful as they walked through the place.

On their way, they saw more small plants and fungus. Aside from that, they found nothing.

After walking along the path that Bloody detected for five to six minutes, they finally arrived at the entrance of the underground.

The entrance looked like a straight path that would lead them to the well of the underground. However, the area of the opening was much larger than the well as it had a diameter of about five meters.

Rust covered the metal staircase at the entrance. Fortunately, they were not going to use that.

Lancelot was the first one that jumped through the entrance, and soon, Lin Huang and the rest followed after it.

When their feet touched the ground after a while, Lin Huang looked upwards. The underground cave was at least hundreds of meters deep.

However, Lin Huang soon noticed that something was wrong.

Previously, when he was underground, he could not detect anything with his Territory skill as if something had blocked it. However, his detection abilities had recovered although he was underground now. He could sense that within the region of his territory, apart from Yi Yeyu and the rest, there was the presence of other creatures.

Lancelot could sense whatever Lin Huang could as the detection radius that its Sword Territory could cover was similar to Lin Huang's Territory.

"It's so smelly!" Yi Yeyu mumbled softly and quickly pinched her nose a second later after her feet touched the ground.

Yi Zheng and the rest were on high alert. Despite not possessing a territorial talent and not being able to detect the presence of the monsters, the pungent smell was apparently due to the excretion of the monsters. This indicated that the monsters in the underground were still alive. If those monsters had died, the smell would have disappeared after hundreds of years.

There was a long corridor that had a diameter similar to that of the well. They frowned seeing the muddy and wet ground. They immediately floated up to a distance of a few centimeters away from the ground to avoid their shoes from getting dirty.

Lancelot did not mind at all and took a step forward. As its feet touched the mud on the ground, it squished and echoed in the darkness.

Lin Huang and the rest followed after it. Aside from Lin Huang, all of them summoned their relics and got ready for a fight.

As they walked along the corridor, they soon arrived at the first room in the underground.

The room was at least 1,000 square meters large and had a ceiling of about 10 meters tall. Within the region that Lin Huang's Territory covered, there were more than hundreds of holy fire-level monsters. A minority of them was awoken by Lancelot's footstep, and they peered curiously at them.

"Are they Bloodthirsty Corpses?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"Yes. Bloodthirsty Corpses can be easily identified as they have very fair skin which causes their greenish-purple veins to be rather apparent. The veins on their arms and legs that look like tattoos can be seen at first glance. Other than that, their bodies are deformed to a certain extent due to the side effects of demonification. The characteristics on their face are obvious as well. Their eyes tend to glow bright green in the darkness. Besides, they have sharp teeth which are similar to canine teeth of carnivores…" Lin Huang gave a brief scientific explanation. "One thing that is different from the Cavernous Devil that we encountered earlier is that it has a very sensitive sense of smell. Even if we didn't make any noise, the Bloodthirsty Corpses that are asleep would wake up if they smell the aura of living beings."

After finishing his words, many of the Bloodthirsty Corpses that were asleep seemed to have sensed their auras and gradually opened their eyes, looking in their direction.

Before Lin Huang could even instruct him, a dark red sword appeared in Lancelot's hand.

As it swung its sword, it penetrated through the heads of the Bloodthirsty Corpses that were about to attack from hundreds of meters away. Before the rest could react to it, Lancelot had started a one-sided killing spree.

Each time it brandished its sword, the head of four to five Bloodthirsty Corpses that were within its Territory would explode without any trace. With every step forward, there would be at least ten monsters that were killed by its sword.

Yi Zheng and the rest were shocked at the scene in front of them, and they were still immersed in their thoughts even after a while.

Lin Huang was speechless as well. Obviously, Lancelot was not going to miss any of its targets.

"Is that the Territory skill?!" Yi Zheng was the first one to recover from his thoughts and discovered the skill which Lancelot was using.

Lin Huang nodded his head helplessly.

"It seems like we don't need to fight." Leng Yuexin seemed to be upset as she had no chance to fight the monsters.

"Lin Huang, where did you obtain such a summoning monster? I'd like to seal a monster like this with my monster taming token." Li Lang salivated over the possibility of that.

"You're overthinking. There's only one monster like this that exists in the world." Lin Huang shook his head. "I don't have the energy to train another monster like this."

"Isn't it the triple mutated monster that Mr. Fu caught for you?" Yi Yeyu asked curiously.

"No, I caught it on my own. It had just gone through its first mutation when it's caught," Lin Huang explained.

The four of them instantly kept quiet. Although they did not have a thorough understanding of the job scope of the Imperial Censor, even Reserve Hunters knew that it was challenging for a monster to go through a mutation even only once. A lot of resources and time were needed for training. Therefore, most of the strong Imperial Censors would capture an already triple mutated monster. They had no idea how much effort was required to train a mutated monster into a triple mutated one. This was also the reason why Lin Huang had said that there was only one such in the world.

In the underground room, despite Lancelot not activating its ultimate skill, its performance was terrifying.

As covered its Territory, it seemed like none of the monsters was able to approach Lin Huang and the rest of them. They were at least hundreds of meters away from them. Regardless of which direction the monsters were coming from, as long as it thrust its sword forward, the monsters were instantly killed.

In less than three minutes, it wiped out hundreds of holy fire-level Bloodthirsty Corpses. Lin Huang and the rest became its cheerleaders again.

The blood of the Bloodthirsty Corpse had medicinal value. Therefore, their carcasses were valuable. Lin Huang started collecting the dead bodies.

While he was collecting the carcasses, Bloody chose few of the strongest Bloodthirsty Corpses and completed its parasitizing process. It also retrieved their memories from their brains.

After collecting the carcasses, Lancelot stopped and was about to continue their journey. Yi Zheng, who was standing next to them, finally said, "Let us take the lead and the both of you can follow after us. Otherwise, there's nothing for us to play with."

Lancelot then looked at Lin Huang in doubt.

"Why are you looking at me? You ate the meat without saving the soup for them. Let's back the rear up." Lin Huang grinned, shaking his head.

Lancelot then slowed down so that Yi Zheng and the rest could overtake them before he followed after them.


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