Monster Paradise
574 A War Foothold That Existed Hundreds of Years Ago
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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574 A War Foothold That Existed Hundreds of Years Ago

The site in the Cavernous Devil's memory were located more than 600 kilometers away from the cave.

Within half an hour, Lin Huang saw the site under him and quickly descended along with Yi Yeyu and the rest.

"Yo, the site exists for real!" Li Lang teased as he thought that Lin Huang had got it right only by sheer luck.

"See! I didn't lead you guys the wrong way." Lin Huang was proud of himself.

"What's so good about that? We don't know if there's anything in it." Yi Yeyu raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lin Huang. She could vaguely feel that Lin Huang had known that the site was there in advance.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin did not say anything as if they noticed that as well. Lin Huang was resolute in his action as he pointed towards the ruins. Moreover, he was flying in a straight line, and the site was just in front of them without any deviation. If he had found the cave by luck the first time, it was strange that he had managed to find the site by luck for the second time.

Both of them were smart. Although they knew that it was strange since Lin Huang did not want to talk about it, there was no need for them to delve further into the matter as well.

After looking around, Leng Yuexin frowned. "It looks like a war foothold…"

"It is indeed a war foothold. Judging from its size, it's not a regular, small foothold. It's a least a medium-sized one. The underground must be expansive." Yi Zheng was born in the Yi family, and he could identify it at first glance.

"Did you really think that you're the only one who knows this?" Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Yi Zheng. She finally had the opportunity to show off what her talent, but Yi Zheng had stolen her thunder.

"Fine. Pray, tell." Yi Zheng immediately noticed that he had made a mistake.

"I'm not interested!" Yi Yeyu turned her head away.

Lin Huang and the rest believed what Yi Zheng said.

Leng Yuexin had met the Yi siblings earlier, and Li Lang knew about Yi Yeyu's background as they had gone to the Volcanic Hell together. Any of the Yis knew about stuff related to the armed forces very well, let alone the descent of the Yi family.

"So… Brother Zheng, are there any treasures in it?" Li Lang immediately asked.

"There might be the remnants of the army in the storehouse. However, it seems like the foothold existed hundreds of years ago. It's useless despite valuable items like medicine remaining." Yi Zheng felt that it was less likely that they would retrieve anything from the ruins. "Of course, the storehouse might have been emptied, and there could be nothing left…"

"Keep your big mouth shut, Brother Zheng. I was hoping that I can get something valuable here!" Li Lang immediately shouted.

As both of them were chatting, Lin Huang instructed Bloody again, "Bloody, please check it out."

Bloody then released dots of purple lights that spread into the ruins.

Just when they were waiting for the results of Bloody's investigation, Yi Zheng walked towards one of the walls of the ruins. As he put pressure on the wall, a hole was instantly formed. The place where Yi Zheng had touched with his fingers was crushed, turning into sand.

Yi Yeyu then went over and asked, "Can you determine the exact year of the foothold?"

"As it has weathered to this extent, the foothold must have existed for at least 500 years or even longer." Yi Zheng could only make a rough estimation.

"Division 7 has only been developed for about 300 years…" Yi Yeyu was dumbfounded.

After a short while, they obtained the results of Bloody's investigation. In the site, many monsters were gathered. Three floors under the ground, there was a chief-level monster that was fast asleep in the storehouse which made up the most significant area.

"A chief-level monster? What's its rank?" Lin Huang immediately asked Bloody when he heard the news about it.

"From the aura, its combat level can't be exceeding immortal-level rank-3." Lin Huang was relieved after listening to Bloody's reply.

"Alright, Bloody has confirmed that there are many holy fire-level monsters in the ruins as well as an immortal-level," Lin Huang shared the results of Bloody's investigation.

"There's an immortal-level?!" Four pairs of pupils dilated when they heard about the immortal-level.

"Let's explore another place." Li Lang wanted to retreat.

"An immortal-level… That's troublesome indeed." Leng Yuexin frowned.

Yi Yeyu then looked at Yi Zheng. "Are you confident about defeating an immortal-level?"

"I barely managed to kill the immortal-level rank-1. I'm unable to kill those on rank-2 or higher." Yi Zheng shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lin Huang. "Can you determine the rank of the immortal-level monster?"

"It can't be higher than rank-3." After Lin Huang finished his words, all of them remained silent. Lin Huang then continued, "I'll kill it."

"Are you sure?" Yi Zheng took a glance at Lancelot before asking Lin Huang.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"How confident are you?"

"I'm 100% positive," Lin Huang answered dauntlessly.

"This is not the time for heroics. How confident are you?" Yi Yeyu frowned and repeated Yi Zheng's question.

"100% positive!" Lin Huang gave the same answer.

"Lin Huang, if you fail to kill the monster, all of us will have to die here. Stop fooling around!" Yi Yeyu stared at Lin Huang with a serious expression.

"Don't worry. It's not my first time killing an immortal-level rank-3." Lin Huang had no choice but to reveal one of his small secrets.

"Are you really that amazing!?"Li Lang stared at Lin Huang with eyes wide open.

The four of them knew Lin Huang very well. They knew that he would not put their lives at risk. However, they were shocked to hear that.

"Let Lancelot take the lead. We'll work together with it and clear all the monsters."

Lin Huang did not intend to reveal Bloody's parasitic abilities since its ability to manipulate a battle was rather terrifying. It was also one of Lin Huang's trump cards. Although he had faith in Yi Yeyu and the rest of them, the trump card was something too personal. Unless he had no other choice, he would not easily reveal it to the others.

"Lancelot, try not to use a large amount of your Life Power. The usual attack will do. We'll handle the remaining monsters. Minimize the use of your Life Power and save it for the ultimate warrior," Lin Huang instructed Lancelot. It would not bode well if Leng Yuexin and the rest did not get to kill a single monster. He could not let them follow Lancelot and lament about how powerful it was.

"Do I need to summon the Sword Servant? The servants will kill the weak monsters, and I'll be able to save my Life Power," Lancelot suggested. Apparently, he wanted to clear all the monsters on its own and did not want to miss out on any of them.

"There's no need to do so. Just make some random kills, and we'll do the rest," Lin Huang rejected its suggestion.

"Alright." Lancelot did not say any other thing. It lifted its legs and strode into the site.

The five of them immediately followed after it.


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