Monster Paradise
573 The Cavernous Devils’ Memories
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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573 The Cavernous Devils’ Memories

Inside the bone pit, Bloody did not stop spreading its antennas and continued penetrating through the gaps between the bones. It extracted the Emperor's Heart Rings and a few valuable items.

After more than half an hour, Bloody stopped digging and gradually floated out of the pit. It levitated in front of Lin Huang. As it opened its mouth, it spat out all the items it had extracted.

Lin Huang and the rest glanced through the items. There were thousands of Emperor's Heart Rings among the rest of the items.

"There are 2,276 Emperor's Heart Rings in total. As for the relics and the other valuable items that are still in good condition, there are 133 of them." Lin Huang obtained the exact figure from Bloody. "Let's see if there's anything that you guys need."

They shook their heads. Apparently, they were not interested in items of such levels.

Lin Huang then took out the storage ring that Leng Yuexin had given him previously and stored all those items in it.

"Since we got these items together, I'll store them in the storage ring first. After exploring the ruins, I'll look for someone to unlock the ring. I'll then make a list, and we'll divide the stuff among the five of us equally. That way, we don't have to go through the redistribution of the stuff each time since it's a waste of time," Lin Huang suggested. "Of course, you may speak up if there's something that you need. You'll have the priority over the others and get what you want. The person will have to exchange it for the item of the same value and give it to the rest of the group."

"What if several people request for the same item?" Li Lang raised one of the possibilities.

"We'll then come up with a solution to distribute the stuff to which those who request for the item agree. After the ownership has been determined, regardless of what the result is, the rest of them mustn't argue against it." Lin Huang had thought of this answer earlier.

"What if the item costs a lot and the person can't afford to exchange the item for the rest of the items the person has? Does the person need to pay the balance with other items?" Li Lang asked.

"Yes, the person will have to pay the balance according to the market price. It's best if one pays back with the items that we need instead of something unnecessary. If there's indeed nothing that we need, one may pay the balance with Life Crystals or other types of crystals," Lin Huang explained the additional conditions.

"As for the personal items that you guys get on your own, if the others ask for it, it depends on whether the owner of the stuff is willing to exchange it with items of similar value. If the owner disagrees, nobody can force a trade.

"Let's come to an agreement first to avoid any conflict when it comes to the distribution of stuff. You may raise your objections now if there're any or if there's anything else that has to be added."

Since they were all friends, Lin Huang did not want them to fall out over money. Therefore, he lay out the rules beforehand. If anything happened during the distribution of the items, they would handle it according to what they had agreed upon earlier so that there would be no arguments.

"I have no objection." Leng Yuexin was the first one to nod her head.

"The same goes for me." Yi Yeyu looked like she did not care.

"Although the rules are simple, you have made everything clear. We'll discuss in detail if there're any contradictions in future." Yi Zheng agreed as well.

"I can't think of anything to add so far." Li Lang had no objection as well after thinking about it.

"Okay, since everyone has agreed, we'll follow the rules." Lin Huang then continued, "The four of you are all my friends. If there's anything that you really need, don't feel embarrassed to ask for it. Since it's a fair deal, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Don't regret when the item that you need is given to the others."

The rest of them nodded in agreement when they heard what he said.

"Bloody, please check again if there is any remaining stuff. If there aren't any items left, we'll leave." Lin Huang then turned around and gave Bloody a new instruction.

Bloody rereleased the dots of purple light and looked around. It found a few more Emperor's Heart Rings from the Cavernous Devils' fingers. It seized the opportunity to parasitize the commander-level Cavernous Devils and retrieved the information regarding the ruins from their memories.

After confirming that there was nothing left, Lin Huang then led the team and returned to the ground.

"Bloody, please check the situation in the ruins." As they returned to the ground, Lin Huang gave Bloody a new instruction again. It then investigated the situation in the ruins.

Bloody floated in mid-air. Countless dots of purple light were dispersed in all directions, resembling purple clouds that were clearing away.

"It's so beautiful!" Yi Yeyu exclaimed.

"What an amazing investigating skill!" As usual, Li Lang was envious of the Imperial Censor.

"How many detection pods can it release at most?" Yi Zheng was somewhat interested in its abilities.

"It can release millions of those pods at most," Lin Huang answered with a smile.

"Is the distance that the pods can cover restricted? How far away can they leave Bloody?" Yi Zheng asked again.

"I've never considered this. It seems like there is no restriction. Let me ask and see…" Lin Huang smiled and looked at Bloody. After a short while, he answered, "Bloody said that there's no problem to cover the whole A-grade foothold."

That was actually the answer that Bloody told Lin Huang to inform Yi Zheng. The actual answer was that it could cover half of the safe zone.

"What about their speed? It seems like they move quite fast," Yi Zheng continued asking.

"I guess their maximum speed is about 1,200 kilometers." Lin Huang had asked Bloody about this before. However, Bloody had given him the answer before it leveled up to holy fire-level. Their speed must be much faster now since Bloody was already a gold flame-level that had gone through its third mutation.

It seemed like Yi Zheng was interested in Bloody's investigating abilities as he continued asking several questions. After listening to Lin Huang's reply, he then nodded his head in satisfaction and kept quiet.

"Are we going to wait over here until the investigation ends?" Seeing the pods had all disappeared, Leng Yuexin turned back and asked Lin Huang.

"We don't have to wait until the investigation ends. Let's walk around as we might probably discover the second exploration point before it." Lin Huang smiled, shaking his head.

Bloody shared the information that had been extracted from a few of the Cavernous Devils' brains with Lin Huang, so he now had a brief understanding of the ruins.

The level of the ruins was high. According to Cavernous Devils' memories, the strongest monster that they had encountered was an imperial-level. Therefore, it must be at least a 4-star ruins.

Most of the monsters lived underground during the day and would return to the surface at night to hunt for food. Moreover, the dry bones that they could see everywhere along the roadside would be revived at night. These monsters had a strong desire for blood and flesh, and they were quite sensitive to the aura of living beings.

There was only one way for Lin Huang and the rest to survive in the ruins, which was to look for a site that could cover their aura before sunset.

There was such a site in the memory of the commander-level Cavernous Devils, and it was not far away from them.

Lin Huang could not explain how he had obtained the memory of the Cavernous Devils. Therefore, he guided the four of them and headed towards the right location. It was the only place where they could survive the first night.

"I have a foreboding that there's a big treasure waiting for us over there!" Lin Huang pointed in the direction of their four o'clock.

"Did you just randomly point towards a direction?" Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes as she felt that Lin Huang was too spontaneous.

"Don't tell me it's a bone pit again!" Li Lang said.

"Let me check it out since I'm the leader." Lin Huang then flew into the sky along with the four of them and Lancelot, heading towards the second destination.


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