Monster Paradise
572 Lancelot“s Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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572 Lancelot“s Ability

The five of them followed after Lancelot and entered the cave.

The channel towards the cave was like a descending slope.

As they walked along the twisting path for more than ten minutes, Lancelot then dove into an underground cave with them.

The cave was dark, and they could not even see their fingers in front of their faces.

However, darkness did not hinder the vision of transcendents like Lin Huang and the rest. Soon, the five of them could clearly see the situation inside the cave.

The cave was quite spacious, and the ceiling of the cave was about ten meters high. It was a vast underground world.

However, their concern was not the size of the underground world. Instead, they were worried about the monsters in the cave.

From their body size, they looked like monkeys. However, there was no fur on their bodies. They had pale, waxy skin that resembled dead human corpses. Also, they had elongated limbs. Their faces looked like humans' with ears that were about twice the size of the average human ear. Their eyes had no pupils and irises. Only the white of their eyes could be seen. They had no noses, and there were only two tiny nostrils where a nose should have been. They had sharp teeth that looked like dogs' and when they extended their tongue, it was about three times longer than that of the ordinary human's.

Some of these monsters were climbing the wall while some of them were hanging upside down from the ceiling of the cave. There were at least 100 of them, and it looked like they had fallen asleep.

"There are finally creatures here. They look hideous!" Li Lang commented.

"Are they Cavernous Devils?" Yi Yeyu asked in doubt. She had heard of the monster before, but she had never looked up the information of the monster in the monster guide.

"Yes, they are Cavernous Devils." Lin Huang nodded his head.

He had been going through various types of reading material at the Martial Hunter College. He could almost remember all the contents of the monster guide. Although he could not remember the information in detail like Bloody could, he could basically recognize all the monsters recorded in the monster guide.

The Cavernous Devil was a type of monster that lived underground. It normally ate carrion. When there was no carrion, they would hunt down living beings and eat them after they had decomposed. Under conditions when there was an insufficient supply of food, they would go dormant. If the issue of food supply could still not be solved after being dormant, they would hunt their own species. Therefore, these monsters were rather ruthless.

The monsters liked to live in a group. When they became adults, they would automatically level up to gold-level. A minority of them was commander-level, and their claws and teeth were poisonous. This was the reason why even people on holy fire-level were unwilling to offend this type of monster.

Lin Huang and the rest had intruded into the Cavernous Devil's lair.

Although the monsters had gone dormant, with their sensitive hearing, they would still be awakened if anything happened.

"There are more than 400 of them. Looking at the population size, it's highly possible that there are commander-level monsters and there might be more than one of them." Leng Yuexin shifted her gaze towards Lin Huang. She only told them what she had analyzed without giving any suggestion.

"It's not worth killing such monsters. Nothing from their bodies can be used as a material, and it'll be troublesome to kill them due to their large numbers. Should we fight them?" Yi Zheng was not interested in hunting this type of monster.

"Let's warm up since we're already here," Lin Huang said, "It won't take us a lot of time to clear these monsters."

Lin Huang had no intention to reveal Bloody's parasitic abilities. He then gave Lancelot a simple instruction, "Kill them all!"

A blue glow flashed through Lancelot's blue eyes. Before Yi Yeyu and the rest could react, a golden glow quickly formed in front of his body, shining brightly throughout the cave as if it was daytime.

The ray of light triggered the Cavernous Devils that had gone dormant. They woke up and started growling crazily.

Yi Yeyu and the rest were speechless when they saw this. They wanted to secretly kill the monsters since they had gone dormant. They tried not to make any noise and intended to kill as many of them as possible. Therefore, even when the monsters woke up, the monster horde would not have such a significant advantage over them.

Lin Huang was kind of speechless as well as he placed his hand on his forehead. He had instructed Lancelot to kill all the monsters, but he did not ask it to kill them alone. However, Lancelot had apparently thought that it had to kill them on its own. Therefore, it had unleashed its ultimate skill, the Sword Manipulation. The golden glow flashed through the air and a short blade that measuring about 10 centimeters long was formed.

As the group of Cavernous Devils knew what was happening, they pounced on Lin Huang. The short blade blasted off and penetrated through the bodies of the Cavernous Devils. Soon after, the second and the third groups of monsters were attacked.

In less than ten seconds, the crypt that was initially noisy became quiet.

Yi Zheng and the rest of them were stunned, staring at the carcasses of the Cavernous Devils that were scattered all over the ground. They remained silent for a few moments.

The four of them had just witnessed how powerful Lancelot was in the one-sided battle. They were shocked.

"It's so powerful!" Li Lang had no idea what else could he say to describe what he had just seen.

"The killing rate is terrifying!" Yi Yeyu gushed.

"I might not be able to defend against the skill if it were to use it as a single attack." Yi Zheng had only seen Lancelot's skill once, and he could confirm that he was incapable of fighting Lancelot.

"Is that the… Sword Manipulation?" A flicker of fear flashed through Leng Yuexin's eyes. The thought ran through her mind, but she had not dared to ask about it earlier.

Lancelot's abilities had been revealed, but it was not planned. Lin Huang was helpless as he had not given explicit instructions just now. However, since its abilities had been exposed, there was nothing to hide as he still had many other monster cards.

"Since the Cavernous Devils have been killed, let's take a look and see if there are any valuable things here. Otherwise, there's no use sticking around." Lin Huang was the first one to look around the cave.

Actually, Bloody had roughly studied the cave. Lin Huang walked straight towards the big pit, lowering his head and peering into the pit. There were skulls of various types of living beings, both monsters as well as humans.

"Come over here!" Lin Huang shouted at them.

Yi Zheng and the rest of them immediately rushed over there when they heard Lin Huang shouting at them.

"A bone pit? Is that the grave of the monsters?" Yi Yeyu asked curiously.

"No, this is the place where the Cavernous Devils stored their food to eat," Lin Huang explained. "In other words, it's their kitchen, dining room, and also their rubbish bin. All the monsters that have been killed are thrown here. As soon as the dead bodies have decomposed, they'll eat them and all that's left are the skulls. That's the reason why the bones have accumulated over here."

"Are we going to find any treasure here? Even if there are many of the Emperor's Heart Rings, we can hardly dig them out." Li Lang opened his palm and said.

"Be patient." Lin Huang grinned. "Bloody!"

Bloody then came out of Lin Huang's sleeve and plunged into the bone pit.

A few moments later, Bloody's body turned into the shape of a sphere from which its antennas extended. The antennas then swooped downwards and penetrated through the gap between the skulls.

Soon after, Bloody managed to dig out the Emperor's Heart Rings with its antennas. After a few minutes, it had found hundreds of Emperor's Heart Rings.

"There's such a function?!" Li Lang was startled.


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