Monster Paradise
571 I“m Envious of the Imperial Censors
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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571 I“m Envious of the Imperial Censors

As Lin Huang moved along the direction of the white arrow which was invisible to the others, it was still flickering at a distance of fewer than 20 meters away from him.

He maintained the regular speed and flew for more than half an hour. Lin Huang and the four of them behind him found it odd that they did not see any living beings over the distance of hundreds of meters. The five of them heard nothing else aside from the whistling sound produced from the friction between the air and their clothes. Not even a single buzz from the worms or a single chirp from the birds could be heard. It was as if they were in a deadly still world.

"Do you guys feel that the ruins are horrifying?" Li Lang asked Lin Huang and the rest.

"We haven't encountered any living beings so far. It's unusually quiet." Yi Zheng's voice was soon heard.

"Could the resources have been depleted? If so, no treasure can be found in the ruins," Yi Yeyu expressed her opinion.

"It can't be. If the resources have been depleted, the ruins will collapse, but the ruins are still operating as usual. However, it's bizarre that there are no traces of living beings." Leng Yuexin frowned.

"Don't overthink it. We've arrived at our first destination." After flying for more than half an hour, Lin Huang could finally see the final location pointed by the navigation arrow at a distance of more than 700 kilometers away from the entrance, and he quickly landed.

The other four of them felt it was strange but still, they followed after Lin Huang and landed.

After descending, Yi Yeyu and the rest then discovered that there was an entrance to the underground.

Lin Huang and the four of them landed at a distance less than ten meters away from the entrance to the cave. Right at that moment, Lin Huang could see that the white arrow had disappeared.

"You have crazy excellent eyesight to discover the cave at such a height!" Li Lang laughed as he said.

"I have a monster skill that's somewhat similar to the ocular skill," Lin Huang simply came up with an excuse as to hide the fact that he was using a Treasure Card.

"Let's go in and have a look!" Yi Zheng was eager to take the lead. However, he was stopped by Lin Huang.

"Wait a moment!" Lin Huang summoned Bloody.

Bloody turned into a purple, scaleless small snake and twisted around Lin Huang's left arm. It looked like a harmless animal in an anime. As it blinked its pair of big eyes, Yi Yeyu and Leng Yuexin were attracted to it.

"It's so cute!" Yi Yeyu felt like touching it.

"Bloody, have a look at the situation inside the cave," Lin Huang instructed.

More than ten dots of purple lights were released from the surface of Bloody's body and dispersed towards the entrance of the cave.

When Yi Yeyu was about to grab one of them when Yi Zheng grabbed her wrist, shaking his head. Yi Yeyu thought that Yi Zheng wanted to stop her from bothering them. In fact, Yi Zheng vaguely felt that the dots of purple light were intimidating.

Leng Yuexin could feel that as well. Her eyes flashed with a trace of uncertainty, shifting her focus towards the little beast that twisted around Lin Huang's arm.

"Lin Huang, what's Bloody's combat level?" Li Lang was familiar with Bloody as he and Yi Yeyu had witnessed Bloody's investigating skill before at the Volcanic Hell.

"Its combat level is higher than yours." Lin Huang did not give a direct reply. Instead, he just answered with a cryptic smile.

"How could it be? My crimson flame-level Life Fire is filled. I'm going to proceed to blue flame-level." Li Lang found it unbelievable.

"Is it a gold flame-level?" Yi Zheng guessed. The level of the monster would definitely not be lower than his as he could feel that the monster was intimidating.

Lin Huang nodded. In order to avoid the rest from asking him the combat level of his summoning monsters, he explained, "Most of my summoning monsters have basically reached gold flame-level."

Yi Zheng initially thought that he would be the strongest among the team members. However, when he heard what Lin Huang said, he instantly understood that Lin Huang was the one with the strongest overall abilities despite the fact that he was just a white flame-level.

"So what even if it's a gold flame-level? It definitely won't be able to fight me in an actual battle." Li Lang glanced at Bloody arrogantly. Up until now, he was still naive as he was set on the thought that Bloody was a monster that could not fight.

Bloody blinked its eyes while looking at Li Lang. It then turned around and looked at Lin Huang innocently. Although it did not say anything, Lin Huang understood what it wanted to say from its gaze. He meant to say, "I can fight 10,000 people like him alone!"

Lin Huang sniggered. With Bloody's parasitic abilities, it was not joking when it implied that it could fight 10,000 people like Li Lang. Bloody's parasitic abilities allowed it to defeat weak enemies. As long as their combat strength was below its own, they would not be able to escape from being parasitized by the parasite. Quantity meant nothing to Bloody. If Li Lang were unable to surpass Bloody, even if there were one million Li Langs, they would all become Lin Huang's puppets.

Yi Yeyu did not pay much attention to Bloody's combat strength. Similar to Li Lang, she originally thought that Bloody was just an ordinary summoning monster. However, it was so powerful even though it was just a double mutated monster. She thought that its strongest ability was its detection which could be done by releasing the dots of light. Perhaps, the remaining skills were merely skills for protection, and it did not have any attack skills.

However, Yi Zheng, who was on purple flame-level, and Leng Yuexin, who was on blue flame-level, had a completely different opinion. Both of them had encountered the transcendent monsters more often than Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had, and they were more sensitive to danger. Despite disguising itself well, both of them could still sense that it was not an ordinary summoning monster.

Before obtaining the results of the investigation, Yi Yeyu then stood next to Lin Huang and touched Bloody's head. Seeing Bloody had closed its eyes as it enjoyed being caressed, Li Lang joined her as well.

"You two idiots," Yi Zheng scolded quietly.

In just a short while, Bloody opened its eyes and sent the image detected by its Leech Pods to Lin Huang's mind.

"Is there any news?" Yi Zheng immediately asked as he noticed Bloody's reaction.

"Yes, let's go in," Lin Huang nodded and instructed. Lancelot that was wearing a maroon armor gradually appeared in front of them.

Although the surface of Lancelot's body was no longer misty, it became even stronger after integrating with the aura of god. Its appearance was somewhat intimidating compared to Kylie's.

If it were a game, there would be a name in bloody red color on top of Lancelot's head, indicating that it was an extremely dangerous character.

Aside from Lin Huang, Yi Zheng could confirm that the monster that was in the maroon armor could easily kill four of them within seconds.

"Lancelot, please lead us," Lin Huang instructed.

Lancelot's blue eyes gazed at Yi Zheng and the rest, then finally, it nodded as it looked at Lin Huang. It then strode into the cave.

Lin Huang and the four of them followed after Lancelot and entered the cave as well.

As the five of them took a few steps forward, Li Lang's voice could be heard, "I'm envious of the Imperial Censors!"


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