Monster Paradise
570 Treasure Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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570 Treasure Card

As they stepped out of the dimensional relic, the five of them appeared in a canyon.

"Is this the War Canyon?" Yi Zheng studied the cliffs on both sides and figured out where they were.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded and summoned Kylie.

Besides Lin Huang, the four of them were stunned when they saw Kylie, who was clad in black armor and had 12 wings on her back, appear before them.

"Kylie, the ruins key," Lin Huang instructed.

Kylie glared at the four of them and passed Lin Huang a black metal box with the ruins key inside. Lin Huang accepted the box and recalled Kylie.

"Was that an angel?" Li Lang was skeptical.

"I think so. A Dark Angel." Lin Huang was not paying attention.

"A purple or gold flame-level?" Yi Zheng asked as he felt he might not be able to fight Kylie.

"A gold flame-level." Lin Huang did not plan to lie.

"Is she triple mutated? The bloodline thickness should at least be mid-level," Leng Yuexin offered a more concrete estimation.

"Yes," Lin Huang replied but did not give an exact answer. He opened the metal box directly. There was a conical cube the size of a palm in the box.

The four of them looked at it immediately.

"Is this the ruins key?" It was the first for them to see a ruins key up close.

The ruins key detached from Lin Huang's palm after he inserted a full Life Wheel of Life Power into it. It floated in the air and transformed into a black swirl of energy less than 20 meters away from them.

"Alright, let's go!" Lin Huang nodded to them.

The four of them entered the whirlpool accordingly while Lin Huang was the last to step in. In less than a minute after Lin Huang stepped into it, the black swirl disappeared from the canyon as it had never appeared before. The five of them entered a space with a dark sky and an ominous aura in the air. All they could see was dry land with craters left by the damage of the war. There were monsters and even human bones scattered everywhere.

As the ruins entrance behind them closed, the key returned into Lin Huang's hand. It seemed to be able to recognize Lin Huang by his Life Power. He kept the key in his sleeve when he heard Yi Zheng speak, "This seems to be an ancient war zone, so there should be many undead and spirit monsters here."

"If that's the case, are these skeletons our enemies as well?" Li Lang asked softly.

"We can't exclude that from the facts," Yi Zheng said.

"What do you know about this ruins? Do you have a map?" Yi Zheng turned around to ask Yi Zheng.

"Erm… Don't ask me. I don't even know what grade of ruins this is." Lin Huang was stuck.

"How dare you bring all of us here when you don't even know the grade of the ruins?" Li Lang was speechless.

"You idiot!" Yi Yeyu scolded.

"The ruins take a year to reopen. I can't be coming here myself and only get your guys in next year. So, I thought of getting all of you to discover this place together. If it's suitable, we can kill the monsters. If the grade is too low, we can leave right away. I'll buy you guys a meal. Treat this as a New Year's gathering. If the grade is too high, we can come back a few years later," Lin Huang explained helplessly.

"Where did you get the key? Do you not know anything about this place at all?" Yi Yeyu was irritated.

"I got the key from the Saints last year. I really know nothing about this place." Lin Huang smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

"Let's just pick any direction then. Without any information, we can only explore blindly," Leng Yuexin said.

"Then, you pick the direction then since you're the leader." Yi Yeyu poked Lin Huang.

The three of them looked at him expectantly. Lin Huang looked around, completely lost. It was a barren land that was left from the war, and it seemed like there was no difference which direction they picked. The map on their Emperor's Heart Ring would not work in such an isolated space. Besides that, the communication and network were locked. It would spell trouble if they lost each other along the way.

"Let's just pick any direction. It looks the same anyway," Li Lang urged Lin Huang when he noticed that he could not make up his mind.

"Wait!" Lin Huang suddenly thought of a card that he owned that could be used here as he was feeling lost.

"Treasure Card

"Function: Once the card is activated, it'll guide you to the nearest location with treasure including mineral mountains, graveyards, and ruins.

"Remark 1: The card is not used to create a treasure. Instead, it's used to track the location of the treasure. The detection point will be tracked from the user's activation point, and the limit is a 1,000-kilometer radius. As soon as the card is activated, the detection point will be set. Whether there's treasure within the range or not, the card will still be consumed."

"Remark 2: Each card can be used once, and only one treasure point can be selected. The treasure point can't be changed once confirmed. As soon as the user is guided to the treasure point, the coordinates will disappear.

"Remark 3: Once the card is activated, the coordinates will stay for a month. After that, the coordinates will disappear if the user doesn't arrive at the coordinates and will be considered as an aborted mission."

"Remark 4: There will be three colors of the coordinates according to the value of the treasure. White color indicates normal treasure, red color for rare treasure and gold color for legendary treasure. If there are gold-colored coordinates, the brighter the color, the higher the value of the treasure."

Lin Huang instructed Xiao Hei secretly after reading the card's description, "Xiao Hei, activate one Treasure Card!"

"Are you sure you want to use your current location as the detection point and to start searching for treasure?"


"Treasure Card has been activated."

A ten-meter long white arrow appeared at Lin Huang's two o'clock.

"White coordinates… I really have bad luck!" Lin Huang thought to himself.

"I've decided. Let's go here!" Lin Huang pointed at his two o'clock and flew up without waiting for them to say anything. The four of them followed him as they did not have a choice.


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