Monster Paradise
563 Lancelot’s Triple Mutation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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563 Lancelot’s Triple Mutation

As Hong Zhuang's case was entirely over, Lin Huang's routine was back to normal for the next few days. He would go to the library and the battle training ground every day and return to his dorm. He would go to class when it was time. It was as if nothing had happened. He did not say anything about Hong Zhuang faking her death. The Union Government had announced to the public that she sentenced to death, and they did not mention that Lin Huang had taken her body away.

This time, the Union Government announced the truth on the forum of the Union Organizations. The attack was made by the Purple Crow together with an underground organization called the Leib Lab with the intention to take the bodies of the first and second elders of the Saint. The monster horde outside the White Capital was orchestrated by them as well. The objective of the monster horde was to get the imperial-level humans there so that the attackers in the city could escape.

Many were unfamiliar with the Leib Lab, so the Union Government shed more light on that as well. The organization had been the top underground organization 200 years ago, also known as the Scarborough Workshop. It was a hot topic among the Union Organizations members as the two top underground organizations worked together against the Union Government.

The Union Government announced war on all the Union Organizations forums but since the forums were only opened to the cultivators, ordinary people did not know about that. All of them thought that the monster horde had been caused by an opening of a Virtual Eye while the explosion in the White Capital was a weather phenomenon that the news had explained earlier.

Lin Huang noticed that 'theuglytruth' had posted the truth on the website again, but nobody believed in him. None of the people thought his prediction would come true as they had not seen his previous speculation about the fight between the two underground organizations and the Union Government. As Lin Huang had been upset the past few days, he did not follow the updates anymore.

However, Lin Huang had become popular in the Martial Hunter College after the news about him joining the Purple Crow training camp was exposed. Many thought that he was a Purple Crow spy at the beginning of the investigation. However, the investigation results from the Union Government proved that he was innocent.

Many of the teachers and students looked up to him now as he had managed to escape the Purple Crow under Hong Zhuang's watch, especially some of the teachers who knew that Hong Zhuang's ability was comparable with an imperial-level's. Even if she was not as powerful as she was a year ago, she should have been one of the top-ranked among the immortal-levels. Meanwhile, Lin Huang was not even on holy fire-level a year ago. However, some of them suspected the accuracy of the investigation and still insisted that Lin Huang was a Purple Crow spy. Lin Huang decided to ignore those people.

Without Hong Zhuang and the Purple Crow's threat, Lin Huang was in contact with Lin Xin again. It was the first weekend of December. Lin Huang had brought her to hunt for a bronze-level Life Seed, so Lin Xin was now on bronze-level. He then dropped by a severe danger zone to get Lancelot to kill a double mutated Sword Dao monster. He obtained a new sword servant called the Swordfiend Soldier.

What he did not expect was that the new sword servant would trigger Lancelot's triple mutation's hidden conditions. He had completed his triple mutation, and he was now the legendary-level Ruthless Sword Dominator. He did not undergo any significant changes. His black armor was now a dark maroon, and there was a claret red crown on his head. The black mist surrounding him was also now dark red. Lancelot's upgrade was a complete surprise. However, he did not obtain any special bloodlines. Lin Huang then used the last Reborn Card on Lancelot.

In Kylie's mini world, Lancelot transformed into a dark red cocoon under a golden glow. He broke out of the cocoon the next day. He had not changed much, but the mist surrounding him had disappeared. His aura was even more terrifying now. Even Lin Huang, who was on the same combat level, was slightly threatened by his aura.

"Which bloodline did you get?" Lin Huang asked.

"God's blood. The Ruthless God, low-level," Lancelot replied.

Lin Huang was stunned as he did not expect to obtain a second god's blood! He then activated his last Blood Thickening Card on Lancelot. After getting out of the cocoon for less than a minute, Lancelot transformed into a maroon cocoon once again…

Soon, a couple of hours had passed. Lancelot got out of the cocoon, and his bloodline was now at mid-level. Lin Huang then looked at the card's description.

"Monster Card: Lancelot

"Rarity: Legendary

"Monster Name: Ruthless Sword Dominator

"Type of Monster: God's Blood (Mid-Level)

"Nickname: Ruthless

"Combat Level: Gold Flame-Level

"Major: Sword Dao

"Major Skills: Sword Master, Dark Sword Spirit, Sword Dao secret skill, Sword Dao Territory, Holy Power.

"Minor Skills: Sword Steps, Dark Mirror, Enhanced Regeneration

"Summon Authority: Activated

"Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!"

There were significant changes to the card, and there were now many skills in the slots. There were more than 30 skills in the Sword Dao secret skill alone, and there were more than ten of them under minor skills.

"Freaking amazing!" That was Lin Huang's comment on the new Lancelot.

"The Dark Mirror seems to be an upgraded Dark Shield…" Lin Huang looked at the changes on his exclusive card and noticed that the Dark Shield was replaced by a Dark Mirror.

He took a close look at the card and realized that nothing much had changed to his defensive abilities whereby his limit was still ten times of his most powerful attack. However, there was a new attack bounce function whereby he could make the attacker's assault rebound back at 100% within his defense limits.

"This skill is ridiculous!" He was stunned as he studied the upgraded skill.

He thought of what he needed to do after his initial excitement. He could finally extract Lancelot's skill now. He still had two skill slots that were reserved for Lancelot. Xiao Hei's notification came soon after he crushed the Skill Extraction Card.

"Extracting skill… Excluding Dark Mirror that has been extracted… Selecting a skill randomly… Random selection is completed!

"Congratulations, you have obtained Sword Dao Territory!

"The system has detected that this skill can be integrated with Medium Territory to create a new secret skill. Would you like to activate a Skill Integration Card for the integration?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang decided without thinking twice.

"Skill Integration Card has been consumed. Monster Skill Sword Dao Territory and secret skill Medium Territory have been consumed. Coming up with a new Secret Skill card…

"Congratulations, you have obtained a new Secret Skill Card: Exclusive Territory.

"Exclusive Territory: Make a 1,000-meter radius into your own exclusive territory. Within the area, your ability will be twice as powerful, and you can suppress your opponent's ability up to a certain level.

"Remark 1: Within the territory, the user can attack any corners of the territory with any attacks and the attack strength won't be weakened.

"Remark 2: Territory can be integrated with a small part of defensive skills to strengthen the defense power.

"Remark 3: The territory attributes can be modified according to your combat needs. The attack strength will be increased when the territory attributes align with the attack attributes."

"Exclusive Territory? Isn't that a skill that only imperial-levels have?!" Lin Huang was familiar with Exclusive Territory. It was a skill that was activated whenever a Life Castle was summoned to increase the combat strength. He had heard of it from Mr. Fu before, but he did not expect to obtain this secret skill when he was only a holy fire-level.

"I wonder if my Life Castle Exclusive Territory can be activated together with this in the future. If that's possible, that means I'll have double territory!" Lin Huang was thrilled.


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