Monster Paradise
562 The Stunning Effect of The Misfortune Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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562 The Stunning Effect of The Misfortune Card

Mu Yuntian had been in horrible luck ever since he returned from the White Capital. A flower pot fell on his head when he was walking on the street, a brick flew at him as he was walking at a construction site, and he encountered various birds when he was flying and covered in feathers as well as bird shit…

Those were just the minor ones. What annoyed him was that everything he used in the laboratory exploded. He even made a huge gash on his hand when he was dissecting a body. Fed up, he went back to his office to deal with his documents, but a fire broke out of nowhere. Many of his documents were destroyed, and even his Emperor's Heart Ring was not working.

"Can you please focus on your work?! Look at you these past few days. You've made the laboratory explode 11 times. Are you messing around?!" The white-bearded Si Nan glared at Mu Tianyun in the office. "Are you unhappy with me and actually intend to mess with me?!"

"No… No." Mu Yuntian held his head down. He had no idea why he was so unlucky these few days. No matter what he did, something terrible would happen!

"You even lost the demigod relic a few days ago. Tell me what else you're going to do now!" Si Nan proceeded to scold him. In his gold-framed glasses, Mu Yuntian hung his head as he thought to himself, "Am I cursed? If this persists, I'll need to go to a shaman…"

Life Power was a magical thing. Some of the Life Power would turn into negative Life Power when one died. The negative Life Power carried a unique curse or other adverse effects with it. Most of the people could not see the curse. Only a shaman could see and remove it.

Mu Yuntian started wondering if he was cursed since things had been going wrong for him for the past two days.

"Oh yeah, did you get anything from the two dead bodies these few days?" Si Nan just remembered after scolding Mu Yuntian for ten whole minutes.

"I've tried to break through their brains, but that didn't work. The team's thinking of other ways to decode it." Mu Yuntian did not dare to tell him that the laboratory had caught fire two days ago and almost destroyed the two bodies.

"Alright then, since we have the bodies with us, we don't have to rush to decode their brains. Take it slow, do it properly, and don't damage the bodies," Si Nan said, frowning.

"What noise is that?"

"What noise?" Mu Yuntian was stunned as he heard the banging as well. He had a bad feeling. Alarm broke in the entire base.

"There's a meteor shower around the ocean near our base. There's a giant meteorite that just landed on Skull Island above us. A third of the island is destroyed!" A panicked announcement came from the monitoring room.

"Skull Island has been destroyed?!"

Mu Yuntian and Si Nan were shocked. They then summoned a dimensional relic and stepped into it. They appeared above Skull Island to see that the northern side of the island was destroyed. The building under the island was revealed, upsetting the duo. Since the building was out on display, that meant the Union Government and the other organizations might find out about the underground base that they had built for tens of years.

Meteorites were still raining down. Some of them were headed towards Skull Island while some crashed into the ocean, creating vigorous waves.

"Let me handle this. Bring the two bodies away. Don't let anything happen to the two bodies!" Si Nan flew up and destroyed the meteorites with black streaks that shot out of his two fingers. Without hesitation, Mu Yuntian summoned his dimensional relic and stepped into it.

Just when he returned to the base under the sea, he smelled something burning.

"What's happening?" He grabbed an alarmed staff.

"I think the quake just now broke a couple of lamps and a fire spread. Many of the Surveillance Snails went into their shells, so most of the cameras have been blacked out. Until now, we're unable to find the source of the fire."

"Useless!" Mu Yuntian snapped the staff's neck and rushed towards the laboratory where the bodies were.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw smoke coming out of the laboratory. As he attempted to unlock the door with his fingertips, the door only responded with a notification that the door was not working.


Mu Yuntian did not expect this to happen. He punched the door twice, but nothing happened. Only then did he recall that the door was made of a unique metal to prevent theft. It was as powerful as a supreme relic which could not be opened with violence.

"Sir, the laboratory door isn't working. It's not opening." Mu Yuntian had to ask Si Nan for help.

"If the door isn't working, can't you just break the wall? Did you lose your brain?!" Si Nan shouted.

Mu Yuntian was stunned when he realized that the door was made of metal but not the wall. As he hung up, he punched a hole in the wall and smoke billowed out of it.

He could not care about the smoke anymore, and he crawled out of the wall. The laboratory was in a mess. The bodies were covered in flames. Mu Yuntian's heart dropped when he saw that scene. He put the fire out immediately and put them into his storage space without checking. He took out the bodies again to monitor their condition only after he had left the burning laboratory.

The bodies were burnt, and the automatic fire extinguisher in the laboratory seemed to be spoiled way before the fire happened which caused the bodies to be burnt. Mu Yuntian did not know what to do as he looked at the corpse heads that were completely burnt. Suddenly, the base was trembling again. Before Mu Yuntian could react, the ceiling on top of him collapsed. He managed to dodge the falling ceiling, but the two heads were totally crushed…

Mu Yuntian was in shock. There was still hope to save the burned brains earlier, but now nothing could be done as the heads were utterly crushed.

"I've handled the meteorites, but the base is destroyed now." A voice came behind Mu Yuntian.

The voice was getting closer.

"Where are the bodies?"

Before Mu Yuntian could respond, Si Nan spotted the two burnt bodies.

"Please don't tell me these two bodies are…" Si Nan's heart almost stopped beating.

"I'm sorry, Sir…" Mu Yuntian did not expect this to happen and he wanted to cry.

Si Nan was upset beyond words.


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