Monster Paradise
560 A Loyal Dog
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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560 A Loyal Dog

In a dark secret room in Building 33.

Hong Zhuang lay naked on an operating table naked while her neck and limbs were bound. There was a young man in the room. Although he was wearing a green coat and the mask covered half this face, all of the staff of the Building 33 recognized that he was the deputy director, Wu Sheng.

"Such beautiful skin… Too bad it's useless now." Wu Sheng put on a pair of gloves as he caressed her from her thigh up. "But I could dissect you."

"Do you think you can scare me like that?" Hong Zhuang scowled at him with an insulting expression.

"I'm not scaring you. I just want to see what's your response when your body parts are being dismembered one by one while you're awake." Wu Sheng slid the surgery knife across her body softly from her belly to her busty breasts and stopped at her chin.

However, Hong Zhuang did not seem to feel the knife that glided across her body as she kept her head where it was. There was blood dripping out of her chin, but she remained unmoving as she looked at Wu Sheng with a mocking smile.

"I shall see how long you'll be able to hold that smile of yours!" Wu Sheng got pissed from seeing her expression.

The knife retreated from her chin, and he looked around her body. Soon, he targeted her hands. Her hands were soft and flawless, and her fingers were long like a pianist's. Her red nail polish gave her pair of hands an extra boost of glamor.

"What a beautiful pair of hands, just like an art piece. We shall begin our game with your hands then. Would you like to choose to start from your right or your left hand?" Wu Sheng gestured like a gentleman.

Hong Zhuang looked at him calmly like he was an idiot, which made Wu Sheng even madder. However, he suppressed his anger and proceeded.

"Since you want to keep quiet, I shall choose for you then. You're a right-hander, so as a humanitarian gesture, I shall choose your left hand instead. Of course, if you're not behaving, your right hand will be up next in the game."

Hong Zhuang remained silent with her expression unchanged.

"Among the five fingers on your left hand, which is your favorite?" Wu Sheng asked. He looked like he was talking to himself as she did not give him any response.

"Since you're still shy, I'll choose for you then. I suppose your pinkie is pretty useless for anything besides digging your nose. I'll get rid of this useless finger then…"

He looked at her, but her expression remained the same. Wu Sheng then pressed her left pinkie and sliced it off easily with a trickle of strength. As her combat level was sealed entirely, her flesh was just slightly stronger than an ordinary person's. No matter how strong, without any Life Power, her body was like a piece of tofu when a supreme relic was used against her.

Blood spurted out of her broken finger and flowed slowly. Throughout the entire process, not even did Hong Zhuang not make any sound, she did not even frown. Her mocking expression was maintained as she looked at Wu Sheng dangle her severed finger in front of her. He got even angrier now as he did not see any response from Hong Zhuang that he expected.

"Since you've no feelings about losing one finger, let's cut another two of them then…" Wu Sheng then looked at Hong Zhuang's left hand again.

"Your ring finger is useless besides wearing a wedding ring. Since you won't be getting married, I shall cut it off then. Let's cut your middle finger too since it's pretty useless besides flipping people off. What do you think?"

"It's decided then!" Seeing Hong Zhuang did not respond, Wu Sheng said to himself.

He cut both of her ring finger and middle finger together, then flourished the two fingers in front of her. However, Hong Zhuang did not move a muscle. Her expression was as if she thought Wu Sheng was an idiot.

Wu Sheng was getting more and more pissed at Hong Zhuang's attitude.

"It seems like you don't care about all of your fingers." Wu Sheng glowered at Hong Zhuang as he cut off the remaining two fingers on her left hand while he locked eyes with her.

Hong Zhuang had the same expression on her face as if she had lost all her pain senses.

"I want to see how far you can take this!" Wu Sheng then proceeded to cut off her wrist, hand, and her entire arm. Besides yawning, Hong Zhuang did not give any other response. Wu Sheng was furious. After cutting her left hand off, he then cut off her right hand, then both of her legs. She was now left with her torso and head. Hong Zhuang did not even frown throughout the entire process.

"Just like that? It seems like you didn't learn any skills from the man in glasses." Hong Zhuang mocked Wu Sheng as she observed his temper that was going to explode.

Wu Sheng's heart skipped a beat. He looked more and more upset.

"Tsk tsk. It's impressive that you managed to get into Building 33 and even become deputy director. You must've used some special technique to hide your memory. The man in glasses must have done all he can…" It was clear that Hong Zhuang knew that Wu Sheng was a spy.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Wu Sheng denied as his identity was exposed. Although there was no surveillance in the secret room and Hong Zhuang's Emperor's Heart Ring had been confiscated, he was careful about what he said.

"I'm good friends with the man in glasses. We've worked together many times. I recognize his work. I figured out that you're one of his Loyal Dogs among the other two when you cut my first finger." Hong Zhuang was getting more and more sarcastic.

"Do you think I'd let you go just because you're spouting nonsense?" Wu Sheng was panicking secretly as he did not expect to be exposed but he insisted on denying.

"I'm not talking nonsense. If I'm not mistaken, your memory shield has been switched on. From what I know, there's no way for this shield to be activated for the second time. As long as the Union Government investigates your memory, your identity as a spy will be exposed. How long do you think you can hide this for?" Hong Zhuang remained sarcastic.

"Don't you understand until now? From the day the man in glasses put you in Building 33, you've become a sacrifice is disposable anytime."

"Nonsense!" Wu Sheng's guard collapsed as Hong Zhuang taunted him.

"It's not nonsense. You know it yourself," Hong Zhuang smirked.

"I know a little about how the man in glasses trains his dogs. Ten years to train 10,000 orphans, ten years to kill each other, and the one who's left will live. The person will be brainwashed to think that being a Loyal Dog is an honor and he'll be the dog to the man in glasses willingly. You'd even die for him. But have you ever thought why he left you instead of his other two dogs in this place where you have nowhere to run?"

"It's because I'm more capable than them and I can complete the mission for my master!" Wu Sheng panicked and admitted his identity.

"Wrong! You have the answer yourself. It's just that you don't want to admit it." Hong Zhuang shook her head while smiling.

Wu Sheng did not know where to look. His clothes were soaking wet in his sweat.

"Do you want me to say it?" Hong Zhuang smiled even wider.

"No… No…"

"The man in glasses wants you to die here. Among the three dogs that he has, his least favorite is you!" Hong Zhuang revealed the truth cruelly.

"It's not like that… Nonsense!" Wu Sheng broke down onto the ground and started crying.

Hong Zhuang started speaking again after a while, "Instead of being eliminated by the man in glasses, why not get rid of him instead and find a new master?"

Wu Sheng was stunned when he heard that.

"I think you have great potential. As long as you're willing to serve me, I'll make you my only Loyal Dog…"

The tearful Wu Sheng was shocked as he looked at Hong Zhuang. She was smirking and looked at him, full of superiority.

"So, what should you call me now, my Loyal Dog?"



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