Monster Paradise
559 Can’t Think of A Good Title...
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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559 Can’t Think of A Good Title...

Lin Huang completely changed his perception towards Hong Zhuang after reading the letter that she had written to him. He always thought that she was sly, unpredictable, and a devil who would do anything to get what she wanted. She was like a beautiful snake demon with a dangerous aura on her.

However, the letter gave Lin Huang an utterly different perception about Hong Zhuang. At least, she sounded like an ordinary lady made of blood and flesh in the letter. She loved her brother. She had never given up looking for Zhuang Hong for the past 13 years. She even reflected her love that she had for her brother on Lin Huang.

He whooshed out a long breath after reading the letter and looked at the envelope that was slightly bulging. There was an Emperor's Heart Ring in there. He immediately recognized that it was the ring that Hong Zhuang was wearing when she was in the Martial Hunter College.

"She's quite a pitiful lady actually. It's just that she has bad luck..." Liu Ming said as he noticed Lin Huang was silent after reading the letter.

"Yeah..." Lin Huang thought what happened to her was a pity. If someone were to save her from her situation 13 years ago, her life might be completely different. Perhaps she might be one of the Union Government or Hunter Association members. It was unfortunate that fate had sent her into the endless abyss.

Lin Huang felt lucky that he had met Li Lang, Yi Yeyu, and the rest who were kind to him when he arrived in this world.

"I didn't want to give you the letter as I thought Hong Zhuang is such a terrifying woman. Her planning is flawless. She even predicted that you'd be investigated, so she slipped the letter in my drawer. Not only did she know nobody would check my office, she even considered my relationship with Mr. Fu. In reality, not many people knew what Mr. Fu said to me."

"Initially, I thought she might use this letter to threaten you. Besides, I thought knowing this might not be useful to you. Instead, it might even bring trouble to you, so I had been hesitating if I should give you the letter," Liu Ming explained why he had kept the letter for so many days before giving it to Lin Huang.

"Although this letter won't bring any benefits to me, now I know what exactly happened and some of the answers to the questions that I didn't understand before. Thank you, brother." Lin Huang nodded to show that he understood.

"Whether what the letter says is the truth or not, you must know this. As long as Hong Zhuang is still alive, she still belongs to the Purple Crow." Liu Ming looked at Lin Huang in all seriousness.

"I know."

Lin Huang knew what Liu Ming said was to remind him that Hong Zhuang still belonged to the rival. No matter what her past was, she was still with the Purple Crow and one of the top management. The Purple Crow, who was infamous for their cruel mindset, contradicted the Union Government's belief system. No matter what one's stand was on this, the rivalry was still there.

"I'll try my best to complete her death wish."

Liu Ming was relieved to hear what Lin Huang said.

In the trial room in Building 33, Hong Zhuang was sitting across a middle-aged man. The man was asking all sorts of questions while she was answering all of them slowly with a smile pasted on her face. There were two persons behind the two-way mirror outside the room. One of them was a hunk peering at Hong Zhuang through the mirror with his arms crossed while another had gauze bandages on his neck.

"So, she's speaking now?" The man took a lollipop from his pocket and put it into his mouth.

"Yeah," Zhou Xiong replied as his eyes were locked on Hong Zhuang.

"But she didn't say a word when we did everything to her earlier. Now, she's so obedient after seeing that kid Lin Huang?" Wu Sheng rubbed his neck on top of the gauze.

"Why are you trying to say?" Zhou Xiong turned around and looked at Wu Sheng.

"I think there's something wrong with that Lin Huang. He might have a higher position in the Purple Crow since he managed to get this woman to talk." Wu Sheng took out the lollipop from his mouth and looked at Zhou Xiong gravely.

"Do you think the Purple Crow would get a white flame-level to be a Crow Leader?" Zhou Xiong looked at Wu Sheng with his eyebrow raised.

"Of course not a Crow Leader as the leader's abilities would have to be convincing to the people. But it might be a Crow Spirit. After all, nobody has ever seen any of the Crow Spirits for the past 800 years. Nobody knows about the criteria of the Crow Spirit candidate." Wu Sheng put back the lollipop into his mouth after speaking.

Zhou Xiong's pupils shrunk as he tore his gaze away from Wu Sheng.

"Lin Huang is Mr. Fu's apprentice. We can't do anything to him as long as we don't have any proof."

"Mr. Fu? No matter how glorious he used to be, he's just an old man now, and he won't live for long," Wu Sheng said without bothering Zhou Xiong.

"I've no idea what he has on his mind. He's already dying, but now he's got himself an apprentice. He has no idea how many people are waiting to cut open his and Lin Huang's heads. As soon as he's dead, there'll be people from countless organizations wanting to capture him. There might even be people from the core zone."

"But as long as he's still alive, nobody dares to do anything to Lin Huang," Zhou Xiong concluded expressionlessly.

"That's true…" Wu Sheng could not deny the truth. He went into silence as his fingers played with the lollipop stick.

"Oh yeah, how's your wound now?" Zhou Xiong turned around and looked at his neck which was wrapped in gauze.

"No biggie, but I can't fight for now, or else my wound might rupture open," Wu Sheng said helplessly.

"There's something special about the person's sword whereby I can't heal the wound with my Life Power. I can only wait for it to heal slowly like an ordinary person. I guess it'll take one to two months to heal and there'll be an ugly scar. I would've been dead if you didn't stem the bleeding on the gash the other day. You would be looking at a different thing now, for instance, standing at my grave with a wreath."

"Take a good rest. I'm here to look after the building. Let's wait for your wound to heal." Zhou Xiong patted Wu Sheng's shoulder.

"I shall wait for another two days. I want to hear from the woman to find out who that black-robed man was the other day. I'll look for him and make him pay for what he's done to me!" Wu Sheng glared savagely. Zhou Xiong frowned but did not say anything.

"Oh yeah, what did the management say about this woman?" Wu Sheng asked.

"We can do whatever we want to her after the interrogation, but the management said her dead body must be passed to Lin Huang," Zhou Xiong answered honestly.

"Mr. Fu has spoken?" Wu Sheng looked annoyed.


"Let me handle this." Wu Sheng crushed the lollipop in his mouth.

"But your health condition…" Zhou Xiong was concerned.

"I don't have to fight anyway. Don't worry. I'll handle it." Wu Sheng took the lollipop stick out of his mouth and crushed the remaining candy in his mouth.

"Alright then." Zhou Xiong nodded.


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