Monster Paradise
555 Following Up On the Inciden
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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555 Following Up On the Inciden

Lin Huang turned on the soundproof barrier in the library cubicle and picked up Liu Ming's call.

Liu Ming looked distressed in the video call, but he was relieved as soon as he saw Lin Huang.

"Brother, where are you?"

"I'm in the library. Are you back in college?" Lin Huang replied and asked a question that he already knew the answer to.

"Yes, I just got back in the middle of the night. I wanted to spend more time on my trip, but I got a notification from the Union Government, so I got back right away."

Are you alright?" He asked Lin Huang in concern.

"I'm alright, but I don't know why the dorm has been destroyed." Lin Huang looked helpless, pretending that he had no idea what had happened.

"Well, I do know something about that…" Liu Ming rubbed his nose as he had witnessed how the dorm was destroyed.

"Are you free now? Drop by my office. There's something that I need to tell you, but we can't discuss that here."

"Sure." Lin Huang nodded and hung up. He flew from the library towards the office building.

Two minutes later, he appeared at the dean's office. As soon as he entered the office, Liu Ming took out a white sphere and pressed the button in the middle. A wave rippled and soon, the entire room was covered in a transparent bubble.

"Take a seat." Liu Ming then got up and gestured to Lin Huang to sit on the couch as he sat across him.

"What're you going to tell me that you don't want people to know?" Lin Huang smiled.

"You knew what happened during the middle of the night, don't you?" Liu Ming asked.

"I know about the monster horde in the southern border. I joined the battle as well," Lin Huang affirmed. "What's wrong? How's that related to my dorm being destroyed?"

"Actually, not only was there a monster horde last night. The city was attacked. Your dorm was destroyed by one of the attackers who wanted to capture you alive," Liu Ming explained.

"Capture me alive? Why? Who was it?" Lin Huang fired the two questions that he really wanted to know.

"I've no idea why he wanted to capture you alive, but I was fighting him. That's how I know he was coming for you. I have my own assumptions about who the person was, but I can't be so sure. The only thing that I'm sure of is that he's a chief-level from one of the top underground organizations."

"Do you mean he invaded the White Capital just for me?" Lin Huang frowned.

"No, it was just a convenience to capture you. Their main purpose was to get the Saint's first and second elders' dead bodies, which they managed to get." Liu Ming did not hide the truth.

"How about the monster horde? Was it orchestrated by the same group of people?" Lin Huang asked again.

"The monster horde was meant to stop the imperial-levels from entering the southern border while buying time for their partners in the city to escape," Liu Ming explained.

After Liu Ming's explanation, Lin Huang finally understood what had really happened. He had been speculating why would the imperial-levels want to get into the city, why would they drive the monster horde in only to reveal their identity… Now, everything made sense.

"So, did we get any of the attackers?" Lin Huang frowned.

"We killed one of them and captured another while the rest escaped. The one who's captured has had her identity confirmed. She's Hong Zhuang from the Purple Crow. She just became a core member of the Purple Crow. Although she's only on immortal-level rank-9, she's a dangerous lady…"

"Hong Zhuang has been captured..." Lin Huang had mixed feelings when he heard that. Honestly, he did not like the Purple Crow. However, after spending time together, he realized that Hong Zhuang was not as evil as he had imagined, but he could not eliminate the chances that she was remarkably skilled at acting.

"That lady called Hong Zhuang is just an immortal-level rank-9, but she fought with Shangguan Feng Ao using just a relic. If Shangguan Feng Ao did not have a demigod remnant, she might have escaped from the southern border…" Liu Ming kept rambling on about Hong Zhuang and did not notice Lin Huang's expression.

"How about the one that was killed? Who was that?" Lin Huang proceeded to ask. He wanted to confirm if the person was from the Scarborough Workshop.

"The one who was killed isn't from the Purple Crow. They're still identifying the person," Liu Ming said and recalled why he had asked Lin Huang there.

"Brother, do you know a lady who wears a white dress?"

"A lady in a white dress? What does she look like?" In his head, Lin Huang started making up stories about the lady that he had disguised himself as the night before.

"This lady." Liu Ming produced a photo. It was a front-facing photo of the lady that was taken near the post on the mountain.

"Isn't that the lady that everyone is talking about being a god on the Hunter Forum?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow as he looked at Liu Ming.

"You don't know her?" Liu Ming asked.

"Of course not. Why would you ask that?" Lin Huang declined. He had thought about his reply if anyone asked him that question when he was in Kylie's mini world.

"But I saw her in your dorm last night. I asked her why she was in your dorm. She said she's a new teacher and that she swapped dorm rooms with you," Liu Ming explained.

"She must've lied to you. I've never swapped dorm rooms with anyone. I've been staying in the same dorm ever since the day I got the dorm room key." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled amusedly.

"I didn't overthink about it that time, but I only realized something was wrong later. I got Old Wang to send me the new teachers' details, but there's no such lady after flipping through the documents many times." Liu Ming smiled back awkwardly and nodded.

"But why would she appear in your dorm if you don't know her?" Liu Ming looked at Lin Huang doubtfully.

"How would I know?" Lin Huang shrugged.

Liu Ming fell into deep thought as he did not get anything from Lin Huang.

"Brother Liu, was the lady really the one who cleared the monster horde?" Lin Huang asked softly. He wanted to know what the Union Government thought about the lady that he had disguised as from Liu Ming.

"It hasn't been confirmed yet. The Union Government is still investigating it." Liu Ming shook his head.

"To prevent you from getting involved in this, I didn't tell the Union Government investigator about the lady claiming to know you. Don't tell anyone anything about this," Liu Ming added.

"I understand." Lin Huang nodded graciously as he knew Liu Ming had done that to protect him.

"Also, I heard from Vice President Zhang that you were close to Hong Zhuang when she was lurking in the Martial Hunter College. Since she's been captured, the Union Government might look for you. You can just tell them the truth about being forced to join the Purple Crow earlier. Mr. Fu will handle the rest."

"Alright, sure." Lin Huang frowned. He did not expect the news about Hong Zhuang knowing him to spread out so soon.


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