Monster Paradise
554 Peace That the Lie Brings
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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554 Peace That the Lie Brings

The day was breaking when Lin Huang got out of Kylie's mini world. He had no idea if the chaos was over, but at least there were no loud explosions anymore, which meant that the areas nearby were safe. He was upset as he looked at the houses and he missed the flat land. Nevertheless, he felt much better as he thought of the three items that he had obtained from the black-robed leader just by activating the Plunder Card.

"Never mind then. I've earned something out of my expectations anyway."

It was 5.30 a.m. Lin Huang then walked out of the college. There was a store selling sumptuous soup and buns at the east gate of the college. It would usually be crowded when it was past seven in the morning, and they would be sold out before 8 a.m. He had only tried it a few times as the store was closed during the school holidays.

The store was managed by a middle-aged couple, and it was said that their child used to study at the Martial Hunter College. They had opened the store since the first year their child enrolled in the college, and they had been there for seven years. Their child became a hunter after graduation. Although they did not need the money anymore, they insisted on carrying on with their business. Many students loved their food which brought the couple immense pleasure.

The owners had just arrived not long ago when Lin Huang got to the store. They were busy making the meat filling. All of the buns were made fresh every morning and were limited as they had restricted manpower. They would leave after all of the buns were sold out at 8 a.m. every day. After that, they would rest, which meant that their working hours added up to less than three hours daily. The only downside to that was having to wake up early. However, that was nothing to them as they had gotten used to it, so the work was pretty easy for them.

The couple opened the store for lunch and dinner before their child became a hunter for extra income. They worked for more than 15 hours each day. However, they were much more relaxed as they were only open for breakfast now. Seeing that the couple was busy, Lin Huang did not disturb them and got himself a seat in the store.

"You're so early!" The lady boss was friendly. She did not know Lin Huang as he did not frequently visit, so she thought he was a student at the Martial Hunter College. He merely smiled and nodded.

"I didn't manage to get your soup and buns on normal days. Since I can't sleep today, I decided to come early, but I found out that you guys don't open this early."

"We usually get out of the house past 5 a.m. and get here around 5.20 a.m." The lady boss chatted with Lin Huang as she was preparing her store. Despite her chirpy talk, there was no delay in what she was doing with her hands.

"But you're too early. I've just turned on the oven. It'll take at least 20 minutes."

"It's okay. I can wait." Lin Huang then started reading the news on the Heart Network since he had nothing to do.

There was nothing about the monster horde attack in the White Capital on the Heart Network. It was evident that they did not want to panic the people. The White Capital was the No. 1 foothold in Division 7. If people knew that the White Capital had come under siege by a monster horde, that would mean that none of the other footholds in Division 7 were safe.

"Nothing on the Heart Network… Then, what does the Union Government have to say?" Just when Lin Huang was thinking to himself, the topic named "White Capital Thunder Phenomenon" popped up.

Lin Huang tapped on the topic and skimmed it roughly. The article was a fabricated story saying that the explosion in the White Capital in the middle of the night was called the Thunder Phenomenon, which had happened in a couple of footholds hundreds of years ago. It went on further to say that the phenomenon usually occurred in the wild zones and that it was a normal climate phenomenon causing strong gales and shaking on the earth.

"What a great made-up story! I'd definitely believe it if I had no idea what happened," Lin Huang laughed at the story. He then browsed for the Thunder Phenomenon on the Heart Network and found out that it had happened in a couple of footholds before. He thought about it and realized that the Union Government had covered up the truth of battles in the past by calling it a Thunder Phenomenon.

"People would take it seriously after being lied to for a couple of times…" Lin Huang smiled awkwardly.

However, it was not entirely a bad thing that the people did not know the truth. Just like the couple who was selling their buns; they had peace in their calm and carried on with their daily lives as they had no idea what had happened. Lin Huang knew that the regular people must be just like the couple. Although they did not know the truth, they were at peace with the lie.

Despite not knowing what happened on the Heart Network, many were talking about the incident on the Hunter Forum. However, most of them were discussing the monster horde in the southern border instead of the Thunder Phenomenon in the White Capital.

Some of the people who were stationed at the posts on the mountain described the white glow that was shot into the sky to be as bright as the sun when Lin Huang had used the Destruction Card. Some of them even posted photos of the lady of Lin Huang transformed into. They said the lady in white must be the person who had settled the monster horde since she appeared where the white glow was. However, there were differing opinions about the lady in the white dress.

Some of them thought she was the one who settled the monster horde as she was the only one there when the rest arrived. Besides, she left as soon as she was discovered. If she were the first one who arrived at the place, it was unnecessary for her to avoid the people who came after her. Some of them figured that the lady in white must have noticed the odd occurrence in the area as she was coincidentally on the way to the post. She might have left since the monster horde was over, and there was nothing worth staying for anymore. Moreover, it was normal for a lady to leave immediately as men were surrounding her and she chose not to talk to strangers.

The disputes of opinions caused chaos on the forum, and it did not stop since 3 a.m. It became even more tumultuous when the hunters from other footholds learned about the White Capital being attacked by the monster horde.

"Fortunately, I used the Disguise Card." Lin Huang was glad that he had not revealed his real face or else the entire world would be posting his photo everywhere.

"Your food's here." Just as he was reading the debate on the forum in excitement, the lady boss placed a tray of buns on the table.

"Thanks, lady boss." He then switched off the page and started gorging on the buns. He had the habit of giving all his attention to his food when he was eating. There were 12 buns on the tray, and it was enough for an average meal. It was past six when Lin Huang was done eating. By then, the store had become crowded. He bumped into two of his students when he was going out of the store to pay.

"Sir Lin, that's early!" The two female students greeted him.

"Morning." Lin Huang nodded with a smile. The two students asked him a couple of questions on Sword Dao, and he answered them patiently. 

"Alright, you guys will need to queue if you don't go in now."

The duo then recalled why they were there and got themselves a table after bidding farewell to Lin Huang. He then left. As his dorm was destroyed, the only place he could go was the 24-hour library. His Emperor's Heart Ring started ringing when he was at the library around 8 a.m. It was Liu Ming who was calling.


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