Monster Paradise
551 The Almighty Surgical Knife
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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551 The Almighty Surgical Knife

Lin Huang had no idea who the black-robed leader was, but he was coming for him, and he was in rivalry with Liu Ming. Moreover, he had uprooted the building, confirming that the visit was an unfriendly one, so Lin Huang activated the Misfortune Card on him without thinking twice.

"Since you came uninvited, we shall see what the effects of the Misfortune Card are then." Lin Huang hid behind a building and peeped at the black-robed leader with half his head showing.

It was his first time using the Misfortune Card, so he had no idea what the exact effect was. As he crushed the card and aimed at his target, the card transformed into black mist and entered the black-robed leader's body. Despite his body being encompassed in a layer of black mist, he did not seem to notice. As the black mist lingered around his body, a portion of it went a meter above his head like dark clouds. It seemed like only Lin Huang could see the dark clouds while both the black-robed leader and Liu Ming who were fighting could not see a thing.

"What'll happen next?" Lin Huang was excited as he anticipated the changes. It would not take long to see the effects since the black-robed leader was jinxed with the Misfortune Card like a guinea pig. Black streaks and golden glow collided in the air while endless thunder rumbled in the sky. Although they were fighting thousands of meters above the sky, the Martial Hunter College was shaking from the impact. Energy waves swept the land like a typhoon, and many trees were uprooted. Fortunately, most of the houses in this world were well-built, or else, the houses would have been destroyed from their battle.

The black-robed leader did not notice anything wrong with his body. As he fought with Liu Ming, he had thoughts running through his mind.

"Lin Huang isn't in the Martial Hunter College today. It seems like we'll have to capture him next time. Liu Ming is much more powerful than I expected. It'll be difficult to be able to kill him in such a short period of time. Without the monster horde, the other imperial-levels should be here soon. Luo Wei and the rest should've escaped for quite a distance now. It's time for me to leave…"

As the black-robed leader was thinking of retreating, a voice came from behind. "Liu Ming, you've finally broken through to imperial-level! I always thought you'd never come this far."

The black-robed leader turned around. A silly, old man and a muscular middle-aged man appeared not far behind him.

"The Li family…" His eyes shrunk as he recognized both of them.

"Old Li, you're still alive! Many people in the White Capital thought that you're dead since you haven't been seen for so many years." Liu Ming smiled at the old man.

"Nonsense, I won't be dead before you go yourself!" The skinny, old man called Old Li replied.

"You guys have fun. I'm gonna make a move." The black-robed leader took this opportunity to run away.

"Where are you going!?"

The muscular middle-aged man next to Old Li grabbed the black-robed leader with his colossal hand.

The black-robed leader swung his sword in an attempt to scare the man away, but Liu Ming wirled his sword at the black-robed leader.

"Old Li, come join me! This guy might be the brains behind all this. Kill him together and extract his brains later!" Liu Ming shouted at Old Li.

Liu Ming had said that not because he knew who the black-robed leader was, but because of the fact that the black-robed leader wanted to take Lin Huang away. As Mr. Fu's No. 1 fan, Liu Ming took good care of Lin Huang. If Liu Ming let the black-robed leader go this time, he might come back for Lin Huang again, so he tried to kill the black-robed leader together with Old Li.

"Although it's sort of bullying, I guess there's no need to talk about morality since you brought the monster horde to threaten the foothold." Old Li then joined the battle and blocked the black-robed leader's way.

The black-robed leader did not expect the three of them to work together to fight him as imperial-level humans had their pride and would not work with anyone. He thought he could take advantage of that and escape, but he did not expect the three of them to work together to block his way.

"So, the imperial-level people in the White Capital are bullies…" The black-robed leader teased. 

"Yes, we are, what can you do about it?!" Old Li jeered while he parried his sword towards the black-robed leader's face like lightning. The black-robed leader swung his sword to shove Old Li's sword away from his face. Meanwhile, Liu Ming's sword dashed towards the black-robed leader's neck silently. It was so fast that the black-robed leader did not have the time to block the attack with his hand. He then extended his left hand from his robe, golden circles forming on the side of his body. Although the golden circles cracked, it managed to block the sword attack.

Suddenly, the muscular middle-aged man dashed towards the black-robed leader's left chest with his fist. The black-robed leader managed to swing his sword in time. His sword collided with the man's fist. A resounding thud filled the air. The black-robed leader managed to defend himself from the three of them. Although Lin Huang could not catch their movements, he could tell that the black-robed leader was not on the losing end.

"The three of them can't fight him? He's so powerful!" Lin Huang was sure that the black-robed leader must be either one of the top leaders of the Purple Crow or the Scarborough Workshop, or else, it was impossible for him to defend against three imperial-levels at once. If it were Hong Zhuang, she would have been dead by now.

"He's using a sword as well…" Lin Huang thought of an idea while there was a card in his hand.

"Theft Card.

"Function: Once the card is activated, you can steal one skill from your target and make it yours.

"Remark 1: The target can be any creature.

"Remark 2: The target must be within the user's field of vision.

"Remark 3: The card's effect is useless on complete Godhead creatures.

"Remark 4: Can only be used once on each creature.

"Remark 5: Please make sure you have a vacant Monster Skill slot if you're stealing a Monster Skill, or else, the action will fail, and the card will be consumed."

Lin Huang smirked as he crushed the card after reading the detailed description.

"Target the black-robed leader's skill!"

"The card has been activated. Target is locked. Stealing skill…"

"Congratulations! You've obtained a new Skill Card - Almighty Surgical Knife."


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