Monster Paradise
549 Liu Ming is Back
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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549 Liu Ming is Back

In the skies above the Martial Hunter College, four shadows in black robes materialized abruptly.

"Why did you bring me over here?" The Purple Crow leader asked the black-robed man.

"To look for someone," he said in his soft voice, and at the same time, his spiritual strength spread rapidly, propagating through every corner of the Martial Hunter College. "The person isn't here. Lucky guy. Let's go!"

"Can you really leave like this?" Right then, a voice was heard, and a human figure was seen slowly floating up into the sky.

"Liu Ming?!" The people could immediately recognize the plump, middle-aged man.

"Yes, it is I. Since you're visiting the Martial Hunter College, I shall play host to you. Please stay." Liu Ming was remarkably calm despite facing four imperial-levels.

"It's not easy to level up to imperial-level. Are you ready to bear the consequences of fighting us?" The soft voice could be faintly heard.

"It's just a matter of victor or loser. I can afford to lose." Liu Ming narrowed his eyes at them.

"Can you afford to lose your life?!" A black-robed man yelled and pounced towards him. The rest of them did not stop the man, but they did not help him out either.

The man's choice of weapon was a silver curved blade. As he brandished his sword, the shadows of his sword stacked mid-air, and Liu Ming was drowned in it.

Liu Ming took out his thin, black sword calmly. When he waved his sword, all the shadows in the air disintegrated.

"Level-5 sword realm?!" Witnessing that single move, a few of the black-robed men turned solemn.

Liu Ming simply laughed. He had gained new insights after challenging Lin Huang previously. He managed to break through his sword realm within four months. Also, he got to imperial-level and his abilities had grown more powerful.

When he was on immortal-level, he had already killed an imperial-level. Since he had achieved imperial-level in addition to the development in his sword realm, his abilities were undoubtedly even more intimidating.

"Back off. You can't fight him." The soft voice was heard again. After instructing his subordinate, he leaped and appeared opposite Liu Ming.

Just when he was about to advance, the black-robed leader's Emperor's Heart Ring suddenly vibrated.

"Huh?" The black-robed leader suddenly lost focus.

The black-robed man, who had represented his leader to fight Liu Ming earlier, wanted to make another assault but was stopped by his leader.

"Answer the call first. I'll wait." Liu Ming shrugged his shoulders. In fact, he wanted to take advantage of any delay. He hoped that the man would linger on the phone longer until the Union Government's backup team arrived.

"Thanks." It seemed like the black-robed leader did not mind wasting some time. He then answered the call.

He was wearing a headset and did not seem worried that the rest could listen to their conversation at all. He asked, "What happened?"

"Sir, something's wrong with the monster horde!" A hurried voice was heard.

"What's wrong?" Beneath the mask, the man frowned.

"A ring of white light spread throughout the area and soon, all the monsters turned into ashes. I've confirmed with two other people, and they saw the same thing. I can't contact the rest of the immortal-level monster leaders. If I'm guessing correctly, someone has wiped about 15 million monsters out in an instant. I suspect that the God helped them out!"

"All the monsters? Including the imperial- and immortal-level monsters?" The black-robed leader asked nervously.

"Other than the imperial-levels, all the immortal-level monsters and below have died. I think there're only three humans and three modified imperial-level monsters left alive."

After a moment of silence, the black-robed leader then said, "I knew it. Please buy me some time. We'll retreat as soon as possible."

"What happened?" The Purple Crow leader immediately questioned.

"Someone managed to get rid of the monster horde. Only three imperial-level monsters are alive whereas the rest have been killed." After hanging up the call, the black-robed man updated the three of them.

"How could it be?"

"That's not our concern now as it has already happened. You may leave first. After killing Liu Ming, I'll get back to you as soon as possible," the black-robed leader decided.

"But, Sir…" The black-robed man, who had attacked Liu Ming, wanted to say something but was interrupted by his leader.

"The one-way dimension of the White Capital has been sealed. One can only enter but can't get out. Zhou Xiong will catch up with us soon. Liu Ming isn't a weakling, and I'm the only one who can kill him in such a short period. Also, I have Mister's skill. If Zhou Xiong and the rest come after me, I'll be able to get rid of them. Leave now. Otherwise, you'll only be a burden to me," the black-robed leader ordered. The three of them then left.

Liu Ming was about to wield his sword to stop them, but he sensed that he was gripped with an intense sense of crisis that was fatal and intimidating. He did not dare to move although the three black-robed men were leaving.

"Both of us are also using swords. My sword realm's been stuck at Oblivion-level for a long time. I'll show you the power of the Void Breaker sword realm today," the black-robed leader cackled.

"As you wish!" As Liu Ming uttered those words, he thrust his sword relic forward.

At the battleground of the southern border in the White Capital.

With sufficient power, the Medium Destruction Card performed a mass culling of all immortal-level rank-9 monsters or lower. The white light that looked like blinding sunlight disappeared on its own and a notification from Xiao Hei was heard.

"You have killed more than ten million monsters. Mission completed!

"Congratulations, you have obtained ten million Honorable Kills!

"You are rewarded with Kill Card x1, Misfortune Card x1, Curse Card x1.

Just as Lin Huang was checking out his reward cards, the people around him were discussing the incident that had just happened.

"What happened? Did the God just help us out?"

The people were shocked. As they looked around, all that lay on the ground were monster carcasses. None of them had survived. Most of them suspected that it was the God who helped them out in the first place. They could not find a better explanation other than that.

"Thank God for all the blessings!" Some of them even knelt down and prayed. They felt that they were lucky they were able to overcome this.

However, some of them did not feel grateful, such as an Imperial Censor.

"F*ck! My summoning monster has been killed!"

"Who's the one who did that?! Three of my double mutated summoning monsters have died!"

"It's not easy for me to get a triple mutated summoning monster… I had to save up for several months to get the second one…"

Lin Huang had indeed neglected the Imperial Censor's summoning monster when he executed the destruction order. However, he did not do that deliberately. It was because he rarely encountered any Imperial Censor and was oblivious to his presence. It was a disaster for the Imperial Censor.

The summoning monsters of all the Imperial Censors who had joined the battle were killed. The Imperial Censors were startled as they did not expect such an accident to happen to them.


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