Monster Paradise
546 Removal of Danger
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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546 Removal of Danger

As the female fiend fell on the ground, a notification from Xiao Hei arrived. 

"Congratulations, you have obtained a legendary-level monster card -- Violaceous Enchantress (fiend)!"

After storing the carcass, Lin Huang did not even bother to take a glance at the card and flew into the sky. He frowned upon seeing a large number of monsters.

At that point, all the transcendent monsters had died. However, the monster horde that was formed by more than a hundred thousand monsters was still big trouble to them.

Only a few minutes had passed during the fierce fight and the monster horde was approaching the post from a distance of fewer than twenty kilometers away. The monster horde would utterly drown the human post in less than ten minutes.

"Should I use the Small Destruction Card?" Lin Huang frowned as he was figuring out what he should do. Undoubtedly, the fastest way would be to handle it by using the Small Destruction Card. However, if he were to do so, he would be revealing his ability to kill more than a hundred thousand or even a million monsters.

"Xiao Hei, other than the Small Destruction Card, is there any way that I can handle the monster horde in the shortest period of time?" Lin Huang had no idea what he should do, so he asked for Xiao Hei's help.

"Among the cards you have, two of the snakes and the apes are appropriate to be summoned during such a group attack. Also, you have Charcoal and Tyrant. Remove the restrictions on their body size. As they return to their normal state, their size will be on par with the giants. Other than that, you still have Kylie's troop.

"Of course, the most effective and secretive skill will certainly be Bloody's parasitic abilities. With its current ability, it is not difficult for it to parasitize millions of monsters below the transcendent level. The total number of monster there is about half a million. It can easily handle it."

"Yes, Bloody's parasitic abilities! How could I forget about it?!"

Usually, Lin Huang would only think of Bloody when an investigation was required. However, he would unintentionally neglect Bloody during a battle. Just like how he used to believe that Thunder was a flying mount and overlooked its ability to fight. This was the reason why when Lin Huang encountered any problems during battles, Bloody and Thunder would fall in his blind spot and would be excluded from the battle by instinct.

As reminded by Xiao Hei, Lin Huang then realized that Bloody was indeed an unconquerable executioner in such a large-scale battle.

Lin Huang took a glance at the transcendent humans and realized that many of them were looking at him. He then made his way through the monster horde and summoned Bloody.

Bloody transformed into a purple snake and tangled around Lin Huang's left arm. Lin Huang told Bloody about his plan while killing the monsters.

"Bloody, we've limited time. I guess that we have less than ten minutes left till the monster horde flattens the human post. It's less likely that you can parasitize half a million monsters now. Can you control part of the monsters to attack the monsters that aren't parasitized so that there'll be an internal conflict among them? Or can you please stop the monsters on the front line so that they'll form a monster wall whereby the rest of the monsters at the back will be blocked?"

"I can save you some trouble. I'll have to parasitize a batch of monsters that will take the lead and change their direction. The rest behind will follow them." Bloody knew those monsters very well. "In such a monster horde, many of the monsters behind actually follow after the monsters in front of them blindly. They don't even look at the road. They'll just follow wherever the monsters in front of them go. As long as they change their direction, they won't crash into the human post."

"Is there such a thing?" Lin Huang was stunned to hear that.

"Yes, since you've killed the leading monsters, it's not difficult to do so." Bloody knew that all the transcendent monsters have been killed through his investigation and he was confident of handling things efficiently.

"Hurry up then. We don't have much time left," Lin Huang urged.

"I'll do it immediately. Please wait for about three minutes and I'll be able to handle it." After finishing its words, the colorless and transparent Leech Pods dispersed in the air towards the monster horde.

After about two minutes, Bloody's voice was heard again. "The parasitizing process has been completed. I'll now make them change their direction."

After it uttered its words, there was a stir in the monster horde. A few moments later, the monsters surrounding Lin Huang really started to change their direction.

Lin Huang felt that it was unbelievable as he witnessed that. He let Bloody hide in his sleeve as he flew down. The monster horde that was heading north suddenly made a turn and was now heading towards the west just like a diverted river. Other than the batch of monsters that had been controlled by Bloody, the monsters following behind them had indeed followed them and made the same turn.

When Lin Huang saw that, he immediately recalled Bai and Tyrant into their card forms. He then told Ai De and the rest, "Stop killing. The danger of the monster horde has passed! Come and have a look at the monster horde."

As Lin Huang's voice was heard, Ai De and the rest were surprised. However, Ai De chose to believe Lin Huang and flew into the sky.

Seeing the monster horde change their direction, he was startled. "What…? What's happening? Why did the monster horde suddenly change its direction?"

He immediately turned and looked at Lin Huang. Lin Huang opened both of his palms and shrugged to express that he knew nothing about it.

Ai De did not ask any further and immediately asked the rest of them to stop attacking. Following his instructions, the people then paused and flew into the sky to see what had actually happened.

As they saw the unusual phenomenon, the people were bewildered as they had no idea what was happening.

"Why did the monster horde suddenly change its direction?" One of them asked Ai De because he was experienced. The rest of them shifted their focus to Ai De as well.

"Don't ask me. I have no idea why as well. I've experienced the monster horde three times and it's my first witnessing such a situation." Ai De shook his head.

Right at this moment, one of them asked Lin Huang, "Lin Huang, you're the first one who discovered that the monster horde has changed its direction. What do you know about it?"

"I realized that the monsters surrounding me seemed to have changed their direction while I was killing them. I flew up to see what caused that to happen and found out that the monster horde is heading towards the west." Lin Huang had entirely omitted Bloody's role.

As Lin Huang mentioned that, the rest of them then recalled that the monsters had actually changed their direction abruptly without them noticing.

"Perhaps it's related to the monster leader that you've just killed." After falling into deep thought, Ai De came out with an answer. He probably wanted to give credit to Lin Huang.

"It's not definitely so. There might be other reasons that cause this to happen." Lin Huang shook his head. He had caught many people's attention as he had killed few of the immortal-level monsters. If Bloody's credit also went to him, he might find himself in too bright a spotlight. "Regardless of what the reason is, the danger we were facing has been overcome. That's good news as everyone is safe."

As the monster horde that headed towards the west was getting farther away from them, the people were relieved.

Ai De then shifted his gaze from the monster horde to Lin Huang, sizing him up. "I didn't know that you have a hidden combat strength. We thought that you were kidding when you said that you're going to kill the immortal-level monsters!"

"Yes, when you said that, none of us thought it was real," another middle-aged man said with a smile.

"I was serious when I said that. I have no choice if you don't believe me." Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

"Who would believe that a white flame-level could kill an immortal-level?!" The crowd burst into laughter.

"But I'm really a white flame-level…" Lin Huang silently said to himself. He just smiled at them, remaining silent.


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