Monster Paradise
543 Blurred Blood
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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543 Blurred Blood

In mid-air, Lin Huang had crashed into the fiend hundreds of times.

Two shadows flickered as they appeared, disappeared, and moved. Each time as they collided with each other, a substantial impact wave was produced, spreading everywhere.

Fortunately, it was the monster horde that had not achieved the transcendent level which was affected. The humans were more than ten kilometers away, and the consequences were not significant. There was a strong wind that stirred up the sand, and they had to hide behind the pit. As for those who were on holy fire-level, they had avoided the area where both of them fought and so, were unaffected.

The female fiend was different from many of the opponents that Lin Huang had encountered earlier whereby it was adept at ranged attacks. The strength of the pair of wings it had on its back was on par with Lin Huang's supreme relic, and so was the defense of its armored dress. In addition to that, it possessed the Demonic Regeneration skill.

Lin Huang could barely kill it at the moment.

Still, the female fiend's fear was gradually growing as both of them fought. In the beginning, it had been suppressed by Lin Huang, but it was not obvious. As time passed, its opponent's sword onslaught seemed to have become smoother and it was getting impossible to overcome. It felt immensely pressured as it knew very well that without relying on its armored dress and its Demonic Regeneration skill, it would have died from the start.

"The modification of the fiend is successful whereby its abilities are a rank higher," Lin Huang secretly contacted Xiao Hei as he was fighting the fiend, "Its bony wings result in a substantial increase in its attack strength and speed. Not only did the armored dress increase its defenses, it also works well with its Demonic Regeneration too. Its survival ability is improved."

"The female fiend is indeed the most successful transformation I've ever seen. It is in a state of complete consciousness. Based on the conversation between the both of you, it is obviously different from those with defects that we previously encountered."

"Kill it, and you'll be rewarded with a complete set of the female fiend cards!"


Even if Xiao Hei had not said that, Lin Huang had no intention of keeping it alive. Of course, he would be happy to accept the task if he could get an additional monster card as a reward. "However, please help me to retain its memory. I'd like to know if something is going on with the monster horde, the Scarborough Workshop, and the Purple Crow."

"No problem," Xiao Hei quickly answered.

A thought actually flashed through Lin Huang's mind as he wondered if he should use a Double Card to obtain two complete sets of monster cards. As he thought about it, he snapped himself out of his thoughts. The fiend was only a double mutated epic-level card. It was not worth using a Double Card for that. Although having twin fiend sisters would look pretty cool, still, Lin Huang chose a rather practical approach.

"I'll only think about the twin sisters when I encounter a triple or quadruple mutated monster. It's such a waste to use a Double Card on an epic-level card…"

Since Xiao Hei had promised to reward him with a complete set of cards, Lin Huang's attack became more aggressive.

Soon after, the female fiend could hardly endure Lin Huang's attacks. Wounds formed on its body, and it could not recover in time even with its Demonic Regeneration skill.

The number of injuries on its body was increasing and the load on the Demonic Regeneration skill only got bigger and bigger. The consumption of Life Power was several times greater as well. The female fiend knew that if it did not show its card, it would probably die here.

As they collided into each other again, the female fiend flapped its wings and retreated to a safe distance. Soon after, it quickly performed hand seals.

"Hmm?" Watching his opponent's actions, Lin Huang was shocked. It was apparent that it was about to unleash some kind of secret skill. He had seen it before from many of the monsters he had killed, but he rarely encountered monsters that performed hand seals.

Before Lin Huang could charge, the female fiend had completed its hand seals.

On top of its head, a big shadow rapidly formed. It had a big purple face and seemed like a female mask. It was hundreds of meters tall and an unknown aura spread all over the area.

Lin Huang felt oddly oppressed seeing the fiendish face that appeared strong and wicked.

"What's that?" Lin Huang frowned and asked Xiao Hei.

The fiendish face looked somewhat like a Combat Soul. However, he could feel that it was completely different from the Combat Soul. Moreover, Lin Huang had never heard of any monster that was capable of exchanging Combat Souls.

"It is an image projected due to the Obscure Blood skill. Only immortal-level monsters with strong blood can use this kind of secret skill."

"Obscure Blood? What's that for? It doesn't look like a real object. It can't join the fight, can it?" Lin Huang was hearing of such a term for the first time.

"For the Obscure Blood skill, there'll be an enchanting effect on the monster's blood. However, the enchanted blood has to be powerful. They have to be of ancient blood or dragon blood. Once the blood is enchanted, beginner-level blood power will be temporarily leveled up to mid-level. There'll be a provisional upgrade of mid-level blood power to advanced-level blood power whereas the advanced-level blood power will be temporarily upgraded to pure blood. If it's pure blood, the Obscure Blood will coagulate to form a real object, transforming into something that looks like the human Combat Soul. In fact, the origin of the human Combat Soul comes from the obscure object that the monster with pure blood owns."

"So, the secret skill of Combat Soul is learned from the monsters. No wonder it looks similar to the Obscure Blood as they can only be unleashed upon achieving immortal-level." Lin Huang had never thought of this. "Does it mean that Bai and Charcoal can use the Obscure Blood skill in future?"

"Yes, as long as they achieve immortal-level. The relevant memory inherited will be unsealed, and they'll be able to learn the secret skill."

Just as Lin Huang learned the uses and effects of the Obscure Blood skill from Xiao Hei, the enchantment on the female fiend's blood was about to end.

The faint purple mist spat by the big purple face on top of its head had been almost absorbed by the female fiend's body.

The aura exuded by the female fiend was much stronger and the pair of white, bony wings on its back had turned silver. It was no longer the bony material it projected. Instead, it looked like metal now. Aside from that, there were silver stripes on its purple armored dress, and it looked like it was more delicately made. Other than that, there were no other changes.

"It seems like the enchanted blood does have its effects." Neglecting the changes in its appearance, based on the aura it gave off, Lin Huang could still confirm that the combat strength of the female fiend was at least half a rank stronger.

Just when Lin Huang was sizing up its changes, the remaining purple mist was completely absorbed by it. The female fiend gradually raised its head up, giving Lin Huang a death glare with both of its red eyes.


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