Monster Paradise
540 The Appearence of Strength
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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540 The Appearence of Strength

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow as he saw a green bird was dashing towards him. He did not want to offend it but it came to him instead. He looked at it and knew which breed the green bird was. It was a Malachite Feather, a double mutated monster with ancient blood. It had green feathers on its entire body besides its black eyes and blue crest. What could not be overlooked were its giant claws that were half a size bigger than its ratio to its body.

From the Malachite Feather's aura that was completely revealed, it was clearly a blue flame-level. The monster was much smaller than the Fire Phoenix that Lin Huang encountered in the ruins. However, it was not difficult to tell that its amity was much more powerful than the Fire Phoenix. The Malachite Feather's ability was nothing less than the Fire Phoenix. As it was two ranks higher, it made sense that its ability was much more powerful.

Ai De and the rest soon noticed the Malachite Feather that made its sudden landing. Ai De dashed towards Lin Huang's direction immediately as he saw the Malachite Feather that was dashing towards Lin Huang. He did not think that Lin Huang who was only white flame-level could fight the double mutated blue flame-level monster.

"Lin Huang, run!"

Seeing that he could not catch up to the Malachite Feather's speed, Ai De shouted at Lin Huang.

"It's too late to run now!"

The Malachite Feather scoffed as he got to Lin Huang. It then landed its claw on top of him, its mind was playing the scene where Lin Huang would be all messed up from its claw. However, Lin Huang looked up and smirked at the Malachite Feather.

Seeing his odd smirk, the Malachite Feather's heart skipped a beat. It then saw a white glow before it as a young man shouted.


Lin Huang leaped and slashed his sword from its bottom all the way to the top. A crescent moon-shaped white glow shot up to the sky and pierced through the Malachite Feather. The Malachite Feather's body broke into half like it was torn by invisible hands. Its green blood splashed all over like it was raining heavily, a thick blood mist lingered in the air, disgusting blood stench spread everywhere.

The Malachite Feather that was coming strong fell onto the ground like two pieces of meat. Lin Huang stood where he was in the air, there was not even blood on his body. Everyone was shocked to see what just happened. Many were concerned when the Malachite Feather was dashing towards Lin Huang, they were worried that the young man would be killed. They did not expect this to happen.

"Killed in a swing of the sword…"

Ai De and other gold flame-level people thought it was unbelievable, they knew very well that the Malachite Feather was a double mutated monster. Although it was just a blue flame-level, its ability was above purple flame-level. Even the gold flame-level people would take some time to fight that monster. Even Ai De who was stuck in gold flame-level was not confident to say that he could kill the monster in one hit.

Meanwhile, the transcendent-level monsters that witnessed that were shocked. They soon realized that Lin Huang was much more powerful than he appeared to be.

"Human genius… Three of you gold flame-level, kill him!" The immortal-level rank-5 leader looked at Lin Huang furiously before turning around to look at the bearded man to give its second instruction.

"All holy fire-level attack, kill all of the mice that are hiding in the monster crowd!"

The hundred of transcendent-level monsters spread out as they heard the instruction and dashed towards where the transcendent-level human was. As Ai De wanted to get to Lin Huang as he noticed that the three gold flame-level was dashing to Lin Huang, he had to stop as a couple of gold flame-level monsters were dashing towards him.

"Don't force yourself if you can't fight them!" He did not forget to remind Lin Huang.

As he shouted, he was blocked by four gold flame-level monsters while Lin Huang was surrounded by three gold flame-level monsters. The three monsters that surrounded him was the Triheaded Hound, Ox Fiend, and Witch, the same one before Wicked Witch leveled-up. However, Lin Huang soon realized besides the Witch, the other two monsters were peculiar. The Triheaded Hound and Ox Fiend were different from the ones that he saw on the monster encyclopedia. They seemed like they did not have complete self-conscious. They reminded the monsters that he encountered on Enigma Island where they were only left with killing instinct.

Without waiting for him to complete his thought process, the Triheaded Hound and Ox Fiend attacked at the same time while Witch tried to stop Lin Huang with shadow. Lin Huang moved and disappeared from where he was. The Witch's shadow lost its target while the Triheaded Hound and Ox Fiend dashed into nothing.

As Witch was looking around looking for Lin Huang, a voice came from behind.

"You guys are… too slow." Before he was done speaking, Witch noticed that her upper body slide to the ground.

As Witch was killed, the Triheaded Hound and Ox Fiend seemed to lose control and went into frantic.

"That's what I thought…" Seeing the two monsters' condition, Lin Huang was sure of where the monsters came from - The Scarborough Workshop. When he was on Enigma Island, He encountered many monsters that lost their self-conscious like this where all they could do was killing monsters blindly. The two monsters seemed to be controlled by Witch, that was why as Witch was dead, the two of them revealed their true color.

"So Scarborough Workshop is the one working together with the Purple Crow?" Lin Huang finally got a clue of what was behind this. As he recalled the prediction of 'theuglytruth', he was almost sure that the two underground organizations that the user meant were Purple Crow and Scarborough Workshop. However, he was not sure what the Scarborough Workshop was called now.

As Lin Huang was deep in his thought, the Triheaded Hound and Ox Fiend attacked him at the same time. The Triheaded Hound opened its mouth while the Ox Fiend swung the giant ax in its hand. The two of them attacked him on both sides. Lin Huang's sword transformed into a white glow and he swung twice towards the monsters. The both of them stopped moving, four gigantic heads shot out before they could even make a sound. Red blood shot out as far as tens of meters away like a fountain from the monsters' necks. Lin Huang appeared tens of meters away to avoid getting splashed by the blood, there was no blood on his body at all…


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