Monster Paradise
537 Border Pos
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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537 Border Pos

As Lin Huang released his Life Power to double his acceleration, the light white glow he emitted made him look like a meteor in the night sky. It would not be visible if he were flying during the day. However, he looked like he had a white tail behind him as he flew at night. What he was doing which seemed like he was showing off, making many iron to gold-level hunters on the ground envious.

"Wow, I'm so envious of that Transcendent-level who can fly!" A young man in his 20's in the team made of gold-level hunters looked enviously at Lin Huang who soon disappeared in the night sky.

"What is there to be envious about? With your talents, you'll reach Transcendent-level, the latest by next year!" A middle-aged man riding on a monster's back comforted him.

"We're old now, so we don't expect to break through anymore, but you guys are so young. Your future is endless."

"Uncle Li, what level do you think the person who flew across was? He's so fast!" The young man smiled at the middle-aged man's compliment and asked the leader who was well-experienced.

"Looking at his flying speed, perhaps he's at least an immortal-level," the middle-aged man sighed as he looked at the direction where Lin Huang had disappeared to.

"Immortal-level…" The other members of the team were impressed.

The middle-aged man, who was called Uncle Li, had made the wrong assumption about Lin Huang's combat level. However, judging from his flying speed, his double acceleration had surpassed the holy fire-level standard and was even faster than many immortal-levels. Although Uncle Li had been around for a long time, it was normal for him to come up with such a wrong judgment. Of course, Lin Huang would not know about that, and even if he did, he would not bother to explain.

White Capital was huge. It was 1.5 million square kilometers wide. If it were placed on Earth, it was large enough to be the second largest country on the planet. The White Capital looked like inverted stairs with a wide upper region and a narrower lower part on the map. However, the four borders were of an organic shape. The biggest part in the north was more than 5,000 kilometers while the distance from the north to the south was more than 4,000 kilometers.

The Martial Hunter College that Lin Huang was at was located at the center of the White Capital. It was more than 2,000 kilometers from the southern border. With his flying speed, it only took him less than half an hour to get to the southern border. He looked around for the border post. The southern border in the White Capital was more than 3,000 kilometers long whereby nearly a third was flat land. If the defenses were not activated, many monsters could step into the White Capital easily. That was the reason where there were many posts at the border for the Union Government's guards.

Some ordinary people would ask why would the hunters from the Hunter Association or the adventurers from the Adventurer Paradise were sent there whenever there was a crisis in the foothold instead of the army from the Union Government. The reason was simple — most of the army was placed at the borders of the safety zones while the remaining ones were placed at the borders of the A and B-grade footholds. The guards at the borders protected the human homes when most of the people were unaware.

Lin Huang was looking for a post as most of the Union organizations volunteers would usually choose to gather near the post to fight the monster horde together with the border guards. Although it was 3 a.m. and the sky was still dark, Lin Huang's powerful vision managed to pinpoint a post that was not far away. He headed there immediately to gather with the rest.

A moment later, he landed next to the post. There was already a small bunch of 20 people gathered. Besides them, many others were scattered around other posts. Those who managed to arrive at the border before Lin Huang did not have as fast a flying speed as he did. Instead, they had the location pinned before, and some of them lived nearer than Lin Huang did. He was always a lone wolf who preferred to go solo as he did not want others to see most of his abilities.

However, as a destruction-grade monster horde was arriving, Lin Huang did not think that fighting on his own was a wise thing to do as he had witnessed how terrifying it could be. Moreover, besides the monster horde being 'destruction-grade', he had no idea what exactly was happening as he did not gather more information from the rest.

Many of them peered at him as he landed from above. Most people did not bother than he was a white flame-level, but he looked way too young to be this powerful. After all, most of the people who managed to get to Transcendent-level usually came from royal families. Lin Huang was only 16 years old and he looked like he was, at the most, 17. However, this bunch of people thought he simply had youthful looks and that he should be at least 19 or 20.

Lin Huang glanced at the people. They were all holy fire-level, and none were on immortal-level. He ignored the way they were studying him and walked straight into the post. Many of them were giggling as he entered the post. There were a man and lady as well as a couple of staff chatting in the post hall. Lin Huang frowned as he saw the duo as he could sense that they were immortal-level. Under normal circumstances, white flame-levels could only determine blue flame or purple flame-levels. However, Lin Huang had killed many immortal-level monsters, so it was not difficult to sense the combat level of the duo.

The duo peeked at him as Lin Huang walked in, but they did not bother about him. It was a border soldier who walked to him.

"Our directors are speaking to the two masters. You can come back later."

"I just want to know what's the situation right now. Just get someone who is aware of it to talk to me." Lin Huang did not plan to leave, so he gazed calmly at the soldier.

Most of the border soldiers' combat level was on gold-level. Even the directors were mostly complete gold-level; there were hardly any holy fire-levels. Those who managed to get to holy fire-level would usually achieve gold flame-level as long as they were given enough time. None of them would waste their time there. The soldier soon noticed that Lin Huang's aura was undetectable and he suspected that he could be a Transcendent-level. Looking at his age, the soldier starting guessing his identity as he thought that Lin Huang might have Holy Power on him. He did not dare to delay him anymore.

"If that's the case, Sir, please follow me to the guest room…"


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