Monster Paradise
536 Destruction-Grade Monster Horde!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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536 Destruction-Grade Monster Horde!

It was 2:30 a.m. The buzzing of his Emperor's Heart Ring woke Lin Huang up from his sleep.

"It's 2:30 a.m. now. What could be up?" Lin Huang frowned after checking the time. Nobody would be happy to be woken up in the middle of the night. He frowned even deeper as he looked at the notice. It was a… mandate.

A mandate was a request for help sent by the Union Government to all the Union organizations' members, recruiting for help in battle when a foothold was in a crisis or came under attack of a large-scale monster horde. Most of the members who received the mandate were either in the foothold of the crisis or somewhere near.

The content of mandate was simple.

"A large-scale monster horde is approaching the White Capital at an alarming rate. Looking at the situation, the monsters are all at the destruction-grade! All members of the Union organizations that are above iron-level, please head to the south border of the White Capital as soon as possible and prepare to fight!"

The simple message was disseminated thrice.

"A destruction-grade monster horde!" Lin Huang's eyes narrowed when he read that. He had experienced how disastrous such a grade of monsters could be. What was scary about the monster horde was not the powerful monsters, but the overwhelming amount of monsters that did not seem to stop barraging, which was suffocating.

The monsters were graded from low to high from the violent-grade, the nightmare-grade, the disaster-grade… and the destruction-grade was the highest rank. For the violent-grade monster horde, most of the monsters were just on iron-level and bronze-level while some of them were on silver-level, but there were hardly any gold-level and Transcendent-level monsters.

For the nightmare-level monster horde, most of the monsters would be on silver-level and gold-level monsters in the beginning, and there would be some holy fire-level monsters as well. The disaster-grade monster horde would have more gold-level monsters with at least five Transcendent-level monsters as well as immortal-level monsters.

As for the highest grade, which was the destruction-grade monster horde, aside from a massive amount of iron-level to gold-level monsters, there would be at least hundreds of holy fire-level monsters and even more the ten immortal-level monsters. Sometimes, there would even be imperial-level monsters. Such a spine-chilling monster horde could easily destroy all of the A-grade human footholds. Of course, to an A-grade foothold such as the White Capital, such a monster horde was threatening, to say the very least.

"There are 23 B-grade footholds around the White Capital. Any monster hordes that are approaching the White Capital will pass by the other B-grade footholds. If it has already happened in the B-grade foothold, it's impossible for them not to inform the Union Government who'll definitely notify us. Since there's no news about a monster horde in B-grade foothold, the monster horde must have occurred between the White Capital and near the B-grade foothold. Perhaps there's a Virtual Eye opening?!" The first possibility Lin Huang thought was that, but soon he thought of the prediction 'theuglytruth' had made online.

"Could this be an attack by the Purple Crow and the other underground organization?"

As he thought of that possibility, his mind could not get over it any longer. It was not important how the Purple Crow and the other organization drove the monster horde any longer. Lin Huang sat up from his bed and changed immediately. He headed to the south immediately after washing his face. Before he left, he looked at the dorm building. Besides Hong Zhuang's room and the other two dorms were dark, but the other dorms were lit up.

As Lin Huang headed to the south from the Martial Hunter College, he saw many houses that were also lit up. Under the streetlights, many hunters from iron- to gold-level were riding on their flying mounts, heading to the south while some of them were running on their feet. The scene stirred Lin Huang. In this world, humans were in a bad place. If they had not protected each other, they would have died since the beginning. The common people in this world were weak. Even an iron-level monster alone could kill tens of people, and the lowest grade monster horde could kill millions.

Without the protection of the Union Government and the other Union organizations, humans would be living in a much worse place. That was the reason why many would choose to join the Union as they could give everything they had to protect their families and friends from being harmed. However, not everyone in the Union organizations was selfless. Most of them joined with the heart to protect others as they were living in such a cruel world. Therefore, whenever there was a monster horde, they would join the battle without thinking twice.

They did not want to be heroes. They did that to protect their home. When they joined the Union organizations, they knew very well that if they chose to escape or hide, those who died under the feet of monsters might be their parents, wives, or kids…

Lin Huang was born on Earth during a time when there was no war. He learned all the knowledge he had slowly when he was living in this world. Li Lang, Yi Yeyu, and the other hunters who had helped him along the way contributed to his mentality as well.

If he had not known much about this world, there was a 99% chance that he would have joined the Purple Crow when he had been captured by Hong Zhuang earlier. His perspective of this world would have been so different by then. Besides the importance of the first meeting between people, the first impression of an unfamiliar environment was important too. Just like a city that exuded different feelings to different people. Some people might see the messiest part of the city, and some might be robbed so they would not want to visit the city ever again. However, some would see the beautiful side of the city as well as hot babes with long legs on the streets. That would make them want to visit the city more.

Lin Huang's perception of this world was more of the latter. Although this world was a broken one with many monsters, he had a cute sister with him as well as a bunch of good friends that he had made. His heart was peaceful.

"Since Hong Zhuang is away, she must be one of the participants of this chaos… But what's the purpose of the Purple Crow and the other underground organization for starting this monster horde?" Lin Huang did not know what had happened in the White Capital underworld, so it made sense that he was clueless about the objective of this monster horde.


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