Monster Paradise
528 Kylie’s Mini World
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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528 Kylie’s Mini World

"Why does the exposure of the two Saint elders coincide with the Purple Crow's operation?" Lin Huang fell into deep thought after hearing what Qin Tianxing said.

"Hong Zhuang isn't here today. The Purple Crow's operation must have something to do with the Saint! What do they want from the Saint? Or maybe they're attacking the Union Government's headquarter when it's empty…"

Lin Huang had his mind occupied with what Hong Zhuang and the Purple Crow could be up to. He was absolutely distracted when he was reading in the library. When it was around 10:30 a.m, Kylie's voice came to his mind.

"It's settled."

Her message was short and sweet. It was clear that the triple mutation and the awakening of her bloodline did not change her cold attitude.

"I'll recall the both of you if you're sure that everything has been done," Lin Huang informed before recalling them.

"Everything's done." It was Bai who replied.

Lin Huang recalled the two Monster Cards after hearing Bai's reply. He finally managed to distract himself from the mystery of the Purple Crow. However, he felt an invisible pressure from the Purple Crow's operation. It also triggered him to want to be more powerful. He was irritated by the thought that he might be killed anytime. However, since he had just leveled up to white flame-level, his Life Fire was still unstable. He could not level up his combat level within a month. He would have to look for alternatives to upgrade his abilities. He then looked at his Monster Skills slots. There were still eight empty slots out of twenty slots.

"Besides Lancelot and Thunder, all of the cards have been leveled up to legendary-level. Besides Dark Shield, the remaining Monster Skills in my body have been transformed. I'm only left with the Mighty Ape, the Frost Flame Ape and the two Dark Crescent Snakes whose skills have yet to be extracted… Let's see if there's anything that's useful."

Lin Huang then placed the four cards in front of him and went through the skills one by one.

"The Mighty Ape's Superhuman Strength and Warrior Body are pretty cool. They can increase my body strength tremendously. The Frost Flame Ape's Frost Flame isn't bad, but it's not very useful for me. Its Frost Armor is redundant to me as well since I already have Absolute Defence and Dark Shield… The Dark Crescent Snake's Crescent Flame isn't too shabby either, but it doesn't suit my style…"

He was only satisfied with the Mighty Ape's skills after looking at the four monsters thoroughly. It would be great if he could possess more Monster Skills. However, as he only had a limit of eight savant slots for Monster Skills, he had to get rid of whatever was not useful to him. It was better to declutter instead of keeping stuff that one did not need even if it was free.

Besides the Mighty Ape, Lin Huang recalled the other three Monster Cards and summoned Kylie. To avoid attention from the skill extraction, he got Kylie to bring him into the isolation space where the Starlight Beasts were. He detected a major change as soon as he entered the space with Kylie. There were endless meadows before, but now there were meadows, forests, mountains, and rivers… It had changed completely.

Lin Huang was stunned at the change and only snapped out of it after a while.

"Did you do all these?" Lin Huang asked Kylie.

"It's my mini world now. I can change it however I want it." Kylie nodded.

Lin Huang had read about the concept of mini-worlds in novels before, but it was his first time witnessing one. After Kylie's revamp on the place, the mini world looked the same as the real world except that it had no creatures.

"Wait… What's that?" Just when Lin Huang was thinking that there should be no other creature than Starlight Beasts here, he saw a giant beast which seemed to be running away from a predator.

"A Black Tusk Elephant. Bai and I brought it in here. Our army needs food." Kylie's reply was simple.

"I'll need to hunt for more food for them after this batch of food is finished," she said after a pause.

Lin Huang realized that he had overlooked the point that Kylie's army consisted of normal monsters that were not in card forms. Unlike Kylie, they needed food to survive.

"Sure, just let me know ahead. I'll bring you wherever you need to go," Lin Huang replied.

"Although the Black Tusk Elephant is huge, you have more than 300 monsters in your army. That should last them for only a couple of days."

"Bai and I brought back all seven holy fire-level monsters from the Meteorite Desert. That should be enough to feed them for half a month," Kylie replied without any expression.

Lin Huang was surprised to hear that she and Bai had captured all the Transcendent-level monsters in the Meteorite Desert. In such a huge desert, it had been downgraded from a moderate danger zone to a grade-4 wild zone just because Kylie's army needed food. He was not sure if he should laugh at that.

"The most powerful holy fire-level monsters that you and Bai captured should be at least purple flame-level… What's the combat level of the Starlight Beasts after they evolved? Can they kill purple flame-level monsters?"

"They're the same as me. They're all gold flame-level. Their combat level will grow together with mine. They're kind of like… clones," Kylie replied shockingly.

Just as Kylie said this, a couple of monsters in silver armor flew across the sky and caught up with the Black Tusk Elephant in an instant. The monsters looked exactly like Kylie before she had completed her triple mutation. The only difference was their size. Suddenly, one of them flung its purple spear into the air. The spear was transformed into a purple lightning rod and pierced through the 50-meter thick Black Tusk Elephant's skull. It died on the spot, brain juice and blood spilling all over the place.

After the Nephilic Judges killed the elephant, they soon noticed Kylie and Lin Huang, then ran over to them immediately.

"Master." They bowed their heads, standing ten meters before Kylie.

"Don't bother us. Go do your own stuff." Kylie waved her hand, behaving very much like a queen.

"Yes!" The Nephilic Judges left with the Black Tusk Elephant immediately.

Lin Huang could sense how powerful the Nephilic Judges were when they had gotten closer earlier. It was a powerful army. A single Nephilic Judge alone might be able to kill an immortal-level rank-1. His passion surged as he thought about Kylie's army that was made of more than 300 monsters. He was one step closer to his dream of building a monster army!

He then recalled his intention of getting Kylie to bring him into this mini world.

"Xiao Hei, extract the skill now!" Lin Huang instructed Xiao Hei as he looked at the Mighty Ape Monster Card that he held in his hand.

"Performing skill extraction… Randomly picking a skill… Skill extraction has been completed!"

"Congratulations, you have obtained the skill - Warrior Body!"


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