Monster Paradise
519 200 Card Rewards!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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519 200 Card Rewards!

The 3,600 cards floated in the air and surrounded Lin Huang like a gigantic circle. They looked exactly the same. The cards were all black with a flaming golden question mark in the middle. Lin Huang knew that what he would get depended on his looks. There was no skill to this, and there was no way to cheat around this. He could only pick the cards by his instinct. He took a deep breath and looked at each of them. Soon, he intuitively pointed at the cards.

"This one, this one, this one…"

All of the cards that he picked seemed to be lit up on fire. As the black faded away, the cards became flaming golden cards that stood out among the rest. He finally picked 200 cards half an hour later. The remaining 3,400 cards that were not chosen disintegrated into pieces and disappeared. The 200 cards that he had picked were arranged into ten rows of 20 cards each. The flames on the cards faded away, revealing what they were.

"Congratulations, the 200 new cards that you have obtained are as below:"

"Epiphany Card x1."

"Skill Card x1."

"Flawless Card x2."

"Seal Card x2."

"Theft Card x2."

"Plunder Card x3."

"Challenge Card x3."

"Transportation Card x3."

"Misfortune Card x3"

"Duplication Card x3."

"Cloning Card x4."

"Disguise Card x4."

"Reborn Card x5."

"Treasure Card x5."

"Trap Card x6."

"Mission Card x7."

"Crippling Card x8."

"Healing Card x11."

"Item Card x17."

"Advanced Card x25."

"Time Cabin x1"

"Medium Destruction Card x3."

"Skill Combination Card x4"

"Provisional Summoning Card x5"

"Provisional Transformation Card x8."

"Skill Extraction Card x11."

"Double Reward Card x12."

"Monster Upgrade Card x16."

"One-Time Skill Card x7."

"Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card x4."

"Blood Thickening Card x7."

Lin Huang was satisfied with the cards that he obtained. Besides the additional Strengthening Cards that he already had, there were new cards that he had never seen before. He started looking at them one by one.

"Theft Card. Gives you the ability to steal one skill from your target and make the skill yours. Escape Card. Escape from any dangerous situations that you encounter upon activation. Plunder Card. Obtain three relics of a specific target within coverage. Misfortune Card. The specific target will experience three consecutive days of misfortune and the person's fortune level will be negative…"

Lin Huang was excited as many of the new cards were practical.

"Now that I have enough Advanced Cards, I can finally upgrade Tyrant and Kylie to legendary-level." Lin Huang had his eyes on the Advanced Cards. He initially had five with him. With the additional 25, he now had 30 Advanced Cards, so he did not have to worry about that for the meantime.

As he looked at all the cards, Lin Huang looked at the Monster Upgrade Card that appeared in his hand.

"Monster Upgrade Card: Once activated, a specific monster will be upgraded one rank higher permanently.

"Remark 1: Limitless cards can be used at once.

"Remark 2: Consumable. Each card can be used once. It'll disappear once activated."

"Xiao Hei, it says that limitless cards can be used at once. Does that mean if I have enough cards, I can upgrade my Monster Card from imperial-level to demi-level?"

"Of course not. Limitless means there's no limit to how many Monster Upgrade Cards that you use on one Monster Card, but it'll still be restricted by your combat level."

"You're white flame-level now, so the most your Monster Cards can be upgraded to will be gold flame-level. You can't use the Monster Upgrade Card on them anymore."

"If that's so, why is blue flame-level the highest that I can upgrade Bai and Charcoal?" Lin Huang asked a question that had been bothering him.

"That's the side effect of synchronized leveling up. When you were silver-level, your restriction was gold-level rank-3. When you reached complete gold-level, your restriction should have increased from gold-level to white flame-level, but since you had yet to unseal your Monster Cards, your Monster Cards stayed at complete gold-level, which made the synchronized level up to fail.

"Usually, when you're gold-level rank-1, your Monster Cards will be at white flame-level. When you're gold-level rank-2, your Monster Cards will be at crimson flame-level. When you're gold-level rank-3, they'll be at blue flame-level. When you're complete gold-level, they'll be at purple flame-level. However, you only started unsealing your Monster Cards when you were gold-level rank-3. That's why when you were at gold-level rank-3, your Monster Cards were only at white flame-level, which resulted in your current situation whereby you're already white flame-level, but your Monster Cards are only on blue flame-level. In reality, your Monster Cards should stay on gold flame-level now."

"Is this why the three fiends experienced synchronized leveling up as they did not require unsealing?" Lin Huang finally understood after Xiao Hei's explanation.


"However, on different levels, your Monster Cards will have different restrictions. On holy fire-level, your combat level will be white flame-level while your Monster Cards will be at gold flame-level. However, when it comes to immortal-level, if you're immortal-level rank 1, your Monster Cards' restriction will be at immortal-level rank-9. But the level up will remain at the same speed where when you're on immortal-level rank-1, the most your Monster Cards can be at is immortal-level rank-5 looking at your progress now. Under normal circumstances, you can actually upgrade your Monster Cards to immortal-level rank-9 when you have enough Monster Upgrade Cards."

"I understand now." Lin Huang nodded.

From what Xiao Hei had explained, as long as he had enough Monster Upgrade Cards, he could upgrade all of his Monster Cards to immortal-level rank-9 when he got to immortal-level. Thinking about the potential explosive ability upgrade, Lin Huang was excited. It was past noon when he put away all of his cards.

"It's Tuesday today, and I have class three days later. I shall drop by Meteorite Desert these three days to upgrade my Monster Cards to legendary-level. Before that, I'll have lunch."


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