Monster Paradise
517 Scarborough Workshop
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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517 Scarborough Workshop

As Professor Jin got everyone to search for Lin Huang on the island, Lin Huang had dove underground after transforming himself into the Spectre. As he went deeper, he found out that the middle of the island was hollow. There were many monsters of different varieties hiding underground. To his surprise, there was an entrance leading to the ground.

"So, the monsters that attacked us were released from here." Lin Huang could not figure out where the monsters had come from earlier, but he had the answer now. In the hollow island was a huge space with many different monsters. There was also some staff in white coats working there. Lin Huang initially wanted to leave immediately, yet he could not help but take some photos as he strolled around the island within the walls.

"The staff are all wearing white coats. None of them are wearing the Purple Crow uniform. Are they not from the Purple Crow?" After a brief exploration, Lin Huang started suspecting that it was not the Purple Crow's base as he could not find any of the organization's logo there. Under normal circumstance, even the laboratory staff should have the Purple Crow logo emblazoned on their white coats. However, Lin Huang could not find any sign of the logo on their clothes. They looked more like doctors in normal hospitals.

However, considering his current situation, Lin Huang did not dwell on it as he proceeded to dive deeper…

There were many floors under the base on this island. There were monsters of different types on different floors, and Lin Huang felt dizzy looking at all the monsters.

"There are really immortal-level rank-8 and even rank-9 monsters here…" The deeper the floor, the more powerful the monsters that were captured. Lin Huang's pupils dilated slightly when he saw the hundreds of immortal-level rank-8 and rank-9 monsters.

If a few imperial-level humans were to control these powerful monsters, they could destroy an A-grade foothold easily. These monsters were not probably trained by a run-of-the-mill organization.

"Is it really not the Purple Crow?" Lin Huang thought only a handful of top underground organizations could afford to do this. If it was not the Purple Crow, it had to be another top organization that was just as powerful as the Purple Crow.

Lin Huang did not stay any longer after snapping some pictures. The more he saw what was in the organization, the more he thought he should leave. As he dove into the bottom of the island, he entered the ocean as the Spectre. When he was ready to summon his dimensional relic, Lin Huang saw a light under the ocean. He hesitated and gave in to his curiosity, swimming towards the light. As he transformed into the Spectre, he did not have to worry about the water pressure or breathing difficulties. He soon dove hundreds of meters deeper where the light was getting brighter.

"This is a… base?!" As he dived 4,000 meters down, Lin Huang finally saw the source of the light. It was an underground base that was covered in a transparent defense layer that isolated it from the ocean. Looking at the bubbles, Lin Huang could tell that the island lockdown earlier had been orchestrated by the people from this base. He did not get closer as he locked eyes on the top of the base. There was a weird logo on it that looked like a table knife tilted in a circle.

"A table knife? Which organization is this?" Lin Huang could not recall any underground organization with such a logo. When he was in the Purple Crow training camp, he had learned most of the organization logos in Division 7, but he did not remember any of them having a table knife as a logo. He snapped a couple of photos but did not get any closer. Although he was in the Spectre form right now, he could not get into the base as there wasa defense layer around it. He decided to leave as soon as he could after snapping the pictures. After he was a distance away from the island, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic in the ocean and left.

In a control room under the sea, a bunch of staff was working hard. The silver-haired Professor Jin looked upset as Lin Huang was nowhere to be found on the island.

"Professor, we've looked all over the island, but we can't find him. The only possibility is that he has escaped," the middle-aged man next to him said.

"How is that possible? Isn't the island locked down? Where could he have possibly run to?!" Professor Jin could not accept the fact.

"It's not difficult for him to escape if he has a supreme escaping relic with him to break free from the lockdown," the man explained softly.

"Besides a relic, if he has earth attributes skills or penetrating skills, he can escape from underground. The island is too big. The setting of the lockdown mainly focuses on the top of the island, and excludes the underground."

"It has been more than half an hour now. No matter what he used, it's sufficient time for him to activate a dimensional relic to escape," the man speculated with a helpless expression.

"All of you are useless!" Professor Jin seemed to realize that what the man told him was the truth and became mad.

"If anything like this happens again, you guys should get ready to be fed to the monsters."

The staff in the control room had cold sweat trickling down their backs.

"You have 24 hours to find out who exactly this kid is!" Professor Kin stomped out of the control room after bellowing.

After escaping from the ocean, Lin Huang returned to the Martial Hunter College dorm. He did not have the time to catch up on the past few days as he called Mr. Fu straight away.

As he explained what happened to Mr. Fu, he sent the photos that he had snapped on the island.

"Master, which organization does this table knife logo belong to?" Lin Huang could tell from Mr. Fu's expression that he was familiar with the organization.

"What table knife?! That's a surgical knife!" Mr. Fu chortled before explaining.

"This organization is called the Scarborough Workshop, or at least that's what it was called 200 years ago. I'm not sure what it's called now. The founder of the organization is a crazy old man. He's very powerful and is one of my oldest opponents. He was beaten up by me badly. I thought he'd be dead by now, but it seems like he's still alive…"

"Do you mean Professor Jin?" Lin Huang asked.

"No, Professor Jin is his apprentice. He used to have two apprentices. I killed the first one, and Professor Jin is the second one. I'm not sure if he has any new apprentice now," Mr. Fu said like he could not care less.

"I don't care what they're doing, but they would never dare to touch you, so there's nothing to worry about. Especially Professor Jin, he'll be glad that he didn't do anything to you when he finds out who you are."

"Mr…. Mr. Fu's apprentice…" Looking at Lin Huang's details on the screen, Professor Jin became pale, and his heart was beating fast. The middle-aged man did not notice his reaction while he continued to look at the screen.

"This Lin Huang kid is working at the Martial Hunter College. Should I get someone to bring him back?"

"This is the end of it. Nobody touches this Lin Huang!" Professor Jin was even more upset after hearing the man's suggested and shouted.

"But didn't you say…" The man could not understand Professor Jin's reaction.

"I don't care what I said before. Everything before isn't important now! The most important thing is that you must remember what I'm saying now. Lin Huang has never been here, and we have never had any conflicts with him!" Professor Jin looked seriously across the room.

All of the staff nodded immediately while remembering Lin Huang's name. They could not understand how the kid could make Professor Jin so fearful.

Professor Jin headed straight to the washroom after leaving the control room. He panted as he leaned against the bathroom door after locking it. He snapped out of it after a while and washed his face. He had almost wet his pants when he saw Mr. Fu's photo with that seemingly kind face on the screen. He still remembered how scary Mr. Fu was…


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