Monster Paradise
515 The Weird Old Man
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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515 The Weird Old Man

In a huge laboratory deep in the sea under the Enigma Island, the silver-haired Professor Jin was excited as he watched the three fiends from the screen. He did not seem to be sad about losing ten inferior monsters.

"Let 50 monsters out this time. I don't believe the kid won't fight this time," Professor Jin instructed without even turning his head. His eyes were locked on Lin Huang on the screen.

"Yes!" The middle-aged man in white coat nodded and made the arrangements using his Transmission Snail. When the old man spoke again, Lin Huang sensed that he was being targeted again.

"It seems like there's more this time." Lin Huang frowned.

A few minutes later, he saw an army of monsters of different varieties raining from the sky. They released their aura and headed towards him like a vampire desiring blood. Just like the previous ten monsters, they completely ignored the existence of the three fiends. They were ugly and they looked like aliens that were not part of this world.

"These should be modified monsters since I can't differentiate their types. Their minds are in a mess. Perhaps it was caused by over-modification. All they have is their battle instinct and they just attack the target that they are assigned," Bloody said to Lin Huang.

"Is there anything that can kill them fast?" Lin Huang asked.

"I can't think of anything. As my combat level is restricted, most of my parasitic ability only works on holy fire-level. Although I can control immortal-level rank-1 monster carcasses, the effect is almost the same with the Witch's parasitic worms. Now there are too many monsters, so the only thing we can do is to kill more monsters for the parasitic worms and control the monster carcasses to join the fight. The more monster carcasses, the more advantage we have." Bloody did not have any better suggestions, but what it recommended was what Lin Huang had in mind.

"Well, I guess that's the only thing that we can do." Lin Huang accepted the fact.

The 50 monsters headed towards them in an instant. As the Witch controlled ten monster carcasses that were cast with parasitic worms, she activated the Crippling Vine towards the monsters. The Malachian Fiend dashed into the monster crowd and started punching. Almost every punch took a life. Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp changed its battle strategy. Instead of controlling like the Witch did, it joined the massacre with the Malachian Fiend. With its sharp claws added with Abyssal Fire, its speed of killing was no slower than the Malachian Fiend's.

Lin Huang took out his battle sword and killed the monsters that broke the three fiends' defenses easily. As the Witch was controlling the monster carcasses, she was releasing parasitic worms into more and more monster carcasses. The battle lasted less than two minutes. The monsters that were on Lin Huang's side soon outnumbered the number of monsters who were attacking them. They were winning effortlessly, and the 50 immortal-level rank-1 monsters were settled within four minutes.

After this round of battle, Lin Huang's ten Life Fires were burning at six meters high now. Besides the monsters that he killed and did not obtain their Life Power, the rest were fed to his Life Fire.

"Let's see if it will burn even higher after 50 meters," Lin Huang mumbled as he observed the Life Fire in his body. Rank-3 mutated tinder could burn 50 meters, but he was not sure if the tinder in his body was a rank-3 or a rank-4.

As he snapped out of his thoughts, Lin Huang looked at the monster army that was surrounding him. With the Witch's parasitic worms, they obtained 50 more guardian monsters after the battle. As the monsters that were cast with parasitic worms were dead, they could still fight even though their heads were crushed since they did not have any senses anymore. As long as the parasitic worms were alive, they would continue to fight forever without tiring. It was a great advantage. Furthermore, the monsters that the old man released had no basic intelligence, so the monsters could do nothing as they were controlled by the parasitic worms.

Even though Lin Huang had a monster army now, he frowned as he knew it would not end so easily.

"Witch, can your parasitic worms control immortal-level rank-2 monster carcasses?" Lin Huang asked Witch telepathically.

"I can't. Immortal-level rank-1 is the maximum." The Witch shook her head.

"If that's so, it's going to get tricky…" Although he expected the Witch to give such an answer, he was worried when he heard the confirmation.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking, the old man spoke again, "Young man, congratulations for passing the level-2 challenge. The game's difficulty level will proceed to increase. Let's go to level-3 now!

"In this round, we're giving you 30 immortal-level rank-2 monsters. Will you be able to pass this level? We shall see!"

"Such a weird old man…" Lin Huang mumbled but he remained focused.

He expected that the difficulty level would increase when the 50 immortal-level rank-1 monsters were released earlier.

"I've detected that the most powerful monster on this island is an immortal-level rank-8. Looking at the situation, the entire island is the old man's fun laboratory. Since there's an immortal-level rank-8 here, that means they have a monster army on the same level."

"Judging from the current situation, even if we manage to defeat the immortal-level rank-2 monster army, there will be rank-3, rank-4 and even rank-5 monsters coming to us. As long as we continue to fight, the old man will definitely send monsters that are more powerful to kill us. If that persists, we'll lose sooner or later. We must think of a way to leave as soon as possible!" Bloody said urgently to Lin Huang.

"I realized that when the monsters were sent for the second time," Lin Huang replied.

"We'll leave when my Life Fire burns at its peak later. It's meaningless to stay here. Even if this is the Purple Crow's foothold, there's nothing that I can do now with my current ability."

"How do we escape?" Bloody asked.

"I have a way." Lin Huang had a plan since the beginning.

"Before we leave, I need you to check how he's monitoring us. It would be perfect if you could deactivate his surveillance for some time. If you can't do that, maybe cover the surveillance with something."

"Sure, I'll try my best," Bloody replied.


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