Monster Paradise
514 A Little Game
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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514 A Little Game

"There's someone on the island?!"

The first thing that popped into Lin Huang's mind was the Purple Crow when Xiao Hei told him that the island had been locked down as the three fiends in his possession had been brought by the Purple Crow to the auction.

"I've checked the island these few days. There's no man-made building. The lock down must've been done by humans. The enemy is either hiding under the island or somewhere outside of the island but I'm pretty sure that we're being watched," Bloody analyzed.

Lin Huang turned on the communication page on his Emperor's Heart Ring and found out that signal and network had been cut off.

"The signal has been cut. I definitely can't use the dimensional relic anymore." Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and found out that he could not set any location.

He recalled the dimensional relic and waved to the three fiends in the sky.

"Follow me!" He ordered and flew straight up to the sky. Within seconds, he arrived thousands of meters in the sky but was soon blocked by a transparent shield and could not get any further. He held his sword in his hand and white Life Power was coming out of the sword...

Suddenly, an excited voice came out of nowhere. It echoed to every corner of the island and sounded old.

"It's useless, kid. Nobody below imperial-level can break the seal layer of the island. You can't run anywhere. Just accept your fate of being my guinea pig!"

"We're really being watched." Lin Huang frowned and but he did not stop trying. He swung his sword at the shield on top of his head with his Star Dome. An intense impact was sent through his sword and he was shot right down. He crashed into the ground like a cannon. A crater hundreds of meters wide and at least 20 to 30 meters deep was created.

The three fiends caught up to him immediately and landed next to the hole.

"Master, are you alright?" The Witch asked immediately.

"I'm alright."

Lin Huang got up from the hole slowly and coughed the sand in his mouth out. He then used his Life Power to clear the dirt on his body and flew to the surface.

"This shield should be all around the island. Since I can't break it, what he said about those below imperial-level not being able to penetrate it is true. Seems like I need to think of another way to escape." Lin Huang looked into the sky wistfully.

"Stop trying. There's no way that you can run," the old person spoke again.

"Oh yeah, I've prepared a little game exclusively for you. I hope you'll have fun."

"A little game?" Lin Huang frowned and soon, he sensed that he was being targeted by something which was heading towards him at full speed. He immediately understood what the person meant by "game". Within minutes, ten ruthless shadows streaked towards him, ignoring the three fiends.

"Ten immortal-level rank-1… Such odd aura! They're also uglier than one another." Lin Huang put his sword away and slipped his hands into his pockets while grinning to the fiends.

"I'll let you guys handle these ten."

The three fiends were excited when they heard his instruction. The Witch performed a hand seal immediately. As the ten monsters were less than ten meters away from Lin Huang, ten purple vines with thorns grew out of the ground and entangled the monsters' ankles. The vines then crawled up the monsters in an instant. The monsters' body turned a plum color like they had been poisoned.

Lin Huang knew that it was not poison though. The vine was called the Crippling Vine, and it was a type of vine enchanted with witchcraft. Once someone was entangled by the vine, the person would be weakened whereby his strength and speed would drop by 10%. The thorns on the vines were not poisonous, but it was painful and itchy. It would be a form of living death if one was to be entangled by these vines. However, if one encountered monsters with powerful defenses, the thorns would be redundant.

As the Witch attacked, the other fiends followed as well. They had great teamwork. The Inferior Imp activated its Telepathy and covered the four of them in a circle. An intense wave shot the ten monsters out of the circle and prevented them from coming closer. Meanwhile, the Malachian Fiend punched through the two monsters' abdomens that had turned plum without thinking twice. Without even looking at both the monsters, it turned around and started punching another two monsters…

Suddenly, there were black flames on two of the Inferior Imp's claws. It was mauling the other two monsters ruthlessly.

The Witch was performing well too as she grabbed two figures and tossed them into the carcasses of the dead monsters that the Malachian Fiend had killed. The two dead monsters were revived and they dashed towards a monster after passing through Lin Huang and the rest…

In less than a minute, the ten immortal-level rank-1 monsters were completely slaughtered by the three fiends. Despite being killed, all of them were controlled by the Witch's parasitic worms and they were revived. As the three fiends transferred their Life Power to him, Lin Huang could feel intense Life Power flowing into his Life Fire. His Life Fire was akin to being lit up with gasoline and burning wildly.

The immortal-level monster's Life Power was the ultimate replenishment to Lin Huang's Life Fire. Ten of his Life Fires that had been less than 30 centimeters tall was now burning at 1.5 meters. Almost every monster kill gave them a 10-centimeter growth spurt. As his Life Fire was stronger now, he could feel that his Life Power was more powerful now and his abilities had increased as well.

"The Life Power of the ten immortal-level rank-1 monsters only made my Life Fire grow more than one meter tall!" Lin Huang thought that killing one immortal-level monster would make his Life Fire grow by a meter but it was only 10% of what he expected.

"It seems like growing Life Fire isn't easy!"

As he observed his Life Fire, the old man spoke again, "Hmm, so the game isn't difficult enough. Let's go big. I want to see how long can you stand this!"


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