Monster Paradise
513 Professor Jin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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513 Professor Jin

From that single attack, Lin Huang was sure that the ape was much more powerful than he expected. Fortunately, his broken hand was healed immediately with the Demonic Regeneration skill which did not affect him much. The ape charged towards him once again. Each step it took brought it 1,000 meters closer, and it was coming right to Lin Huang.

He realized something as he watched what the ape was doing.

"So, this is it… Most apes aren't only agile but fast as well. However, this fella has an advantage in strength and defense which makes its speed and agility drop tremendously."

The ape arrived before Lin Huang after a few steps while swinging its fist towards him again. He stepped back with the help of Thunder Step, pulling a distance away from the ape. As the ape swung its fist in the air, there was a sonic boom in the air but Lin Huang was not affected at all. Seeing that he managed to avoid its attack unharmed, the ape chased after him furiously. However, it was not any faster than before.

"It seems that this is its maximum speed. That's perfect!" Lin Huang smirked.

He leaped into the air and turned around out of nowhere then stormed towards the ape. As the ape raised its fist again, Lin Huang was like a loach that avoided its attack easily. The battle sword in his hand was covered in white, glowing Life Power and he launched it at the ape as it attacked. There were white trails on the ape's golden scales but it did not manage to break its defense.

Lin Huang stepped back again before the ape managed to swing its fist at him.

"I can't break it… The defense of these scales should be above immortal-level rank-3 while the thicker metal armor on its back should have a higher defense." Lin Huang observed both sides of the ape.


Suddenly, the ape bellowed furiously into the sky. It was mad as Lin Huang attacked it continuously. Although he did not break its defense, the blows of the sword hurt. Furthermore, it was irritated as it could not hit Lin Huang since the beginning.

"This monster seems not to have any intelligence but relies only on battle instinct." Lin Huang peeked at his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"I've got 18 minutes left. It's meaningless to waste time with it like this."

Lin Huang snapped out of his thoughts and tore towards the ape with his sword.

"What's happening? Who's fighting on the island?"

The glassware in the huge laboratory under the sea of the Enigma Island was clattering against one another. A petite old man with silver hair in a white coat glared madly at the middle-aged man in the white coat.

"I'm sorry, Professor Jin. A young male human invaded the Enigma Island. He's fighting with a Tri-headed Ape," the middle-aged man explained.

"A young man?" The old man named Professor Jin seemed to be interested. "Show me!"

The middle-aged man brought Professor Jin to the surveillance room. There were many of them watching what was happening. They left immediately the moment Professor Jin appeared. He walked to the surveillance monitors where everyone surrounded as he frowned. It was a live stream of Lin Huang fighting the ape.

"He looks so young! He doesn't look like he's older than 20!" Professor Jin exclaimed when he saw Lin Huang.

"What's his combat level?" Professor Jin turned around and asked the middle-aged man next to him after watching for a while.

"He's performing white flame-level skills but I suspect he's using some relic to hide his real combat level," the middle-aged man presumed.

"Usually, it's impossible for humans to cross a level in battles. Only the legendary Supreme Genius can do that. Besides, the Tri-headed Ape is a double mutated immortal-level rank-2 monster and its strength and defense surpasses immortal-level rank-3. Even an immortal-level rank-2 human can hardly fight it."

Professor Jin proceeded to watch the fight. After Lin Huang's failed attempts to attack, he advanced to attack once more but this time, he aimed at the Tri-headed Ape's lateral sides that were the weakest. Within a minute, the Tri-headed Ape was badly injured. The dejected Tri-headed Ape fell into a frenzy whereby its body grew bigger. Besides its spike in strength and defense, even its speed had increased tremendously.

Lin Huang avoided it calmly like an agile ape that was swinging among the trees. As the Tri-headed Ape showed its flaws again and again, Lin Huang managed to pierce through the 18 eyes on three of its heads with his sword. Finally, he pierced through its heart from the side of its body. The entire process lasted less than ten minutes.

Professor Jin stared at the screen without blinking. He did not want to miss a thing.

"Lock down the island immediately!" He shouted as soon as Lin Huang killed the Tri-headed Ape.


The middle-aged man took out a Transmission Snail and instructed one of the departments, "Lock down Enigma Island!"

After carrying out the order, the middle-aged man turned around and asked, "Professor, do we kill him?"

"Are you an idiot? Of course, we're capturing him alive!" Professor Jin shouted.

"I'll arrange that immediately." The middle-aged man remained polite.

"Wait, I want to test his ability." Professor Jin raised his hand to stop him.

"Release ten inferior immortal-level rank-1 beasts from the cage and target this young man."

"Ten? Won't he be killed?" The middle-aged man was stunned.

"Get something to watch over him and don't get him killed! I want him alive!"

"Sure, I'll arrange that right away." The middle-aged man nodded and left.

"This kid could be the legendary Supreme Genius. As long as I manage to capture him and run some tests on him, I can definitely make a creature that's even more powerful!" Professor Jin looked at the screen with burning desire.

"Congratulations, you have obtained an epic-level Monster Card - Tri-headed Ape (Unknown Monster Type) x2!"

"Congratulations, you have completed a sextuple cross-ranking kill with reward card draw x30!"

"I got a complete Monster Card?" Lin Huang raised an eyebrow. The ten cross-ranking kills had gotten him 300 card draws and to his surprise, he obtained complete Monster Cards twice.

"I've told you that I need many modified monsters for research. These two Tri-headed Apes are my advanced reward for you. Unfortunately, I have bad news. The island is being locked down…"


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