Monster Paradise
510 The Arachnid Enchanter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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510 The Arachnid Enchanter

"Why do all monsters love eating human flesh?" Lin Huang mumbled to himself as it was not the first time hearing about monsters wanting to eat human flesh. However, he thought about it and figured it was the same theory about humans preferring to eat the Swine Beast. It was just a matter of preference. He turned around as he heard an explosion from his back. A white glow exploded from tens of trees away and spider webs streaked everywhere. Lin Huang frowned.

"Once the Silk Cocoon explodes, the spider web that's spread out will cover up to hundreds of meters. Each spider web is as powerful as a relic. They're sticky and will affect your movement tremendously. The more Silk Cocoon she shoots, the worse the battlefield. However, it's an advantage to her," Bloody reminded.

"Also, her spider web gets stronger every time. Once the Silk Cocoon covers the entire area, it'll be her explosive territory."

"Human, you look really delicious. I shall enjoy you," Arachnid Enchanter cooed and attacked Lin Huang again. Shots of white glow came out from the end of her abdomen. The attacks were not targeting only Lin Huang but went in every direction.

"Oh no, I missed!" The Arachnid Enchanter lamented on purpose.

Lin Huang did not avoid her attack this time.

"Thunder Sting!"

As he shouted, his body turned into a white lightning bolt while white electrical arcs surrounded his sword. He moved as fast as lightning when he swung his sword to break every Silk Cocoon. The Arachnid Enchanter was shocked to see him do that.

"Do you really think I have no idea what you're trying to do?" Lin Huang leaped into the air and rushed towards the Arachnid Enchanter.

"Hmph!" The Arachnid Enchanter scoffed and spat white mist towards him. The mist seemed harmless but it was heading towards Lin Huang at an alarming pace.

"Be careful! The poisonous mist can penetrate into most creatures' skin, causing illusion!" Bloody said.

"This would've been tricky if it happened a few days ago, but now…" Lin Huang smirked while waving his left hand. A strong wind blew, and the white mist went back to the direction it came from, covering the entire Arachnid Enchanter.

"Telekinesis!" Arachnid Enchanter exclaimed in shock. Although the mist could not deceive the Arachnid Enchanter, it covered most of her vision as she looked around cautiously. Suddenly, Lin Huang walked out of the white mist and sliced the Arachnid Enchanter's waist with his sword. Although she was hot, he did not plan to show her any mercy. The Arachnid Enchanter did not manage to avoid his attack, but she opened her cute little mouth and released a strand of silk.

The strand of silk soon expanded into a huge spider web covering him.

"A piece of cake!" Lin Huang shouted and brandished his sword at the spider web. The spider web was immediately cut open. He got out of the web and swung his sword at the Arachnid Enchanter again. There were white electrical arcs dancing on his sword, and the space that he sword swung through became a vacuum. As the Arachnid Enchanter managed to buy herself some time from casting the spider web, she lifted her two legs up and kicked Lin Huang's sword.


The white sword tip collided with the Arachnid Enchanter's two legs, creating a loud thud. The impact of the collision spread kilometers away. There was a deep crater in the area and the trees were all destroyed. Even the three fiends that had just arrived chose to avoid them at that moment and did not get any closer. The collision lasted for a moment and a shadow sprinted away. There was a huge path tens of thousands meters left on the ground from the impact.

From the attack alone, Lin Huang had really reached the immortal-level standard whereby his attack was disastrous. If he were to fight at the human foothold, he would cause a catastrophic amount of damage, which was also why the Union Government controlled the number of human immortal-levels and above in the A and B-grade footholds.

Although Lin Huang managed to fling the Arachnid Enchanter tens of thousands of meters away, he knew very well that the attack did not really harm her. The impact of his sword was contained by her two legs, and she would suffer minor skin injuries from that. The Arachnid Enchanter was no more powerful than the Black Serpent that he had killed a few minutes ago. No matter her strength, defenses, or physique, the Arachnid Enchanter was much weaker. She managed to face Lin Huang's attack as she could see what was coming.

Lin Huang leaped and appeared before the Arachnid Enchanter in an instant. The Thunder Sting had left electrical arcs all over her body, temporarily numbing her body. Without hesitating, Lin Huang held his sword high and looked at her calmly like he was killing a Swine Beast. His Life Power filled the tip of the sword, making it grow half a foot longer.

"Star Dome!"

As Lin Huang whispered that softly, he swung his sword from the top to the bottom. The air around was slightly distorted. There were even light black electric arcs whizzing around…

The Arachnid Enchanter smelled death on the sword. Although her body was numb, the death threat allowed her to spit countless spider webs at Lin Huang on instinct. However, the spider webs did not stop Lin Huang's sword. They disappeared when the white sword tip touched them. The sword swing destroyed everything that came its way! The Arachnid Enchanter's struggle was redundant, and she did not manage to slow down the sword at all.

"No!" As a miserable groan was heard, a loud bang echoed. The sword sliced the Arachnid Enchanter into half all the way into the 30-kilometer deep path. Even Lin Huang was shocked at what he had done.

"Am I really this powerful now?" Lin Huang looked at his sword in disbelief. The faded Life Power revealed his half-silver, half-black sword. There was purple blood dripping from the tip.

"Hmm, but it's still difficult for me to kill an immortal-level rank-2 on my own now…


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