Monster Paradise
508 The Black Serpen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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508 The Black Serpen

There were a total of 28 severe danger zones in Division 7. Lin Huang spent three days visiting all 23 of them and pinned the locations of ten immortal-level rank-2 monsters. It showed that aside from the information that was refreshed last year, none of the information from three years ago was accurate. The information that was as old as 20 years was so inaccurate that Lin Huang regretted paying such a high price at the black market.

"Damn it!" Although he had not exactly been cheated since the date was clearly jotted down on top of the documents, he was unhappy.

"I'll sell this piece of information to earn back the money after I finish the remaining islands and complete all the cross-ranking kills!"

The Union Government and the Hunter Association did a check on severe danger zones every three years. However, the result was not opened to the public. It was confidential, and only core members who joined them officially were privy to the information.

Ever since Lin Huang got to holy fire-level, he realized the importance of joining an organization. Resources were not crucial as he could obtain them by himself as long as he had the ability. The most important thing was the access to information. In this world, most information was controlled by organizations. Their members could obtain the information that was not publicly available easily while those who did not join any organization would have to spend their money at the black market. Furthermore, some of the information was not up for purchase.

If Lin Huang was one of the executives in the Hunter Association, he could obtain the information of the severe danger zone without spending a fortune. He had no idea about the progress between the Union and the Saints but, to Qin Tianxing who was an executive in the Hunter Association, the information was provided to him for free.

"I'll consider how to obtain that information after handling this." Lin Huang shook his head and got rid of his thoughts.

He pushed open the dimensional relic and returned to Big Devil Island again. After recalling the dimensional relic, he flew above the island and stared at his first target that was tens of kilometers away. It was a double mutated giant, the Black Serpent.

It was at least 2,000 meters long with black metallic scales that gleamed under the sunlight. It was lying next to a gigantic lake, appearing like a black mountain.

As Lin Huang stared at it, it seemed to sense somebody watching it and it gazed at Lin Huang with its four bloody eyes.

"It saw me! Such sensitive sensing abilities!" Lin Huang did not expect to reveal himself to its observation. However, he did not mind that.

"Since I'm already discovered, I'll kill it then!"

He smirked and activated a Double Reward Card while summoning his three fiends.

He then activated double acceleration and dashed towards the monster. A white cone of vapor was created in the air, and soon an explosion was heard on top of Big Devil Island. In less than a minute, Lin Huang whizzed past 50 kilometers and arrived before the Black Serpent. Sensing that Lin Huang was unfriendly, the Black Serpent attacked without thinking twice.

It opened its mouth wide while black flames spat out like dragon flames towards Lin Huang.

"That's Black Flame. It's a venomous attack with both water and fire attributes. It's corrosive, and an immortal-level person's skin will fall off or you may die," warned Bloody that was hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve.

"You need to kill it right now. If it manages to spit out too much of the venomous flames, it'll accumulate into a lake and it'll then perform its ultimate move of activating the black lake to attack. By then, countless venomous tentacles will ambush us and we will basically lose."

Lin Huang shifted and managed to avoid the flame. Since the attack failed, the flames rained onto the ground and created a deep path which resulted in a black river. Looking at the sight of the phenomenon, Lin Huang had to admit that Bloody was right.

"This thing is tricky." Lin Huang held his supreme relic in his hand and inserted Life Power into it. It released a misty white glow.

"I thought you're some powerful human, but you're just a white flame-level kid." The Black Serpent's four eyes focused on Lin Huang and it realized that he was just a white flame-level.

"Hey, don't underestimate me! You'll regret it." Lin Huang grinned.

As he said that, his three fiends appeared next to him.

"So, you're an Imperial Censor! No wonder you have the guts to challenge me!" The Black Serpent noticed the three fiends immediately.

"Three fiends, hmm, I'd be afraid if they're immortal-level, but they're only gold flame-level. They're just food to me."

The Black Serpent then spat Black Flames at the four of them. They were completely engulfed by the flame that was like a massive ocean wave.

"That's it? Humans are such weak creatures…" The Black Serpent soon stopped its flames.

As the flames faded, a black sphere floating in mid-air appeared.

"Hey, don't you have any other techniques?" The black sphere faded and revealed Lin Huang and the three fiends who were unharmed.

"I was anticipating fighting you but it's pretty boring that you only have this one mundane technique."

Lin Huang picked his ear to show how bored he was.

"Human kid, it depends if you deserve my other techniques. If you think your psychological game will make me change my attacks, I'm sorry. I won't be fooled." The Black Serpent grinned like a human.

"Do you think that's a psychological game? You're thinking too much, I just thought that you spitting saliva is a little… disgusting," Lin Huang teased.

"In the human world, what you're doing is unhygienic and you'll be fined."

"How dare you!?" The Black Serpent spat flames again. The four of them spread out and avoided the attack.

"Hey, spitting saliva at people is uncourteous. Didn't your mother teach you that?" The ground where the flame touched was corroded. All of the things around was now purplish-black.

"Go to hell!" The Black Serpent proceeded to spit flame.

"Black Serpent, I'll get mad if you do that again!" Lin Huang's aura was rising.

"Die!" The Black Serpent shouted and opened its jaws wide.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared under its mouth. A punch was launched from under its chin, smacking its gaping jaw shut with a snap. Black chains appeared out of nowhere and muzzled its mouth, containing the flames in its mouth. Almost at the same time, the remaining flames on the ground became four gigantic guns and fired at the Black Serpent's four eyes.

Lin Huang grinned and sliced the Black Serpent's heart like a lightning bolt.

The Black Serpent's furious groaning and screaming stopped immediately, blood dripping from Lin Huang's sword onto the ground…

"Congratulations, you have obtained an epic-level Monster Card - Black Serpent (Giant) x2!"

"Congratulations, you have completed a sextuple cross-ranking kill with reward card draw x30!"

"Do you really think I triggered you just to make you change your mode of attack? I just wanted to distract you so that the three of them could attack you." Lin Huang descended and looked at the Black Serpent's head that looked like a small hill...


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