Monster Paradise
504 Lin Xin’s Odd Physique
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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504 Lin Xin’s Odd Physique

On Sunday morning, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin to the mountain at the border of Wangyou Forest. As Thunder perched on top of the mountain, he summoned Bloody.

"Bloody, find me a Purple Illusion Demon. An iron-level rank-1 one would be the best. If not, find me an iron-level rank." Bloody released a massive amount of Leech Pods and started getting busy. In less than half an hour, Bloody had found Lin Huang a target.

"I've found one! There's a Purple Illusion Demon on the northern side of the central zone in the forest." Bloody extended two of its tentacles and pinned the coordinates on Lin Huang's and Lin Xin's maps that were projected from their Emperor's Heart Rings.

"Alright, I'll wait here then. If I get too close, I might affect you." Lin Huang leaped from Thunder's back.

"Thunder, leave as soon as you drop her at the destination."

Thunder nodded and brought Lin Xin away. It landed on an empty land more than ten minutes later and flew away after Lin Xin alighted.

Lin Xin, who was clad in a long-sleeve top and long pants, realized that the coordinates that Bloody had pinned were less than a kilometer from where he was standing. She took out her two GrayEagle 17's and held one in each hand, making sure that they were both loaded with armored bullets before dashing towards her target. As a kilometer was just a short distance, she arrived at the destination and saw the Purple Illusion Demon.

She was petrified although she was hidden in the bushes, looking at the monster that was spacing out in the burnt land. It was an iron-level rank-1 Purple Illusion Demon that looked the same as the iron-level rank-3 one that Lin Huang had killed a year ago. It had an odd white mask on its face and six crystal arms. Its purple dress was 20 to 30 centimeters from the ground, but its feet were nowhere to be seen.

"This monster is just a little ugly. There's nothing scary about it. You're a firearms master. Just don't let it come close to you," Lin Huang's voice came from the Emperor's Heart Ring's earphone as he was watching Lin Xin via Bloody's Leech Pod.

"If you're nervous, take a deep breath to calm yourself down."

Lin Xin did as he said. Bloody's Leech Pods were not complete sentient being, so it would not affect her obtaining her Life Seed. Armed with that knowledge, Lin Huang got Bloody to monitor her situation.

Lin Xin's heartbeat slowed down after taking a few deep breaths.

"I'm a firearms master. I can definitely kill it with a single gun fighting technique as long as I don't get close to it!" She mumbled to herself while looking at the two GrayEagle 17's in her hands.

She then stood up and opened fire using a gun fighting technique called Potshot. As the armored bullets were released, the Purple Illusion Demon was completed engulfed by the bullets.

It sounded like there was a woman groaning and screaming among the loud cracks. Still, Lin Xin did not stop firing as long as she heard screaming. Finally, she stopped as it had gone completely quiet. As soon as the smoke faded, she saw the Purple Illusion Demon had slumped onto the ground. It was completed destroyed and its mask was shattered. It was obvious that it was dead.

"It's already dead. Go to it right now before the Life Seed fades away."

Lin Xin heard Lin Huang's instruction and walked quickly towards the carcass. Just as she took a few steps forward, a white glow came out of the broken mask, shrouding her completely…

Lin Xin woke up ten minutes later.

"Wait where you are. I'll get you together with Thunder," Lin Huang commanded through the earphone as soon as he saw Lin Xin open her eyes.

Soon, Thunder dropped Lin Huang next to her. After recalling Thunder and Bloody, he took out a storage ring and gave it to her.

"There are 10,000 Life Crystals in this. They're mainly for you to refill your Life Wheel and, of course, you can spend it as your allowance."

"That's too much…" Lin Xin knew that one Life Crystal was comparable to 100 years of Life Power crystals and was equivalent to 100,000 credit points. To most gold-level people, 10,000 Life Crystals was an enormous amount of wealth.

"That's not much. In fact, it's necessary for your cultivation. The further you go, the more Life Crystals you'll need." Lin Huang did not say further while summoning his dimensional relic and he brought her back to the Martial Hunter College.

Lin Xin's mission this time was much easier than the time when Lin Huang had completed his whereby she killed the Purple Illusion Demon by opening fire at it. Ever since she leveled up, besides going to classes, she spent most of her time refilling her Life Wheel in the training room. She could now learn many beginner-level gun fighting techniques that she could not pick up earlier. She knew the biggest issue that she had was having insufficient Life Power.

Time passed by, and soon it was Wednesday. As Lin Huang was training with Bai during the evening, his Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated. It was Lin Xin who was calling.

"What's wrong, Xin Er?"

"Brother, is there anyone with you?" Lin Xin asked.

"Only Bai."

"Oh, I think there's something wrong with my body." She was hesitant when she spoke.

"Where are you? I'll look for you now!" Lin Huang frowned.

"I'm in training room No. 28."

"Wait for me. I'll be there shortly!" Lin Huang then looked at Bai. "We shall call it a day here. Something's happened to Xin Er."

Bai nodded and Lin Huang recalled him, then left for the training room. Three minutes later, he knocked on the door to training room No. 28 and Lin Xin answered the door immediately. As soon as he got in, she hurriedly bolted the door.

"Brother, do you remember that Little 7 could swallow Life Crystals directly?" Lin Xin asked.

He nodded.

"I found out that I can do that too…" Lin Xin whispered softly.

"What do you mean? Did you accidentally swallow a Life Crystal?" Lin Huang did not get what Lin Xin was trying to tell him.

"Not accidentally. Well, I did it on purpose…" Lin Xin shook her head slowly.

"So, this is what happened. I've been absorbing the Life Power in the Life Crystals these few days. I thought that's too slow as I've only filled tens of the columns in the past few days. Then, I thought of Little 7 eating Life Crystals directly, so I thought of trying that as well… As soon as the Life Crystal was in my mouth, it melted right away and flowed into my body from my throat. Then, I realized that the Life Power in my Life Wheel had increased tremendously. I tried another two Life Crystals later on, and the same thing happened…"

"Really?" Lin Huang thought it was ridiculous as he had never heard of any human who could eat Life Crystals directly to absorb Life Power. If anyone could do that, the person could definitely level up so much faster than he could. While he had to kill monsters out there, the person could just munch on Life Crystals as snacks at home!

"Is there something wrong with my body?" Lin Xin was concerned.

"Show me," Lin Huang encouraged while placing his hand on her shoulder. He inserted his Life Power all over her body.

"You can do it now."

Lin Xin took a piece of Life Crystal from her storage space and put it into her mouth. She opened her mouth so that Lin Huang could see what was happening to the Life Crystal. In less than two seconds, the Life Crystal melted into a cloud of white haze on her pink tongue and flowed into her throat. Lin Huang could feel the sudden gush of Life Power that entered her body and flowed straight into her Life Wheel. He could not understand what had just happened. The entrance of Life Power did not make sense as it did not pass through any of the routes of Life Power in her body but suddenly gushed into her Life Wheel.

Lin Huang then checked her Life Wheel and released his Life Power after confirming that everything was normal.

"Everything seems fine with your body now. Although it's an odd way to absorb Life Power, that could mean you have a unique physique. It could be a special bloodline that's been activated since you arrived at iron-level. There's nothing to worry about," Lin Huang comforted her.

"Is that so?" Lin Xin sighed in relief.

"This is between us. Don't tell anyone about this, including your roommates and good friends. If this goes out, it might catch the underground organization's attention. They might capture you to be their guinea pig," Lin Huang warned her.

"Alright, I promise I won't tell anyone!" Lin Xin nodded. The incident with the Saint got her guard up towards the underground organization.

"After the first circle of your Life Power is filled, don't break through to iron-level rank-2 just yet. I'll get you a combat level disguise relic, then you can level up after putting that on." Lin Huang did not want anyone to know about her ability to level up so swiftly.

She had many Life Crystals with her now. If she did not have to obtain Life Seed to level up each rank, she would take less than a week to get to gold-level rank-3 just by eating Life Crystals. That would be tens of times easier than how Lin Huang had leveled up.

"Relic…" Lin Xin's eyes lit up when she heard that. She knew that only Transcendants could utilize relics.

"Can I use it?" Lin Xin was concerned.

"It's a unique relic that doesn't require you to activate it. It can suppress your aura just by you putting it on," Lin Huang nodded and explained.

"Oh yeah, these three equipment rings are your presents to celebrate your breakthrough to iron-level. I've ordered them long ago but they only arrived yesterday, so I'm only giving them to you today." Lin Huang took three black rings from his storage space and gave them to her.

"What are these?" Lin Xin accepted them and looked at them with excitement.

"Two custom-made modified BlackEagle 33's and the latest Black Demon Armor. The two guns have functions of their own. One has accelerated attack speed while the other has added attack strength. You'll get used to them slowly."

"Thank you, brother! You're the best brother in the world!" Lin Xin thought it would be great to have one BlackEagle 33, but she did not expect two modified ones instead. The price of what she had obtained far surpassed her imagination.

A week passed since Lin Xin found out about her odd physique. Lin Huang had gotten her the combat level disguise relic. It was an expensive grade-5 relic that looked like a metal bangle which could disguise combat levels below immortal-level. To be safe, Lin Huang taught her a skill to hide her aura after giving her the bangle. Lin Xin, who had just got her first circle of 360 columns in her Life Wheel filled, starting consuming Life Crystals again and reached iron-level rank-3 in less than half a day…


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