Monster Paradise
503 Back to a Peaceful Life
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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503 Back to a Peaceful Life

After the attack of the Saints, the entire Division 7 was chaotic and everyone had their guards up. Meanwhile, it was surprisingly peaceful in the Martial Hunter College. The families of the 600 teachers who were killed in the incident were given a generous compensation from the college while the teacher recruitment drive was successful. There were hundreds of people that came to the recruitment drive as soon as the news was released. The classes remained but the teachers were much busier than they usually were.

Nobody in the college knew that Lin Huang had killed the two immortal-level Saint members as the secret was safe with the two Vice Presidents. Only the teachers knew that he had saved most of the students on his own. The students did not know about his admirable feat. His life in the college did not change much as he continued training in the Undefeatable Warrior and integrating his sword skills. The only additional mission he had was to teach Bai sword skills.

Meanwhile, life went on as normal for Lin Xin. She seemed not to have any idea about what had happened in the Mist Forest. As Lin Huang was clueless as well, he decided not to dwell on that matter. Besides attending classes, Lin Xin had been absorbing Life Power from Life Crystal pieces at night to trigger her gray Life Wheel columns. Before one became an adult at the age of 15, most of their Life Wheel was unstable, which was why most people chose to level up to iron-level only after they turned 15.

Now that Lin Xin was 15, Lin Huang had checked her Life Wheel and gave her a bunch of Life Crystals to trigger the gray Life Wheel columns since she could level up to iron-level now. As soon as the Life Light in her Life Wheel was full, he would get her to achieve iron-level. Considering that she wanted to be a firearms master in the future, Lin Huang had chosen the Purple Dressed Demon as her Life Seed monster to increase her speed.

As the battle drill was suspended, the students were not given any rankings. The registrar office was in a mess but they did not have the time to do such a calculation. Most of the Year 1 students were still in shock and did not have the mood to think about the ranking at all. Soon, it was Friday again, and Lin Huang was sitting in the office at 1.40 p.m. Just when he had arrived, Mu Xiaolan arrived shortly after.

"Miss Mu," Lin Huang smiled and greeted.

Mu Xiaolan was not as active as she usually was. All she did was force a smile and nod at Lin Huang. Lin Huang was stunned to see her response as Mu Xiaolan would always greet him first and was usually friendly. She was oddly cold today. However, Lin Huang did not want to think too much about it. Soon, Qin Tianxing arrived too. He decided to sit in Lin Huang's class again.

At first, he had chosen to sit in as he was worried that Lin Huang might not be able to handle the students. Later on, he found out that Lin Huang had mastered the Sword Dao and now he realized how powerful Lin Huang was. He knew very well that most of the Saint members who had been involved in the Mist Forest incident were mostly purple and even gold flame-levels but Lin Huang had killed almost 60 of them on his own. It only proved how powerful Lin Huang was. Sitting in the class was to improve his knowledge in Sword Dao. On the other hand, he wanted to get closer to Lin Huang. Since Lin Huang was always on his own, the only way to spend time with him was to sit in his class.

Lin Huang did not overthink about Qin Tianxing's intention as he had always been a friendly man since the beginning. Even if he came with an intention, it should not be a bad one. In the college, Lin Huang needed someone like him who could answer whatever questions that he had about the college. It was a win-win situation for the both of them.

"Brother Qin, I heard you're teaching a couple of classes recently. Do you still have the time to sit in my class?" Lin Huang teased.

"I have to no matter how busy I am. I would love to learn sword skills from you too," Qin Tianxing said humbly.

"Stop teasing." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. "Oh right, how's the recruitment going?" He asked.

"Many of them who came but not many passed. Looking at the progress, we'll need at least a month to get back to our normal arrangement." Qin Tianxing shook his head.

"It's almost time. I shall get to my class now." Mu Xiaolan left after that.

Lin Huang looked at the time. It was not even 1:50 p.m. As she left, Lin Huang asked Qin Tianxing softly, "What happened to Miss Mu? She seems a little off today."

"She had a crush on Sir Wang Yan who taught Year 2 Sword Dao faculty for years now. He was one of the guardians in the battle drill and he was killed by the Saint…" Qin Tianxing peeked at the direction Mu Xiaolan left and shared softly.

"I asked her to take a break for a week or two a few days ago but she declined. She always seems happy but deep inside, she's stubborn."

Lin Huang did not ask further after hearing what had really happened.

"Alright, it's almost time. Let's go."

Lin Huang taught a new speed sword skill called Wind Flow today. The students were excited to learn something new after training their Blood Killing Forms for a month.

"Same rule applies. Train properly when you guys get back. The faster you learn, the more sword skills I'll teach. Whether you learn three or four sword skills this semester depends on you. I'll be examining your progress as usual next Friday," advised Lin Huang, motivating the students.

"Isn't it a little too much to learn four sword skills in one semester?" Qin Tianxing could not help but ask Lin Huang after the students left.

"We usually teach two sword skills in a semester. After all, the students have other classes, so it's impossible to spend all of their time on Sword Dao."

"You underestimate their potential. It might be too much to learn four sword skills in a semester but learning three sword skills wouldn't be too difficult for them. They'll have too much time on hand if I only teach two and they won't practice properly. With proper pressure, they'll take it seriously ." Lin Huang spoke from experience. He used to always burn the midnight oil right before his exams when he was studying in university and he was the most efficient during that time. The pressure was there as he did not want to fail.

Hearing Lin Huang's theory, Qin Tianxing was considering if he should change his way of teaching as well.

After class, it was the weekend. Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated while he was teaching Bai sword skills when they were in the battle training ground on Saturday evening. It was Lin Xin who was calling, so he picked up immediately.

"Brother, the Life Light in my Life Wheel is full now!" Lin Xin excitedly broke the news.

"Prepare yourself tonight. It's Sunday tomorrow. I'll bring you to Wangyou Forest to hunt for your Life Seed tomorrow." Lin Huang had had that in mind since the beginning.


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