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501 Sacrifice
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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501 Sacrifice

Due to the Saint's interruption, the three-day battle drill ended after just a day later. The college gave the Year 1 students a three-day break while adjustments took place for the Year 2 and Year 3 classes. More than 600 teachers had died from the incident this time and teachers from other classes had to replace the fallen teachers. While the college was recruiting new teachers, they were also following up on the incident.

The news that the Union Government posted on the Division 7 Heart Network two days later almost broke the entire network.

"On 1 October, the underground organization — the Saints – disguised as members of the heretics and attacked 3,000 new students of Martial Hunter College, attempting to make them offerings to their God. Led by the two elders, Yu Wenbin and Wu Fa, 102 members attacked the battle drill of the college which took place in Mist Forest. The 100 Saint members including Yu Wenbin were killed with the cooperation of Martial Hunter College and Hunter Association!

"The shamelessness of the Saints have crossed the line. The President and the 12 presenters of the Division 7 Union Government have decided after many rounds of discussion.

"The Division 7 Union Government is officially at war with the Saints! All Union organizations will have to give at least a third of their support to fight this war together with the Union Governments!

"If any of the organizations are working together with the Saints, whether officially or secretly, you'll be treated as the Saint's allies and will become the target of the Union organizations!"

The Union Government even published all of the photos of Saint member bodies at the bottom of the announcement. Yu Wenbin's photo was on top. There were 101 of them, including Wu Fa's body that was retrieved from Yu Wenbin's ring. Besides the corpses of Wu Tian and a few of them that were severely damaged, each of the bodies was under the guise of the heretics, and their actual photos were published as a comparison after being verified by the forensics team.

The Union Government's harsh announcement had become a hot topic among the people. In less than half an hour after the announcement was posted, the Hunter Association, Adventurer Paradise, and other Union organizations had announced their support towards the Union Government. What the people did not expect was the heretics publishing a video clip after the announcement came out. In the video, the heretics' judge was in his black robe and terrifying white mask.

"Hi, everyone, I'm the judge of the heretics. I'm sure many of you saw my video last year. If you haven't, you can search for the video if you have the time…"

"Boss, go back to business!" A voice came from the side.

"Oh, right! The reason why we're posting the video is to mainly thank the Union Government and the other Union organizations. Thank you for only announcing the news after proper investigation to save us heretics from being blamed. We're saddened by what the Saints have done! Attacking the people is shameless. We heretics would never do anything like that!

"We have discussed the Saints disguising as our members and putting the blame on us. We're sharing the information of the Saint members that we have collected over the years with the Union Government. If necessary, we'll help the Union organizations with the mission to kill the Saints!

"Lastly, please allow me to advertise. Everyone, if you're interested to join us heretics, please call the number on the bottom right of the screen to join our assessment."

"What a hilarious organization!" Lin Huang was not sure if he should laugh or cry when he saw the video.

Besides the announcements from the Union Government and the other Union organizations, the heretics' video was also being forwarded by the netizens on the Heart Network. It became not only the main topic among the Union organizations but also a hot topic among the people.

It was the first time in the past 80 years since the Division 7 Union Government had announced war! As the announcement went out, there was a stir among the underground organizations. Many of them were waiting to watch the Saints make a fool out of themselves. Even a few of the organizations that worked with the Saints had abandoned their cooperation as they did not want anything to do with the Saints. All of them knew very well that the Union Government was serious about this.

"The Saints are going to be dead!"

"The 200 years of building of the Division 7 Saint will be doomed just like that."

"The heretics are crazy. They're helping the Union now?"

At the Division 7 Saint headquarters, the first messenger standing in the middle was a tall, skinny old man with a white beard. He was two meters tall like a bamboo stick. He looked across like a hawk at the people in his white robes printed with a silver cross.

"Elder, is there still no news about Wu Fa?" The messenger's voice echoed in the air like thunder without having to open his mouth.

"There's still no news about him… I suspect he might have been captured alive by the Hunter Association." The elder was an old man with a crooked spine.

"Elder, stop protecting that kid. I'm guessing that kid has failed his mission, leaving my grandson to die and he's escaped as he doesn't know how to face us," the Second Elder said. He was just a few years younger than the First Elder, but he looked like a young man. The First Elder had had a major injury many years ago and his Life Wheel was damaged.

"How about the other person who disappeared with Wu Fa? Did you find out who that is?" The messenger ignored what the Second Elder said and asked.

"Yes, it's Han Yi. There were only six females who joined the mission this time. She's the only one who's been excluded from the five female photos that were published by the Union Government. The rest which the bodies who couldn't be recognized were all males," the first elder replied.

"Get Granny Wu from the black market to help. She must know where Wu Fa is. He knows too much," the messenger instructed.

"But Granny Wu…" The First Elder looked troubled.

"That's your problem, all I want is the result," the messenger interrupted the elder without waiting for him to finish what he was saying.

"Sure… Then, what should we do about the Union organizations' war?" The First Elder asked.

"What should we do? Do you plan to go against the Union Government's anger?" It was the second messenger who spoke this time. Similar to the first messenger, he spoke without having to open his mouth, but his voice was husky.

"So…" The elder looked troubled.

"All the core members can leave now. First Elder, you shall stay to host the meeting," the first messenger said expressionlessly.

"This mission was your suggestion, so you should take all the responsibility. Moreover, we need someone in charge to ease the Union Government's anger. God will forgive all the sins that you've done and protect you until you're with him."

The First Elder looked upset as he knew that he was condemned to be a sacrifice. The Second Elder grinned because if the First Elder died, he would be promoted.

"I thought about it and figured you alone won't be sufficient. You should choose an elder to be with you," the third messenger said while the other two messengers nodded in agreement.

The elder was concerned.

"Then, I'm taking Second Elder with me since the mission was his idea. I thought it was doable, that's why I suggested that to the messengers," the First Elder advised while smiling.

"Gong Sunhai! You're taking personal revenge!" The Second Elder's heart skipped a beat and he shouted.

"It's your problem that you're dying. Why drag me with you!?"

The First Elder remained smiling without looking at him.

"It should be enough with the both of you. It's set," the first messenger said ignoring Lu Yuan's objection. Lu Yuan was shocked to hear the messenger's decision.

"The rest of you will prepare yourselves when you get back. We'll leave tomorrow morning. First and Second Elders, please stay to handle this. Also, contact Granny Wu as soon as possible and let me know when you get anything from her." The first messenger patted their shoulders and walked out of the hall with the rest.


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