Monster Paradise
500 I Refuse to Comment on This
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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500 I Refuse to Comment on This

Lin Huang leaped from Thunder's back and landed somewhere near the place where Lin Xin had fainted.

He observed around. Apart from the shell cases and the broken pieces of the swords, no traces of the battle could be found.

He then strode towards Lin Xin. Only the broken pieces of Lin Xin's gun were left next to her and it seemed like she was not injured.

"Xin Er, Xin Er!" Lin Huang shouted Lin Xin's name twice but still, she did not wake up. He pressed against Lin Xin's shoulder, inserting his Life Power into her body and did a thorough check up on her.

A few moments later, he could sense the remaining Life Power in Lin Xin's brain. He then immediately activated his Life Power in order to remove it from her brain.

After a short while, Lin Xin finally regained her consciousness.

"Brother!" Lin Xin was stunned when she saw Lin Huang at first glance. She then looked around. "Where's the woman?"

"Are you talking about the woman who attacked you?" Lin Huang asked, "When I arrived, she was gone."

"Ai Li and the rest…" When Lin Xin was about to ask where were Ai Li and the rest of them, she realized that Lin Huang had fixed his gaze on her right hand. She then noticed the two items that she was holding in her hand. "Whose Emperor's Heart Ring is this? Why is it here? What's the sphere for?"

Lin Huang then extended his hand and picked up the sphere, inserting his Life Power into it. He detected that four of Lin Xin's teammates were in the sphere. He then threw it to Bloody.

"It's the dark sphere that the woman used to capture you guys. Your teammates are all inside the sphere and they are safe," Lin Huang explained. He then looked at Lin Xin with a serious expression and asked, "Xin Er, can you remember anything?"

"I can only remember the sudden appearance of the woman in the leather skirt and that she killed our guardian. Ai Li and the rest were caught but I wasn't. She said that my body is unique and she wanted to perform an autopsy on me. She then pointed at my forehead and I can't remember what happened after that. You're here after I woke up." After Lin Xin finished her sentence, she then saw the broken pieces of her gun next to her. She immediately continued, "Brother, the woman has crushed the GrayEagle 17 that you gave it to me…"

"It's okay. I'll give you another one next time," Lin Huang simply promised her but he was in serious doubt.

What he could see through Bloody's monitoring scene was similar to what Lin Xin had narrated. After the woman in leather skirt pointed at Lin Xin's forehead, a white beam of light suddenly flashed on the monitoring screen and lasted for a couple of seconds before it returned normal. Soon after, only Lin Xin who had fainted could be seen on the screen and the woman had disappeared. Lin Huang had asked Bloody about that and it could only see a similar scene as well.

Lin Huang felt strange as he wondered why the woman's Dark Sphere and Emperor's Heart Ring would appear in Lin Xin's hand.

The Dark Sphere belonged to the woman in the leather skirt, and it was highly possible that the Emperor's Heart Ring belonged to her as well. Under only two conditions could the Emperor's Heart Ring be taken from its owner. It would either be because the owner had given it to another person at will or the owner had died.

Lin Huang did not think that the Saint member would give it to Lin Xin at will. Therefore, the probability of the woman being killed was extremely high. As for who had killed the woman and where her dead body was, Lin Huang had no idea.

However, he could confirm that the person who helped them out had no bad intentions towards Lin Xin.

"Xiao Hei, what do you think about this?" He had no choice but to ask Xiao Hei.

"It has nothing to do with the system. Therefore, I have no comment on this."

Lin Huang was speechless as he listened to Xiao Hei's reply.

"Could the Martial Hunter College have hired other assistants?" Lin Huang felt that the possibility for this to have happened would be quite high.

Lin Huang did not pay much attention to what the woman in the leather skirt said regarding Lin Xin not being able to be captured by her Dark Sphere because some of them with unique blood were immune to certain functions of relics.

Since the first day Lin Huang had traveled to this world, the integration of his memory was only at 98%. The percentage of his memory integration had never changed since then. He could not remember anything about what Lin Xin had experienced and what happened to her before that at all.

In fact, he could vaguely sense that it was highly possible that Lin Xin was not his biological sister. He had no evidence and it was only instinct. However, he did not ask further about it as they had been relying on each other for so many years. It made no difference whether she was his biological sister or not.

"Brother, what happened to you?" Lin Xin waved her hand in front of his eyes as she saw that Lin Huang was in a daze.

"I'm okay. Are you injured?" Lin Huang then asked as he recovered from his thoughts.

"No, I'm not. The woman wanted to catch us but she didn't hurt any of us." Lin Xin shook her head.

"That's good. The forest is under attack by the Saint members. They wanted to catch you guys back as an oblation. Many of the students haven't been rescued. Sit on Thunder's back later as it'll protect you. I'll have to save the rest of the students," Lin Huang explained.

"The Saint members? Isn't it the symbol on their neck is the symbol of the heretics?" Lin Xin asked curiously.

"The Saint members are pretending to be the heretics. I'll explain to you later." Lin Huang carried Lin Xin and leaped over a height of more than 100 meters.

Thunder fluttered its wings and carried both of them. It then headed to their next destination.

At about 7.20 a.m., Lin Huang, two of the Vice Presidents and the teachers of the Martial Hunter College gathered at the Mist Forest.

"Thank you, everyone, from the Martial Hunter College. Also, I'd like to thanks all the teachers who joined the operation. 3,000 of our new students have been rescued! Special thanks goes to Teacher Lin Huang as he managed to save more than half of the students alone. Over 100 Saint members have been killed, including the Saint elder. Although one of the elders and an official member managed to escape, we've also made a clean sweep!"

Lin Huang knew that only the Saint elder, Wu Fa, had fled. The dead body of the woman who had caught Lin Xin and the rest could not be found. Therefore, the Martial Hunter College supposed that she had run away. However, Lin Huang felt that it was not likely that she was still alive.

Lin Huang had observed 30 of them from the Martial Hunter College's backup team. All of them were either on purple or gold flame-level. He did not think that these people were capable of killing the woman in the leather skirt.

Bloody could not track Wu Fa's location as if he had gone missing from the forest. This was despite the fact that the dimension that had been locked. He had disappeared strangely from the forest where dimensional travel could not be performed. No traces were left.

Lin Huang felt strange about it. He doubted if Wu Fa had been killed or caught by the unknown who had also killed the woman in the leather skirt.

Since both of the Saint elders who were the leaders had disappeared, the Saint members were not notified to retreat and the dimension of the forest had not been unlocked. 100 of the attackers had been killed by the backup team from the Martial Hunter College in less than two hours. Lin Huang, Bai, and Ghastly were the one who had killed most of them. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Lin Huang did not release Charcoal.

After expressing his gratitude, Wang Zijun activated the Dimensional Portal and the crowd entered.

"I'm grateful that you're here." Wang Zijun walked towards Lin Huang and patted his shoulder. However, he did not look relaxed.

"How many teachers have we lost?" Lin Huang asked.

"628," Wang Zijun said helplessly, "Most of the guardians have died. Less than 50 of them are lucky not to have been attacked. More than 80 of them who provided assistance to the teachers have died."

"We can't let their sacrifice go in vain." Lin Huang looked at Wang Zijun with a serious expression.

"I have informed the Union Government and the Hunter Association about this. The Union Government will settle it in the next few days. Perhaps there'll be a large-scale cleanup operation in Division 7! They'll have to pay for what they have done!" Wang Zijun nodded.


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