Monster Paradise
497 Lin Xin Has Been Discovered
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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497 Lin Xin Has Been Discovered

His headless body and his head with a frightened expression frozen on its face fell from mid-air. Even after Yu Wenbin died, he still would never know how Lin Huang killed him.

The black sigils in Lin Huang's eyes gradually faded and soon, his pair of eyes returned to normal.

"Congratulations, you have obtained a Legendary Monster Soul -- the Darkscythe Apparition!"

A notification from Xiao Hei suddenly arrived, telling him of his unexpected gain.

The system would not usually give a cross-ranking kill reward. Some other reward would be assigned instead. Lin Huang would obtain the skills and the talent of the person killed but the probability of getting it was tiny. Therefore, he had not expected to get a reward after killing him. Obtaining the opponent's Combat Soul had come as a complete surprise to him.

As Lin Huang landed on the ground, he stabilized himself. Before he read the function of the Combat Soul, a voice from Bloody was heard.

"Master… It seems like Wu Fa has fled!"

"What?" Lin Huang immediately raised his head and looked towards the direction where Wu Fa was sprawled. He was not there anymore. Lin Huang immediately asked Bloody, "When did he run away?"

"I'm not sure. When you chopped off the head of the Saint member, Wu Fa, who was originally lying over there, had disappeared. I suspected that he has already fled, but his body was left on the ground," Bloody figured.

"That's possible…" Lin Huang frowned, nodding his head. "Please continue monitoring the forest with your Leech Pods. Immediately inform me when you discover him!"

Lin Huang felt mad at his carelessness as his enemy had managed to run away from him.

Just then, Lin Huang felt that two extremely powerful auras were approaching him quickly, Lin Huang was familiar with them as they were the Vice Presidents of the Martial Hunter College.

Without a moment's hesitation, he removed the effect of the Provisional Transformation Card which increased his combat strength and put his sword relic away. He then bent down and took Yu Wenbin's Emperor's Heart Ring, storing it in his storage space. He took the sphere as well.

A few moments later, two shadows appeared in the sky at almost the same time.

"Lin Huang, are you okay?" Wang Zijun immediately asked.

"Yes, I'm alright." Lin Huang turned back to look at both of them and nodded with a smile.

When they saw Lin Huang, the both of them quickly landed on the ground. Before they could stabilize themselves, they saw the headless body next to Lin Huang. Zhang Xuefeng saw the symbol of the heretics on the dead body's neck at first glance. His face instantly turned grave. "Heretics?!"

"He's not a heretic but a Saint member. To be accurate, the Saint members pretended to be the heretics so that they could put the blame on them," Lin Huang explained, shaking his head.

"Is there any evidence?" Zhang Xue Feng frowned and asked.

"I've purposely recorded a few videos." Lin Huang nodded his head, projecting the videos that he had recorded. He knew that if he were to reveal that he had asked Wu Tian about it and Wu Tian was the one who told him about it, it could not be considered evidence.

Therefore, he had recorded the conversation between him, Wu Fa, and Yu Wenbin.

In the first video, Lin Huang revealed that they were going to shift the blame to others. When he mentioned Wu Tian, Yu Wenbin and Wu Fa had responded strangely.

In the second video, he criticized their God for accepting both males and females, and when he mentioned about the castration, Yu Wenbin went insane.

He had intentionally provoked him as his main purpose was to record these videos as evidence.

After watching both of the videos, Zhang Xuefeng and Wang Zijun, who doubted him, eventually believed Lin Huang.

Despite both of them not admitting that they were Saint members in the video, when Lin Huang revealed that they were going to shift the blame on others, they had asked, "What did you know?", giving them away. Wu Fa's reaction after knowing Wu Tian had died and their response as Lin Huang insulted their God further proved this.

The heretics preferred to go after freedom, and they used to despise the Saint's God. They would not be triggered if Lin Huang scolded their God. Instead, they would curse their God together with him. They would not have reacted in anger as Yu Wenbin did, and it was obvious that his anger was genuine.

"Aside from the videos, let the forensics remove the disguise and you'll know the truth." Lin Huang pointed at the headless corpse.

"Where's the other man? Weren't there two of them in the video?" Wang Zijun asked.

"He fled when I was fighting the guy." Lin Huang was upset as he thought of it.

Zhang Xuefeng then took a glance at the trails left after the battle. Apparently, the damage by the fight could not have been done by someone who was only on holy fire-level.

"Is he an immortal-level? Did you kill him?" Zhang Xuefeng felt that it was unbelievable as he observed the area. He then turned back and looked at Lin Huang.

"No, the both of you killed him. It has nothing to do with me." Lin Huang looked at Zhang Xuefeng, shaking his head with a smile. "I bought you some time so that the both of you can save me and kill the Saint member."

"I know what to do. We'll keep it a secret." Wang Zijun understood what Lin Huang meant as he wanted to hide his ability from the public. Therefore, both of them had to bear the responsibility. "But… The guy has left."

"If he's still in the forest, we'll be able to find him and kill him." Lin Huang had no intention of keeping him alive. "If he has really left the forest, perhaps after today, I'll be blacklisted by the Saint."

"However, we can worry about that later. Let's hurry up to save the people." Lin Huang summoned Thunder again.

Wang Zijun and Zhang Xuefeng remained at the battleground to clean up the mess.

Lin Huang was no longer afraid of revealing his true abilities. Ever since he managed to get to holy fire-level, he was capable of protecting himself.

In the whole Division 7, apart from some of the immortal-levels with high-ranking and two of the imperial-levels, he was not afraid of anyone else.

However, he was reluctant to reveal his abilities as he wanted to save himself some trouble. Therefore, he needed help from both of the Vice Presidents. He knew that the both of them were willing to do so since it would be a good chance for them to raise their reputation by being known for killing the Saint elder.

Wu Fa's escape spelled trouble. However, it had already happened, so Lin Huang could only wait for things to happen patiently.

If Wu Fa was still in the forest, it could be positive news as things could be settled if he found him and killed him. If he had left the forest, everything would be out of Lin Huang's control. There were only two possibilities. If it was the former, Lin Huang could handle it, but if it was the latter, it was out of his control. What he could do now was just to wait for more clues patiently since feeling anxious was of no help.

He put his mind to focus on rescuing Lin Xin and the rest of the students.

"Master, I've discovered Lin Xin. She just walked out of the tent. Her team hasn't been attacked yet. However, a Saint member is approaching them. His signal detection device is not working as it's been affected by the Leech Pods. It's less likely that he'll be able to find Lin Xin in a short period of time." On Thunder's back, Bloody's voice was suddenly heard.

"Where are they?!" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"It is about 800 kilometers towards the southeast." Bloody extended its antenna and marked the position on the map projected.

"Thunder, change direction!" Lin Huang patted Thunder. It immediately switched its direction and accelerated, heading towards the location where Lin Xin's team was.


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