Monster Paradise
494 The Darkscythe Apparition
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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494 The Darkscythe Apparition

"You've killed my brother…" Wu Fa growled. He did not sound human but more like a beast.

He shot a glare at Lin Huang, his green pupils suddenly becoming vertical slits and the color turning amber. He looked like a cat.

"I can only turn you into his funeral offering!"

As Wu Fa uttered the last word, he gave off a dangerous, monster-like aura. Sharp blades with a length of more than 20 centimeters extended from all ten of his fingers. It looked like his nails had suddenly become extraordinarily long. However, Lin Huang knew that they must be some exclusively made relics.

"Hey, hey, only women fight with nails. Also, why do you keep such long nails? Aren't you afraid that you'll accidentally poke your brain when you're picking your nose?" Lin Huang felt that his performance was amazing since his insulting skills had reached level 180.

Still, Wu Fa maintained a neutral expression as if he did not care about what Lin Huang said. However, his action said it all. He maintained an offensive posture in mid-air. However, it did not look like a posture a human would assume in a fight. It looked more like a quadruped about to pounce instead.

In an instant, Wu Fa disappeared from his original position.

"Burn in hell!"

The voice was heard from behind. The next moment, silver claws attempted to rip his torso into pieces.

The sharp claws instantly pierced through Lin Huang's body. However, Wu Fa's facial expression changed abruptly. He immediately looked towards another direction.

"Are you looking for me?" Lin Huang's voice was suddenly heard, followed by a golden glow with electric arc around the blade.

Wu Fa twisted his body to dodge the attack as ten sharp blades interlaced to form a shield, barring the front of his neck.


The golden glow that was moving at high speed instantly crashed into Wu Fa's sharp blades.

A beam of dazzling golden glow could be seen, followed by the endless rumbling sound of thunder.

The next moment, a shadow dashed forward, creating a huge pit that measured a length of more than 30 kilometers on the ground.

"You managed to survive the attack. That's awesome!" Lin Huang commented to Wu Fa.

His current abilities were on par with the Regal Sword Killer that had a similar combat strength but had gone on a rampage. He could now attack opponents of a higher level.

Since he was now on gold flame-level, his abilities could compare to those who were on immortal-level rank-5. He had performed a hit with his Thunder Sting just now, but he still could not kill Wu Fa who was only an immortal-level rank-3, taking him by surprise.

However, despite Wu Fa surviving, he had probably lost his combat abilities in a short period of time after enduring that single hit.

Lin Huang shifted his gaze towards Yu Wenbin.

"It seems like it's my lucky day as I've bumped into a supreme genius…" Seeing Wu Fa defeated in one hit, Yu Wenbin calmed himself down. He knew very well that despite the fact that Wu Fa's combat strength being only on immortal-level rank-3, his abilities were actually stronger than those on immortal-level rank-4. Even though he might not be as strong as an immortal-level rank-5, he was halfway there. Lin Huang was mighty.

"I'm so adorable! Don't you feel happy to see me?" Lin Huang tilted his head slightly.

"If we weren't enemies, perhaps I'll request for a photography session." Yu Wenbin remained calm and did not fight him immediately. He had some concerns about Lin Huang's identity as an Imperial Censor. "I'm curious. Since you're an Imperial Censor, why didn't you summon your monsters?"

Lin Huang's ability alone was terrifying. If he owned one or two summoning monsters of the same combat strength, Yu Wenbin would have no chances of winning at all.

"Can't I test my sword on you?" Lin Hung retorted.

"I guess you have some other reasons… Perhaps your summoning monsters are not capable of threatening us." Yu Wenbin tried to test him while observing Lin Huang's reaction.

"I used to doubting the Saint's beliefs." Lin Huang changed the topic. "Could you please clarify it for me?"

Yu Wenbin was stunned as he never expected that Lin Huang would be interested in the Saint's creeds.

"If you're interested in joining the Saint, I can be your referrer. Since you're a supreme genius, you'll be treated kindly and generously. As long as you're sincere, you can even be the potential candidate of the son of God," Yu Wenbin immediately said as the credit would go to him if a supreme genius like Lin Huang joined the Saint.

"I'm actually only interested in one thing." Lin Huang never expected that the man would mistakenly interpret what he said. He then asked, "Why are males offered to their God? In my memory, only females are offered to God in most religions. Does their God really accept both males and females?"

Yu Wenbin's eyes were twitching as he heard that. He then explained, "Our God has no gender. As long as they are virgins, they will be considered pure oblations."

"Therefore, you admit that the Saint accepts both males and females?" Lin Huang emphasized the phrase that Yu Wenbin did not want to hear. Before Yu Wenbin refuted, Lin Huang then continued, "Tsk tsk, your God is a PAEDOPHILE…

"Do you know that if your God was human, he'd be castrated during ancient times. Not only would his reproductive organ be castrated, his brain would be dissected whereby the nervous tissues that cause lust will be removed from the cerebral cortex by force so that they'll completely lose interest in both living and non-living beings. I've heard that a minority of the organizations still practice such a castration technique. I'd suggest that your God do a…"

"You're insulting God. I'll have to kill you!" It seemed like Lin Huang had triggered him and Yu Wenbin had completely lost his rationality. The aura released from his body was growing more and more intense.

The black Life Power created a huge shadow over his head. It was a large monster taller than 100 meters. It had no legs and was floating in mid-air. It was wearing a black robe with complicated, bloody patterns vaguely appearing on it. The robe flounced mid-air without any wind.

It seemed like it was wearing a skeleton mask. Nobody could see how it looked like behind the mask. Only a pair of crystal-clear, white bones protruding like horns could be seen on its head. The horns were more than double the length of the mask.

Lin Huang looked downward and noticed that it was grabbing a big black scythe tightly in its hand.

"It is a triple mutated undying species, the Darkscythe Apparition. Its combat strength is at least immortal-level rank-5 or even higher." Bloody's voice was suddenly heard from his sleeves. "Master, you have to be careful. The monster can hide the path of its attack. The effect of the attack is somewhat similar to the Territory but its attack range is larger and it's even creepier."

"Understand!" Lin Huang sobered after listening to Bloody's introduction.=_=llllll


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