Monster Paradise
491 Play with Him
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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491 Play with Him

Soon, the result obtained from his detection relic was revealed in front of Wang Zijun.

"There's an immortal-level rank-3 and an immortal-level rank-5 in the south-eastern direction." After a moment of hesitation, Wang Zijun exited the Mist Forest. "A two versus one battle is no fun. I'll find someone to help me!"

He then turned back to summon his Dimensional Portal and advanced a step forward.

After a few moments, he took Vice President Zhang's hand and walked toward the Dimensional Portal.

"Can you keep your hands off me now?" Zhang Xuefeng looked aghast at Wang Zijun who was still holding his left hand without any facial expression.

Could you imagine both the male Vice Presidents, holding hands and entering the portal?

Yes, over hundreds of teachers in the Martial Hunter College witnessed this and only one word could describe the expression on most of their faces – dumbfounded.

Zhang Xuefeng felt that Wang Zijun's single small deed had just ruined the image that he had built over the years.

"Erm, I'm sorry. I was too excited just now… No, I mean I'm too nervous." Wang Zijun then released his hand quickly.

"Tell me, what's happening?" Zhang Xuefeng noticed that Wang Zijun had pulled him over because he could not handle it alone.

"There's an immortal-level rank-3 and an immortal-level rank-5 together," Wang Zijun explained.

"I'll fight the one on rank-3, and you'll handle the one on rank-5. I'll help you out after I've killed him." Zhang Xuefeng went straight to the point.

"Alright!" Wang Zijun immediately agreed with him since he was an immortal-level rank-5 whereas Zhang Xuefeng was only an immortal-level rank-4. Of course, he would not want him to fight an immortal-level rank-5.

Both of them entered the forest, and Wang Zijun took out his detection relic again so that he could identify their position.

Observing the projection from the detection relic, Wang Zijun frowned. "It shows that they were waiting at their original position earlier, but they are now moving quickly towards the west as if they're chasing after something…"

"Could they be chasing after teacher Lin?" Zhang Xuefeng immediately thought of Lin Huang because, among all the teachers, only Lin Huang's Viridescent Thunderhawk could manage to escape an immortal-level. If the rest of the teachers encountered the two immortal-levels, they would be killed before they could run away. Even teacher Ye Tiankong from Year 3 Class 1 was only on gold flame-level. He would be killed in a split second if he encountered both of the immortal-levels as it was impossible for him to flee.

"Let's quickly follow them!" When reminded, Wang Zijun felt that it was possible for that to happen. Thinking of Liu Ming repeatedly asking them to take good care of Lin Huang, he panicked.

"Be honest. Is he the illegitimate son of the President?" Zhang Xuefeng asked in a low voice.

"How would I know!? The President asked me to take good care of him, telling me that I'll be in trouble if something happens to him. You know the President well. I wish that he won't get me into trouble every few days," Wang Zijun explained as he knew nothing about the relationship between Lin Huang and Liu Ming. However, he too shared the same thought as Zhang Xuefeng and had even secretly compared the photos between the President and Lin Huang when he had time. Realizing that there was nothing similar in their features, he then switched his thoughts. "We have something important to do. Don't waste any more time."

Both of them then flew into the sky, heading towards the location shown on the detection relic.

A few minutes ago, at the place where Lu Feng's dead body had been found.

"No matter what, we have to explain to Lu Yuan. Let's think of a way to find the Imperial Censor. Regardless of whether we're able to kill him or not, at least we tried!" Yu Wenbin turned back to look at Wu Fa, "Is there any way that you can find him?"

"I only managed to find the dragonkin that tried to kill him. When the Imperial Censor recalls the dragonkin, only then will the detection relic point out who the master of the dragonkin is." Wu Fa shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's give it a try." Yu Wenbin nodded.

Wu Fa stood in front of Lu Feng's dead body and took out a piece of burnt skin, placing it on his palm. He started making hand seals with his other hand.

After a short while, a black strand extended from the burnt skin and stretched far away.

It was a monster skill that Lu Feng had unintentionally obtained from a spiritual monster. It was called the Death Hair which was actually a weaker version of the Death Whisper. The Death Whisper could retrieve a certain amount of information from the dead body whereas the Death Hair could only detect who the murderer was, giving the user a hint such as a strand of hair.

Only the user of the skill could see the fine lines that looked like black hair.

"Have you found it?" Seeing Wu Fa had stopped his hand seals, Yu Wenbin immediately asked.

"Yes, you may now put the dead body away."

Yu Wenbin frowned as he saw the condition of the dead body. Still, he took out a body bag, controlling Lu Feng's dead body with his mind. Soon, the dead body fell into the body bag. He then put it away in the storage space in his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"Bring along the Demonic Ape's carcass as well since nobody will be able to recognize Lu Feng's dead body," Wu Fa reminded.

Although Yu Wenbin was unwilling to do so, he still put the Demonic Ape's carcass away in the same manner.

"The dragonkin hasn't been recalled by the Imperial Censor. Perhaps, it's acting alone. If we can't find the Imperial Censor, the only way is to kill the dragonkin and pass it to Lu Yuan." Wu Fa laughed helplessly.

"Maybe that's the only way since we have a limited time here. Lu Yuan isn't going to let go of it regardless of what we do. It's important that we capture it so that it can serve as an oblation." Ever since they found out that Lu Feng had been killed, Yu Wenbin's face was a serious slate.

"Let's go!" Wu Fa did not say anything and let the strand of hair guide him. He took a leap and headed towards the west.

Yu Wenbin flew off into the sky as well, following after him.

Only the mess after the battle remained.

Lin Huang had no idea that Charcoal had become the target of the two immortal-level Saint elders and that its position had been identified.

Lin Huang quickly left the battleground with the both of them as he was afraid that they would be looking for him.

According to the information obtained by Bloody, between the two Saint elders, the weaker one was an immortal-level rank-3 whereas the stronger one had the combat strength of at least an immortal-level rank-4 or higher.

If only his opponent were on immortal-level rank-3, Lin Huang was still capable of fighting them with his cards. However, if they were stronger than that, Lin Huang had zero confidence that he could handle them. Therefore, he decided to flee with Bai and Charcoal in the first place.

The three of them escaped about 1,000 kilometers away. When they were about to reach the border of the Mist Forest, they went into three different directions in order to rescue the students.

When he had parted ways with Charcoal and Bai for less than ten minutes, a notification from Xiao Hei suddenly arrived.

"The system has detected that something is wrong with Charcoal's card as if somebody has targeted its position in a unique way."

"That must be the Saint elders!" Lin Huang frowned. "Recall Charcoal!"

"If Charcoal is recalled, most likely, they'll shift their attention to you. Are you sure you want to recall it?"

"Yes, I'm sure!" Lin Huang nodded. He knew that Charcoal would not be able to handle any of the Saint elders, regardless of who activated the trace.

"If he's looking for me, then let them come after me. The Vice Presidents must have arrived. It's not a problem for me to buy them some time. I'll just play with him."


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