Monster Paradise
490 An Irritating Interruption
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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490 An Irritating Interruption

Lin Huang recalled Thunder and appeared before Charcoal and Bai.

"Master!" Charcoal ran towards him in excitement while Bai walked towards him without saying a word.

"Are you alright?" Lin Huang looked at Charcoal's chest that seemed to be completely fine now.

"Just something minor. I've healed myself." Charcoal was proud of itself.

"Good job! I was worried that you guys might not be able to handle them." Lin Huang patted Charcoal's head while smiling.

Charcoal seemed to be enjoying itself while Bai looked aloof.

"Bai, would you like to pick up sword skills?" Lin Huang turned around and asked Bai. Bai was stunned and nodded immediately.

"I'll spend some time to teach you when we get back," Lin Huang said in all seriousness. To him, Bai's upgrade would mean that he would be more powerful himself.

"Sure!" Bai's eyes lit up when he heard what Lin Huang said. He was excited to learn human combat skills.

Lin Huang did not only plan to teach Bai sword skills. He even wanted to collect all sorts of combat skills in the human world to teach all of his triple mutated human-form monsters to increase their abilities. He believed that not many people had done that.

"Let's leave as soon as possible. You guys have created a big scene. The two Saint elders might come." Lin Huang did not want to stay any longer. He summoned Thunder again and brought both of them away.

In less than 20 minutes after Lin Huang left, two shadows arrived at the battle area, just three seconds apart from each other. They were the two Saint elders disguised as heretics. They had white masks on their faces, and their bodies were covered entirely in black robes. Although the heretics marks on their necks could not be seen, it gave people an illusion that their identity of heretics was legit.

"That shockwave should have come from here." The duo looked at the path on the ground and soon found Lu Feng's burnt body which they landed next to. The red-haired Wu Fa took off the hood and bent down to check the body.

"He was directly burnt to death. The person must hold powerful fire attributes. I heard that the Martial Hunter College's Vice President Zhang Xuefeng is one of such people."

"This is done by Dragon Flame. There's still Dragon Flame's aura in the air," Yu Wenbin said.

"It was a dragonkin that killed him."

"A Dragonkin? Do you mean the Martial Hunter College sent an Imperial Censor?" Wu Fa frowned.

"We can't exclude that possibility from our observation." Yu Wenbin nodded.

"Can you tell who this is?"

"How could I when it's all burnt?" Wu Fa smiled awkwardly.

"There's another body." Yu Wenbin moved and appeared next to the Herculean Ape's burnt carcass while Wu Fa followed.

"It looks like an ape's carcass that's also been burnt by Dragon Flame." Yu Wenbin could not tell which monster it was.

"Oh no…" Wu Fa looked concerned after examining the carcass.

"What's wrong?" Yu Wenbin looked at him.

"If I'm not wrong, that burnt body should be Lu Feng's. Among the hundred holy fire-levels that we brought this time, he was the only Imperial Censor. I remember he has a Herculean Ape, which should be this burnt carcass." Wu Fa looked upset.

"Lu Yuan's grandson?!" Yu Wenbin looked concerned too.

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure." Wu Fa shook his head.

"That's going to be difficult…" Yu Wenbin was upset.

The duo was upset as Lu Yuan was the Saint's second elder who was an immortal-level rank-9. He was only a step away from imperial-level; it was just a matter of time. Once he got to imperial-level, he would be the messenger of the Saint which was a status much higher than an elder's. Although he would not have the right to give an elder a life sentence, he still had the right to lock an elder up for hundreds of years. There had been such cases in the past.

"What should we do now?" Wu Fa, who was usually daring, was clueless now. Among the Saint members, Lu Yuan was one of the few ones that he did not dare to offend. He did not expect Lu Yuan's grandson to die on this mission.

"What else can we do? It's not like you don't know Lu Yuan's temper. Since his grandson followed us here and now he's dead, how could he not look for us? The only thing to do now is to find the culprit and bring back the culprit's body to him. Perhaps then, he might not be mad. Maybe we could get the first elder to help and the both of us will have to apologize personally." The only solution that Yu Wenbin could come up with was that. Although it could not solve the issue, it could at least lessen the conflict.

"The Imperial Censor who owns the dragonkin must be powerful as well." Wu Fa still looked concerned.

"I know Lu Feng's ability. He had an immortal-level rank-1 battle spirit, and it was double mutated. Since the dragonkin managed to kill it, its ability should be at least an immortal-level rank-2 while the Imperial Censor should be even more powerful. He might even have other summoning monsters that are on the same level or even more powerful."

Wu Fa was truly deceived by the way Lu Feng died and had come up with the wrong assumption. He had overestimated Lin Huang and his summoning monsters' abilities.

"Moreover, our only opponent now isn't just the Imperial Censor, but also the Martial Hunter College's Vice President," Wu Fa added while looking at Yu Wenbin.

"I didn't expect someone to interrupt the blame game we're playing. It's supposed to be simple." Yu Wenbin frowned.

"We'll try our best to kill him and bring back the body. If we don't manage to kill him, we'll take a photo of how he looks like and send it to Lu Yuan. We can't be sacrificing our lives for his grandson."

As the duo was discussing Lu Feng, the Marital Hunter College backup arrived in the Mist Forest. As Vice President Wang Zhijun arrived on the edge of the forest, he summoned his dimensional relic and sent all the teachers who participated in the mission in. His dimensional relic was a supreme relic with the ability to transfer a huge amount of people. It could send a thousand people, at the most, in one go while the transfer time only took a minute. The lesser the people, the shorter the time.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang's dimensional relic was a grade-4 relic that could not send people in groups. The most he could transfer was five people at once and the time gap was five minutes. The price difference between the two-dimensional relics was major. As the teachers dashed out of the dimensional relic, Wang Zijun walked into the forest as well. He floated into the sky and activated a grade-5 detection relic by inserting his Life Power.

"Let me meet the most powerful guy in this attack!" As Wang Zijun instructed, the result came in from his detection relic.


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