Monster Paradise
489 Bai, They’re Bullying Me!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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489 Bai, They’re Bullying Me!

The day was breaking, and the fog was fading away in the lush forest. The fog would thicken when the sun set, and fade away when the sun rose. The unique characteristic of the Mist Forest was like a tidal wave that happened every day. The Mist Forest had behaved like that ever since it was discovered by humans.

The fog was almost gone when it was six in the morning. Suddenly, there was a loud thud in the quiet forest. It sounded like thunder that carried hundreds of kilometers away. Trees fell, and there was a deep path of tens of thousands of meters long on the ground.


Charcoal stood up slowly from the dancing dust, all of its bones in its chest broken. Even its neck was hurt from the impact.

"Luckily, I managed to puff out my Dragon Breath or else, I might be dead by now," Charcoal panted softly. The excruciating pain that came from its broken bones made it nauseous.

However, with the Dragon Breath and the Absolute Defence that it had, the attack did not drain all of its strength. With the help of its Enhanced Regeneration, it would take two minutes, at the most, to heal itself from the injury that seemed severe.

"As expected, I can't kill you with this attack…" A voice came from the dust, a gigantic shadow becoming clear. Lu Feng brought the Herculean Ape with him from the fog.

"A triple mutated intermediate dragonkin… I can't wait to make you my battle spirit!" Lu Feng said while the Herculean Ape that was semi-transparent enlarged the staff in its hand and dashed towards Charcoal. Suddenly, a red glow flashed in the air. The staff smashed into the fallen trees like a lightning bolt, but Charcoal was nowhere to be seen.

"What?" Lu Feng opened his eyes wide and looked around. He then saw Charcoal in the air not far away, and there was a red shadow next to it.

"This aura… It's a triple mutated god's blood!" Lu Feng hyperventilated when he saw Bai. He could sense that Bai was a god's blood as he had a senior who had a triple mutated god's blood summoning monster. Although Bai's aura was much weaker due to him concealing it intentionally, Lu Feng could tell since they were close and he was born into a family of Imperial Censors.

However, he became calmer after his excitement.

"Who exactly is this to own so many rare triple mutated summoning monsters? Could it be royalty from the core zone?"

"Bai, you're finally here." Charcoal flapped its wings with excitement.

"Yes." Bai gave a slight response while checking out who he was going to fight.

"Bai, the both of them are bullying me! The battle spirit is powerful. It broke many of my bones," Charcoal complained.

Bai looked at Charcoal's chest that was slightly sunken and patted its head to comfort it. He had learned that from Lin Huang.

"Don't worry, I'll help you kill them!"

"Yes, yes!" Charcoal nodded immediately.

Bai looked at Lu Feng and the Herculean Ape threateningly. He moved his eight bloody wings on his back and disappeared from where he was.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a black robe and silver hair, Bai appeared mid-air like a god. His eight bloody wings turned into eight bloody swords and swung towards the Herculean Ape. He was so fast that all they could see were the shadows of his bloody glow like vines.

The Herculean Ape became clumsy as Bai was too fast and the angle he attacked at was odd. The bloody swords seemed to be able to bend and pervade the air at ease. Within seconds, there were a couple of wounds on the Herculean Ape. It could feel clearly that with every attack, Bai seemed to be taking a portion of its Life Power away. That was why the Herculean Ape was defending with all its life to stop Bai from attacking. Within seconds, the Herculean Ape's body dimmed, and even Lu Feng could feel that his Life Power was draining.

"Herculean King, what are you doing? Kill him now!" Lu Feng shouted in panic. He could not be bothered who the master of these summoning monsters was anymore. As soon as his Life Power finished and his battle spirit was dead, he definitely could not fight these two triple mutated monsters himself, and they would not let him go as well. The Herculean Ape felt helpless. It knew that once the host lost all Life Power and was killed, it would die as well.

Seeing that its body might break any second, it defended against Bai's attacks and performed its final secret skill. Its eyes turned a bloody red, and its body that was more than ten meters tall began to grow. Its turquoise hair was now a mysterious purple with even thicker hair. Its body stopped growing when it was 100 meters tall. The Herculean Ape seemed to lose its mind while it shouted furiously into the sky. Ignoring Bai's attacks, it slapped its massive palm towards Bai.

Bai flapped its wings and disappeared from where he was. He appeared higher in the sky while looking at the purple monster.

"Such a dumb move…" Bai could tell that the Herculean Ape had burnt its soul to perform this secret skill as the host did not have sufficient Life Power to support such a secret skill. However, usage of this secret skill would double up the consumption of the host's Life Power. As soon as Bai managed to avoid it, the Herculean Ape could not even stand for a few minutes. The Herculean Ape that transformed into such a desperate mode would completely lose its mind while attacking everything in its sight on instinct.

Bai released a pale, bloody glow from his body. There were shadows that looked exactly the same as him in the sky. He smirked as he got hundreds of its shadows to dash towards the Herculean Ape. It was the Blood Shadow Skill that only required a minimal amount of Life Power to clone shadows without any abilities to trick the enemies. The Herculean Ape that had lost its mind was the perfect target to be deceived.

As expected, the Herculean Ape began attacking the shadows that were advancing at it while ignoring Bai and Charcoal that were far away.

"Dumbass, don't attack the shadows!" Lu Fang shouted furiously towards the bottom. However, the battle spirit that had lost its mind was out of control and was draining his Life Power. In less than a minute, Lu Fang's Life Power was almost depleted while the Herculean Ape was virtually transparent and had shrunk to its standard size.

Bai glared raggedly at the exhausted Herculean Ape while a bloody sword appeared in his hand.

"Since you're a powerful opponent, I shan't kill you with humiliation." There was a red glow accumulating on Bai's bloody sword.

"This is…" Lin Huang was shocked as he just arrived.

"That's right. It's your Worldly Purification." Bloody gave a firm answer.

"Monsters that are triple mutated and above can learn what a human genius has learned, especially human-form monsters. They can learn most of a human's combat skills."

"Seems like I should spend some time to teach them human combat skills in the future." Lin Huang looked at Bai, but he was thinking about the Supreme Overlord, Kylie, Lancelot and his fiends.

"Before that, I have to wait for Tyrant and the rest to complete triple mutation."

Meanwhile, the red glow on Bai's sword had peaked like a bright sun. He flapped the eight wings on his back and appeared in front of the Herculean Ape. He swung his sword and pierced through the Herculean Ape's chest without any obstacles. The red glow spread more than tens kilometers away; even Lin Huang who was few kilometers away squinted. As the red light faded away, the Herculean Ape's body shattered into pieces.

Bai descended from the air and looked at Lu Feng whose Life Power was draining.

"Please don't kill me…" Lu Feng looked at Bai in great fear.

Bai took the Dark Sphere on his waist and chopped off his finger with the Emperor's Heart Ring. He then threw his finger to the ground after taking off the ring.

"He's yours now!" Bai walked towards Charcoal.

"Yay!" Charcoal flew to Lu Feng and spat its black Dragon Flame. The flame soon engulfed Lu Fang and as the flame faded, what was left was human ashes.

"Gah, it's burnt again. I have nothing to eat…" Charcoal shook its head sadly.


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