Monster Paradise
486 To the Rescue
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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486 To the Rescue

"The Saint's plan is so evil. How could they trick the heretics to be blamed? If that guy didn't accidentally spill the beans, I would've believed him."

Lin Huang found out what was happening after Bloody retrieved Wu Tian's memory. He had heard that the Saint and the heretics were each other's biggest enemies in the underground world as one of them worshipped God and thought that those without religion should be burnt to death while another was a freethinker who thought that those promoting religions were lunatics. As their views opposed each other, the two top underground organizations were always backstabbing each other. Their relationship had always been described as the contradiction between lunatics and psychos.

Looking at the cold body that was sliced into halves on the ground, Lin Huang knelt down and took the imprisonment relic on Wu Tian's waist. He also took Wu Tian's storage ring and kept it. The imprisonment relic was a black metal sphere that was the size of half a palm. As there were lives kept in the relic, there was no way for Lin Huang to keep it inside his storage space. He thought about it and found out how to use the relic.

There was a pattern that was similar to the dark pseudo-prison on the relic. Lin Huang inserted his Life Power and rotated it following the direction of the pattern. More than ten students were released from the relic. There were a total of 13 students whereby ten of them had been captured when they were in the tents. They had no idea what had happened while the three remaining students had heard the conversation between Wu Tian and Wang Yan, so they knew that they had been captured by the Saint.

The 13 students looked at Lin Huang in great fear.

"Don't be afraid. I'm Sir Lin Huang who is teaching Year 1 Class 2 Sword Dao faculty," Lin Huang said and projected his teacher ID. "I've killed the person who captured all of you."

Most of the students knew Lin Huang as he looked too young among the Year 1 teachers. Many students had noticed him during the school orientation, and his young age was a hot topic among the girls.

Looking at the heretics mark on the neck of the sliced body, a couple of students who did not know Lin Huang chose to believe him.

"Both of you who are hiding can come out now." Lin Huang turned around and looked at the bushes. The two young men stepped out of the bushes immediately. They were still in shock as they had witnessed how Lin Huang killed Wu Tian.

Seeing the 15 students that he had saved, Lin Huang was not relaxed as he had no idea how to handle these bunch of students.

"Now that the forest is being surrounded by the Saint, all communications, networks, and spaces have been locked. There's no way for me to send you out of this place and rescue will only get here one to two hours later. Until now, I've no idea how many of them are here, but I'm sure many students have been captured. It's not practical for me to bring all of you along, but I can't leave you guys here." Lin Huang did not know what to do,

"Sir Lin, I think you can keep us inside the imprisonment relic and bring it along with you. The relic that you're holding is called a Dark Sphere. It's a grade-2 relic and it can contain 100 people. The interior is usually dark, but there's a light mode in it as long as you activate the white pattern on the side. With the light mode activated, we can kill time by talking to each other in the relic. You won't destroy this grade-2 relic even when you're fighting," a boy in black frame glasses spoke up.

A few students looked upset as they were unwilling to go back to imprisonment.

"No matter heretics or Saint, they must've planned this for a very long time. They'll definitely use the shortest time to capture all the students and leave as soon as they can. So, I think, Sir Lin, you must rescue the rest as soon as possible," explained the boy in glasses as he seemed to notice the reluctance of the students.

"I know it's uncomfortable to be kept in the Dark Sphere but please hold on a little bit more for our safety. I suppose none of us want to be the reason for holding back the rescue process, am I right?"

"It seems like there's no other way to keep you guys. The plan that this student proposed is the simplest and safest one." Even Lin Huang did not think of that.

"Sir Lin, please put us in the sphere," a girl said.

The students, who were reluctant, agreed as there was no other way. Lin Huang then activated the sphere and put them into it one by one.

"What's your name?" Lin Huang could not help but ask the boy in glasses.

"Kong Sizhe from Class 1 Sword Dao faculty."

"You're good!" Lin Huang gave him a thumbs-up before putting him into the sphere.

Lin Huang was slightly relieved as he had completed the first rescue.

"I've cast Leech Pod on more than ten Saint members, but I have to be there myself to cast the parasite on those who are above blue flame-level. The interference of coordinates has been activated. The Saint members will soon realize that their receivers aren't working after failing to find their targets and report to the two elders. By then, they'll find out that the rescuers are here," Bloody spoke its speculation after the interference was arranged.

"It's alright, let them know." Lin Huang did not really care.

"From Wu Tian's memory, his brother, Wu Fa is an immortal-level rank-3, but he had no idea who the other elder was. However, looking at Wu Fa's attitude towards the other elder, the elder should be even more powerful," Bloody reminded.

"Higher than immortal-level rank-3. That's tricky… With my ability now, I should be able to kill an immortal-level rank-1, and I'll need to summon monsters if it's a immortal-level rank-2. I might need to transform myself to kill an immortal-level rank-3… For those higher than immortal-level rank-3…" Lin Huang frowned.

Since he leveled up to holy fire-level, his ability had increased tremendously. He could kill blue flame-levels when he was on gold-level rank-3, and it was easy for him to kill purple flame-levels when he was complete gold-level, He might be able to kill gold flame-levels as well. Now that he was on white flame-level, he figured he might be able to kill an immortal-level rank-1, but he was not confident to kill people that were above immortal-level rank-3.

"Let's not think about this now. I must rescue the students! Bloody, give me the nearest coordinates of the enemy." Lin Huang shook the thought out of his head.

"Master, it's inefficient for you to fight alone. Let's summon the fiends," Bloody reminded.

"But only you can guide the way. There's no use summoning them. Would you want them to run around in the forest and try their luck?" Lin Huang had no idea why Bloody would suggest something like that.

"Master, I could clone myself," Bloody suggested and its violet haze separated into two smaller haze clouds.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Lin Huang did not know Bloody had such an ability. He summoned the three fiends, Bai, Charcoal, and the Supreme Overlord. He did not summon Kylie and the rest as they were many purple and even gold flame-level Saint members which they were not able to fight.

The fiends were all double mutated and on gold flame-level, so they could kill all of the Saint members as long as they did not run into the two elders. Although three of his triple mutated monsters were just on blue flame-level, their abilities were comparable to the three fiends or even more powerful. Since Bai and Charcoal were unsealed, they could master their aura perfectly without revealing their god's blood and dragon's blood aura, so Lin Huang could summon them as usual.

"Charcoal, shrink yourself or else you'll grab too much attention," Lin Huang instructed Charcoal. Charcoal obeyed and shrunk like a leaking balloon where from 1000 meters tall to three meters within seconds.

"Your mission this time is to listen to Bloody's lead to kill the Saint members and take the Dark Spheres from their hands," Lin Huang said and dangled the Dark Sphere in his hand.

"It's easy to recognize the Saint members as they have disguised themselves as heretics with three crosses on the left side of their necks like this guy," Lin Huang told and pointed at the dead body that was sliced into halves on the ground.

"Listen to Bloody for the exact arrangement." He nodded to Bloody.

Bloody then cloned its body into seven entities and tied themselves on the arms of the six monsters.

"Alright, let's go!" Lin Huang shouted while Bloody led the six monsters and Lin Huang towards different directions.


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