Monster Paradise
485 Killed in One Hi
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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485 Killed in One Hi

"Found it! It's the heretics who attacked. They have the mark of heretics on their necks." Bloody had found the enemy's train within five minutes.

"Heretics? Could they be doing what they did the last time?" Lin Huang frowned. The memory of heretics attacking the Hunter Association's assessment was still fresh in his mind. It was possible for the heretics to attack again as they were irrational beings.

"This people are lunatics. The incident has finally calmed down and they're at it again less than a year later," Lin Huang said.

"I've found many Predator Flies around the Surveillance Mosquitoes' wings. The Predator Flies must've eaten the mosquitoes. The heretics must've programmed the Predator Flies to target the Surveillance Mosquitoes and get the Predator Flies to locate where the mosquitoes were to find the students' coordinates before they started capturing them," Bloody speculated.

"Can you retrieve the coordinates?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"I'm not sure but I can try. I need some time to study the Predator Fly's biological construction to learn how they send the signals," Bloody thought for a while and said.

"How long do you need?"

"At most, two to three minutes, I need to capture a Predator Fly to study it," Bloody explained.

"What else did you see? Did you see Lin Xin?" Lin Huang asked again.

"I see many students' tents, but I can't be sure that Lin Xin was in one of them. Also, some of the heretics are holy fire-level. Some of them are looking for the students, and some are capturing them…"

"Capturing? Are they killing the students?" Lin Huang asked again.

"No, they're capturing them alive. But I see some of the adults that were killed are mostly complete gold-level. They're not far away from the tents. I don't know what their identities are just yet," Bloody updated.

"They should be Martial Hunter College teachers and the guardians of the battle drill. Most of them are complete gold-level. They're not powerful enough to fight the heretics." Lin Huang frowned. Although the students were captured alive, his colleagues being killed was not good news.

As they chatted, Bloody spoke again.

"I've just cast a parasite on a Predator Fly. They're using biological electromagnetic waves to locate themselves. The heretics have the biological electromagnetic wave receiver with them. That's how they located the exact locations of the Predator Flies. The biological electromagnetic wave isn't difficult to be retrieved. I can even get my Leech Pod to interfere with their probing.

"Please do that then. It's good to buy us some time." Lin Huang knew time was of the essence since it was impossible for him to rescue everyone himself. As soon as help arrived, the students would be safe.

"I've just found out that two students escaped not far away from us. There's a heretic running after them," Bloody said suddenly.

"Where?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Eight o'clock. About three kilometers from here."

Lin Huang turned around and disappeared from where he was in a blink. Seconds later, he appeared three kilometers away. It was the secret skill that came from his Seraphic Speed; it was similar to teleportation. Just when he arrived there, he heard someone joking.

"Kids, it's useless for you to hide. I'll kill you if I find you. Why not you come out yourself and let me capture you alive?"

Lin Huang leaped and appeared where the voice was coming from as he looked at the person who was floating mid-air.

"It's really the heretics." Lin Huang frowned as he saw the marks on the person's neck.

"Another kid. Wait, something's not right… White flame-level, you're a teacher?!" Wu Tian was checking Lin Huang out.

Lin Huang could tell from the redhead's aura that he was a purple flame-level.

"Look at you! You're so young. You must be 20 years old at the most. Tsk tsk, you must be a genius to be on white flame-level at such a tender age." Wu Tian was stunned at first, but soon he started laughing.

"Let me ask you a question, young man. This will influence my decision whether to kill you or to capture you as an offering."

"Offering?" Lin Huang was skeptical when he heard that.

"Now, here's the question. Are you a virgin?" Wu Tian smirked at Lin Huang. To him, Lin Huang was just a white flame-level and it was impossible for Lin Huang to fight him since they were three ranks apart.

"You're not from the heretics?!" From what he asked, Lin Huang was sure about who he was now.

"I've encountered the heretics before. They do whatever they want without any restrictions, including God. They would never involve themselves in offerings. The only underground organization that needs virgins for offerings is…the Saint!"

"Oh no, my identity has been busted again! The guy just now knew I'm not from the heretics, but he didn't figure out who I am. It's impressive that you figured out who I am just from that." Wu Tian did not deny his identity.

"Since you know who I am, do you know what you should answer my question now? Would you choose to be killed or choose to be an offering?"

"I would like you to die!" Lin Huang raised his hand, a supreme sword relic appearing in it.

He then swung his sword from where he stood. A white sword glow appeared before Wu Tian. Before he could even do anything, he was sliced into half at his waist. He did not die immediately as he fell to the ground.

"I forgot to tell you that I have Micro Territory whereby I can attack within 300 meters from where I am." Lin Huang mocked.

"Although I've sliced you in half, I've used Life Power to cover your wound when I attacked. You should be able to live for another five minutes. Five minutes is sufficient for me to get you to spill your secrets," Lin Huang said and a cloud of violet haze extended out of his sleeve. A tiny violet stream trickled into Wu Tian's nostrils. Soon, there was a violet glow in Wu Tian's eyes.


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