Monster Paradise
484 The Saint’s Evil Plan
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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484 The Saint’s Evil Plan

As the day was breaking at 5.30 a.m, Wang Yan sat up from the hammock and leaped out. He unzipped his pants and stood under a tree to pee.

"Damn it! I dreamt of looking for a bathroom for the entire night…"

After peeing, he zipped his pants after shaking his member lightly. He then looked at the time on his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"It's already 5.30 a.m now. Since it'll take around an hour for the fog to fade away, I can still continue to sleep for a while… Eh, what happened to the network?"

Wang Yan had launched the Heart Network to see if there was any news but realized that he could not connect to the network.

"Could something have happened?" Wang Yan called the college immediately.

"Sorry, there's no signal in your area." All he got was disappointment in return. He proceeded to call a couple more numbers and got the same response, spiking his concern.

"Something's happened! All the signals and networks are locked!" Wang Yan headed towards the students that he had been secretly following.

The students were assigned to 600 teams in the battle drill with 600 guardians, one of whom was Wang Yan. The 600 guardians had been selected by drawing lots for those teaching Year 1 to Year 3 who did not have classes on Fridays. Wang Yan was teaching Year 2 Class 12 Sword Dao, and he had been on complete gold-level for a long time. Most of the guardians were on the same combat level, and a couple of them were on holy fire-level.

In this grade-1 wild zone, most of the monsters were on iron-level. Because the resources in the wild zone were limited, it would be a miracle for two or three monsters to level up to bronze-level in tens of years. However, as the Virtual Eye opened randomly, the guardians' job was to prevent such things from happening. After all, most of these students who joined the battle drill were not even iron-level. They would definitely die if they were to encounter bronze-level monsters, let alone monsters of a higher level from the Virtual Eye.

The guardians would follow hundreds of meters behind the students. While protecting them in secret, they were responsible for collecting the remaining monster carcasses. As most of the students' storage space in their Emperor's Heart Rings had limited space and would be full after only keeping a few monster carcasses, it became one of the guardians' responsibilities.

"Wake up! Right now!" Wang Yan arrived at the tents where the students were. He started pounding on the tents.

"Who is that? It's so early!" A couple of students, who were woken up, complained.

"I'm the guardian responsible for your team in this assessment. You have three minutes to wake up and pack! Get up now! I'm not kidding! Those who don't manage to pack within three minutes will be disqualified from the assessment!" Wang Yan rushed them as he knew it was an emergency.

The five of them did not care at first, but they got up immediately when they heard they were at the risk of being disqualified.

"Hehe, I've finally found you…" A voice came from behind him. Wang Yan took out his sword relic without thinking twice and turned around to see where the voice was coming from.

A red-haired young man in a white t-shirt was floating mid-air less than ten meters away from him. There were one big cross and two small, bloody red crosses on the left side of his neck.

"Heretics?!" Wang Yan had fear in his eyes. Not only did the person belong to the top underground organization, but he was also on holy fire-level.

"The signal that the Predator Flies released was too wide. I almost missed these bunch of people. I must thank you for this. If I didn't hear you earlier, I might not have been able to find you guys so easily." The young, short-haired man grinned.

"What do you want from us?" Wang Yan knew he could not fight the person, so he wanted to buy time.

"Your students are great offerings. My senior heard that your dean hasn't been around these few days, so naturally, you guys have become our target," the short-haired man said casually.

"Offerings…" Wang Yan was a professional hunter as well. He was shocked to hear the word 'offerings' as he had never heard of the heretics wanting such a thing. They were just a bunch of obnoxious people that did not believe in God.

"You're not the heretics?!"

"Oh no, I've been busted so easily…" The short-haired man laughed.

"Alright, let me introduce myself. My name is Wu Tian. I'm not from the heretics, but from Saint."

"Saint…" Wang Yan looked even more upset now. He finally understood what the offerings meant.

The offerings meant sacrificing virgins to the god by all sorts of death sentences. There were no restrictions on the gender as long as the offerings were virgins. The new students of the Martial Hunter College were around 15 or 16 years of age which was what the Saints wanted.

"Aren't you guys afraid that you'll cause an outrage? The Martial Hunter College is like a cradle training elites. Not only would our students join the Hunter Association after they graduate, but some of them would also join the Adventurer Paradise and the Union Government. Challenging us is the same as challenging the Union organization. Are you sure you can handle that?!" Wang Yan said.

"That's why we're disguised as heretics." Wu Tian laughed.

"I shall tell you this as well. All the surveillance that you guys have placed in this forest, including the Surveillance Mosquitoes, were killed by us. We have left two or three of them on purpose to 'unintentionally' capture the appearance of the heretics."

"Our elders will attack your Deputy Deans later the way the two elders of the heretics would. As for the guardians, we'll kill all of you. Nobody would know us Saints did it. After all, the heretics did something similar last year. The Union Government and the Hunter Association would not suspect us if something similar happened to the Martial Hunter College. By then, not only we could get 3,000 offerings, but we can even watch the Union killing the bunch of crazy heretics. Killing two birds with one stone, isn't this great? My brother told me all this. He's one of the elders who disguised as a heretic." Wu Tian grinned.

"Bunch of lunatics!" Wang Yan shouted. He did not expect the Saint to be this evil. They did not only want to attack the Martial Hunter College; they even want to blame the heretics.

"Oh no… I accidentally spilled our secret." Wu Tian covered his mouth and smiled.

"Since you know what you shouldn't, you must die now."

As he said that, Wu Tian disappeared from Wang Yan's sight and pierced through his left chest from his back without waiting for him to respond. Looking at the tip of the sword oozing with blood that was pierced through his chest, Wang Yan felt dizzy. Suddenly, he saw two young men come out of the tent from the corner of his eye.

"Run!" He shouted with all the strength that he had while holding the sword that was through his chest tightly. The two young men ran into the forest immediately. Wu Tian attempted to pull out the sword several times but failed. Looking at the two young men escaping, he glared deadly and kicked Wang Yan away. He then sliced opened the tents with his bloody sword and kept two boys and one girl in his imprisonment relic. Then, he flew towards the direction where the two young men had fled to.


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