Monster Paradise
481 An Urgent Message from the Registrar“s Office
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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481 An Urgent Message from the Registrar“s Office

Lin Xin's team was the one of the best. They could easily defeat monsters of a lower level. However, their performance was rather poor during the fight with the Ursa Warrior, completely revealing their poor understanding of the monster's weakness and they lacked experience in engaging in a fight.

The Ursa Warrior's limbs were not equipped with armor. The ligaments in its knee were relatively soft. It would lose its ability to move if any part of the knee was attacked. Once its ligaments were injured, they could attack the femoral artery in its inner thigh. Basically, the Ursa Warrior would not be able to survive if its main artery was cut.

Of course, its eyes and mouth were obviously a weakness as well. However, Lin Xin did not understand it as she thought that she would just need to blind the monster. In fact, she could have just struck consecutive attacks on its eyes or shoot its mouth when it let out a growl. She could even hit its nostrils or earlobes.

He shook his head, shifted his focus from Lin Xin's team to the Saber Dao faculty.

Many of the teachers kept their focus on Mu Xiao who was from Class 1 of the Saber Dao faculty.

It was apparent that Mu Xiao was ambitious. Aside from him being on bronze-level rank-1, two of his teammates were iron-level rank-2 whereas another two of his teammates were iron-level rank-3. Without a doubt, it was the most formidable team among all the Year 1 teams.

They were strong as they managed to eliminate all the monsters that they encountered.

In addition to the bronze-level saber he had, Mu Xiao's saber skills were impressive. He felt like he was slicing into a tofu even when facing an iron-level rank-3 monster.

Despite several weaknesses of the team such as being weak in task delegation, lacking real battle experience, overuse of Life Power, weak adaptability to changes, and acting rashly, they managed to defeat the monsters luckily. As long as they did not bump into a monster crowd, basically, they would be able to handle the monsters in the level-1 wild zone.

In fact, Lin Huang did not have much faith in Mu Xiao's team. If the team was sent to a level-2 wild zone, perhaps their performance would be weaker than Lin Xin's team should they encounter a bronze-level rank-1 monster. It was because the team was weak in delegating tasks and acted recklessly. They did not prepare themselves for a long-distance attack and nobody planned the battle ahead.

Lin Huang was most satisfied with Shangguan Hui's team from his class after studying the rest of the teams from other classes.

Although they had their weaknesses especially in terms of cooperation, the five of them did plan things ahead at the very least. As an actual hunter, the most important thing is that they had to think. Those who acted rashly would not be able to survive since not everyone could be the main character like Luffy was.

The Deputy Dean, Wang Zijun, had a look at the performance of the students. He then greeted the staff and left, maintaining a neutral expression on his face.

The rest of the teachers left as well after that. The battle drill would last for three days, and most of the teachers would not be monitoring the performance of the students for three whole days.

"It's about 1 p.m. Let's go for lunch," Qin Tianxing suggested to Lin Huang. He felt that it was meaningless to stay there as he saw that the rest of the teachers from the Sword Dao faculty had left.

"Alright." Basically, Lin Huang had seen whatever he wanted. He did not want to waste his time there as well.

"Brother Qin, are you going to treat us a meal?" Mu Xiaolan asked.

"Sure!" Qin Tianxing quickly promised since a meal would not cause a hunter a lot of money.

Ten minutes later, the three of them appeared at one of the partitioned rooms in the school canteen.

"Is this what you're going to treat us? You don't seem sincere," Mu Xiaolan commented without any facial expression.

"It's working hours now. We shouldn't leave the school to go out for food," Qin Tianxing said.

"Alright, you have a valid reason," Mu Xiaolan said with a pout.

"I've never tried the food in the school canteen, but now I can give it a try." Lin Huang smiled, trying to help Qin Tianxing to get over the embarrassment.

"The food sold in our school canteen taste good. Many of the people from small areas apply for a food card over here. The dishes are cheap and tasty. Plus, the portions are generous." Qin Tianxing beamed.

Mu Xiaolan did not bother to join the conversation.

"Teacher Lin, what do you think about the performance of the students?" Qin Tianxing then changed the topic.

"It's still acceptable since most of them have never engaged in a battle. They are allowed to make mistakes during the battle drill." Lin Huang felt that there was nothing to comment about.

"The performance of this batch of students is considered pretty good. Last year, the students even wet their pants when they saw a monster." Mu Xiaolan chuckled.

Lin Huang did not expect such a phenomenon to have happened.

"The overall qualifications of the students are acceptable. Not many of them retreated when they encountered the monsters." Qin Tianxing nodded and continued, "But there's a little monster from the Saber Dao faculty. He formed such a powerful team. Perhaps, Class 1 of the Saber Dao faculty will get the first place again."

"We have no choice since the Saber Dao faculty is the biggest faculty in our college. All the top students have registered for Class 1 of the Sword Dao faculty. Only the remaining students will choose the Saber Dao faculty. Moreover, the Union College that's popular for Sword Dao is snatching students from us." Mu Xiaolan was speechless to hear this.

Lin Huang briefly knew that the Union College was snatching students from them. Union College was undoubtedly the best college in the human world. It was the only institution of higher learning established by the Union government. The Sword Dao faculty in the Union College in Division 7 was also the strongest. Therefore, Union College would be the first choice for top students who wanted to learn sword skills. Martial Hunter College and the rest of the institutions would fall under their second choice.

"I think there's no need to care about their scores. The students should gain experience from the battle drill. They should learn to spot the weaknesses of the monsters and build team cooperation with their members. They should figure out their position in a team.

"From this perspective, many other teams are stronger than Mu Xiao's team. The assignment of members of his team is unreasonable, and they act heedlessly. They managed to defeat the monsters because their opponents are weak. If they encounter enemies that are a lot stronger, perhaps it'll be too late for them to plan."

What Lin Huang said was straight to the point. Qin Tianxing and Mu Xiaolan instantly kept quiet after listening to what he said.

After a few moments, Qin Tianxing then said, "I didn't know that I wouldn't have as thorough a view of it as you do. I've almost forgotten the actual purpose of having a battle drill. Point accumulation is just a sport. We actually want the students to grow up."

"It seems like I have to observe the fighting mode of the students. They'll be divided into different groups next month!" Mu Xiaolan said with a solemn expression.

After having their lunch, Lin Huang did not return to the field as he had seen whatever he wanted to. He went to the training room and started practicing the Undefeatable Warrior.

Soon, two days had passed. At about 4 a.m, while Lin Huang was still sleeping, his communication device suddenly rang.

"All the Year 1 to Year 3 teachers, please gather at the field!" It was a message from the registrar's office!


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