Monster Paradise
480 Lin Xin“s Performance
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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480 Lin Xin“s Performance

In the forest, the light was dim. There was a Surveillance Mosquito on the big tree. Eight of its blue eyes adjusted the angle and soon, reflected the figures of three boys and two girls in its eyes.

The five of them were lighting a fire to grill some meat. Lin Huang then shifted his gaze towards the screen showing Shangguan Hui and her team.

Lin Huang was quite satisfied with Shangguan Hui's performance. Despite not having an outstanding ability in the battle drill, she was quite intelligent. She managed to kill an iron-level rank-2 Ironhide Pig with little effort. Lin Huang could roughly predict that the performance of the team in the following few days would be great.

He then shifted his gaze towards the rest of the teams in Class2.

Aside from two of the teams appearing to panic, the performance of the eight other teams was fairly good. They proved their survival skills.

Survival skill was what Lin Huang wanted his students to learn. Regardless of how many points that they could gain, it was not important.

Two of the teams that appeared panicked were soon prepared for the battle.

Lin Huang was slightly relieved. He then looked at Lin Xin's team performance in Class 1 of the Sword Dao faculty.

Lin Xin's team was indeed strong. Their team consisted of three boys and two girls. Aside from Lin Xin, another girl, who was called Ai Li, was an iron-level rank-2. There was also a tall, skinny man called Nangong Qing and he was an iron-level rank-2 as well. Despite two other guys not getting to iron-level, they had outstanding abilities.

While the rest of the teams were still preparing for the battle, Lin Xin's team had activated their killing mode. Five of them killed all the lonely monsters they encountered when they were on their way.

While Shangguan Hui and the rest were still grilling meat, Lin Xin's team had already killed six lonely monsters, and in addition to the number of badges they collected, they had accumulated a total of 158 points. It was three times the points collected by Shangguan Hui's team.

"Both of them on iron-level are quite good in assigning tasks to the members." Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction.

The strategy of Lin Xin's team was simple. Lin Xin would first shoot the monster's eyes with a gun, and the rest of them would then complete the kill. If it were only an iron-level rank-1 monster, two of the boys who did not manage to get into iron-level would kill it. If it were an iron-level rank-2 monster, either Ai Li or Nangong Qing would kill it. Both of them would take turns so that their Life Power could be replenished when they were not fighting.

Among the six of the monsters that they had killed, four of them were only on iron-level rank-2 whereas the remaining two were the iron-level rank-1 monsters. In addition to collecting eight gold badges along the way, they were more than 100 points ahead of the rest of the teams.

The gun that Lin Xin using was a GrayEagle 17 that had been used by Lin Huang last year.

However, she was still using the ordinary GrayEagle 17 bullets. She did not use the armored bullets.

Looking at the scene recorded by the Surveillance Mosquito, Lin Xin's team began their journey again after having their lunch.

Nangong Qing had an iron-level weapon that could be used for detection purposes. It somehow functioned like a single-tube telescope but possessed the ability to look through the trees. They continued going deeper into the forest. In less than 20 minutes, he suddenly asked the rest of them to slow down.

"At about 600 meters away, there's an enormous monster. Based on its size, it could possibly be an iron-level rank-3 Ursine Warrior." The detection ability of Nangong Qing's weapon was limited. He could not clearly see the actual outlook of the monster. It looked like an infrared image and only a yellow shadow could be seen. "If it's the Ursine Warrior, are we going to kill it?"

"It's just a monster that is slightly stronger in its defense and strength. Why not give it a try?" Ai Li was excited.

"That shouldn't be a big problem. I'll change the bullets that I'm using." Lin Xin nodded. She then removed the ordinary bullets from the bore and inserted another clip of armored bullets.

The price of the armored bullets was higher than that of the ordinary bullets. Although Lin Xin was not in need of money, she would still prefer to be a good girl who used her bullets wisely.

"To score high marks, killing an iron-level rank-3 monster is the fastest way. Although the Ursine Warrior is rather difficult to handle among the iron-level rank-3 monsters, we have to make a start since this might not be the only Ursine Warrior that we'll meet. Therefore, I think there's no need to avoid," Yao Hao suggested. He was the team's think tank.

"Just kill it, Nangong." Chu Peng nodded as well. He was living in the same dorm with Yao Hao. They still had an iron-level rank-1 roommate but he had joined the other team.

"Alright, then just do it!" Nangong Qing had asked for their opinion earlier was not because he was afraid that they might not be able to fight it. Since the Ursine Warrior was one of the strongest monsters among the iron-level rank-3 monsters, he was afraid that his teammates would hold back.

However, it seemed like all of them were excited and of course, he would not retreat.

The five of them gradually walked towards the monster. The Surveillance Mosquito followed closely after them and recorded the scene.

A few minutes later, the monster being detected finally showed up on the screen.

It was genuinely an Ursine Warrior. It had merlot-colored fur and was equipped with a layer of greenish-black metal armor on its back and abdomen. Aside from that, there was a greenish-black metal helmet with horns on its head.

The monster had a height of about eight meters and its body size was extremely large.

Lin Xin was hiding somewhere under the Surveillance Mosquito. It was their first time having a close look at the Ursine Warrior. They were frightened by its body size.

Right at this moment, the Ursine Warrior was devouring a carcass. Lin Xin and the rest of them had no idea which monster's carcass it was since its brain was no longer attached to its body. They could only see that it was a hoofed animal with black fur.

The Ursine Warrior was rather picky about food. It did not like to eat monsters' brains. Under normal circumstances, it would throw the brain of the monster aside. It started licking the blood oozing out from its neck, tearing its abdomen apart and eating its internal organs. Soon after, the whole carcass went into its mouth, and it started munching on it together with the bones.

Right when it was enjoying its food, Lin Xin's gun had aimed at its eyeballs.

She looked to the left and to the right. Her teammates nodded their head, indicating that they were ready. She then pulled the trigger.

Two shots were fired out of the bore.

Bang! Bang!

After two consecutive shots, the Ursine Warrior stood up in anger, growling from the pain it suffered.

Nangong Qing and Ai Li immediately pounced on the monster from two sides.

Both of them attacked in full force. The battle sword was shrouded in black Life Power as if it had been immersed in black ink.

Chu Peng and Yao Hao did not pounce on it rashly. They stayed in their original position and waited for the right time to attack. The iron-level rank-3 monster was bursting into a rage. They would definitely die if they attacked now since they were not even on iron-level.

Two black battle swords cut through the Ursine Warrior's legs, leaving two streaks of blood.

The Ursine Warrior that had lost its vision was attacked again. It performed a counterattack in all directions senselessly.

Nangong Qing and Ai Li immediately dodged the attack. Despite such an attack not being able to kill them, they would still be severely injured if it hit them.

Lin Xin then climbed up to a big tree, taking aim at the Ursine Warrior's head with her GrayEagle 17 and began distracting it.

The Ursine Warrior's anger was indeed triggered when Lin Xin launched another attack. It gave up chasing after Nangong Qing and Ai Li and rushed towards the direction where the sound of the gun could be heard.

With several hits, it managed to break the tree where Lin Xin was hiding. As the tree fell, Lin Xin leaped and rolled on the ground. She then climbed up another tree, distracting the Ursine Warrior by attacking with her gun again.

While the Ursine Warrior was chasing after Lin Xin, Nangong Qing and Ai Li managed to make several attacks on its legs, and bloody streaks could be seen.

The armored bullets were fired, and they struck the Ursine Warrior's body which was not protected by its armor, causing her to moan in pain.

"Ling Xue, continue to attack its eyes!" Yao Hao suddenly shouted.

Lin Xin then raised her gun and aimed at the Ursine Warrior's eyes. Two consecutive attacks were fired and the armored bullets hit the Ursine warrior's eyes twice.

It grabbed its head and let out a howl of pain. At this moment, its merlot fur began to turn blood red.

"It's bursting into a rage! Leave!" Yao Hao immediately shouted at them.

Right at this moment, gunshots could be heard coming from mid-air. Two of the armored bullets penetrated through the Ursine Warrior's left eye again.

The next moment, an explosive sound coming from two of the shots that Lin Xin fired was heard. The mixture of its blood and brain juice, which was red and white, abruptly oozed out from the Ursine Warrior's eyes.  

The Ursine Warrior stopped growling. After a few moments, it collapsed and fell down to the ground.

Lin Huang shook his head, seeing what had happened on the screen. Even though they managed to kill the monster, he was not satisfied with the battle.

"They are too weak in battle drill…"


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