Monster Paradise
477 Each Faculty“s Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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477 Each Faculty“s Ability

At 10 o'clock in the morning, 3,000 new students formed teams of five and were sent to the level-1 wild zone, the Mist Forest.

Six hundred locations of different coordinates were set in the dimensional portal of the Deputy Dean, Wang Zijun. All the new students who entered the dimensional portal would be randomly sent to one of those locations. The location would automatically be removed after the team was sent out to avoid sending two teams to the same location.

Just slightly after 11 a.m, they had finally sent out all the students. The Surveillance Mosquito was arranged somewhere near the location in advance. After the students were sent out, the Surveillance Mosquito would be activated immediately for live broadcast.

The staff immediately activated their receivers, and 600 live videos were projected.

Lin Huang could quickly identify ten teams of students from his class and he could see Lin Xin's team as well.

Lin Xin had joined the Sword Dao class too as she had been influenced by Lin Huang. She had actually registered for gunmaster. However, there were not enough students that registered for the gunmaster class, and the classes could only be conducted when all the students had achieved iron-level. Therefore, the classes would only be assigned to the students who had registered for gunmaster in their second year.

All the students who had registered for gunmaster would be assigned to other classes according to their scores before graduation. Some of the students in Lin Huang's class had signed up for gunmaster as well.

Perhaps it was because Lin Xin had an outstanding performance in gunmaster, Lin Huang noticed that she was assigned to a very powerful group. Basically, it was one of the three strongest groups in Class 1 of the Sword Dao faculty. Two of them in the team had already achieved iron-level.

If they did not encounter Mu Xiao from the Saber Dao faculty, the team would pass the assessment easily.

As Lin Huang studied the assignment of team members in Lin Xin's team, he then looked at the rest of the teams in Class 1. He realized that the overall qualification of the Class 1 students was indeed higher. There were 12 out of 100 students who had achieved iron-level. Two of them were on iron-level rank-3.

However, there was only one student who had achieved iron-level rank-1 in Class2 which was Lin Huang's class. There were no students who had achieved iron-level in the rest of the classes.

"The Saber Dao faculty is so strong this year!" While Lin Huang was still observing the situation of the students from the Sword Dao faculty, Qin Tianxing beside him suddenly exclaimed.

The strongest opponent was not the rest of the classes from the Sword Dao faculty to him but the classes from the Saber Dao faculty. The overall abilities of the students in Class 1 of Sword Dao faculty were a lot stronger than the rest of the classes. Therefore, the students from class 1 of the Saber Dao faculty had always been an informal rival to the students from his class.

As Lin Huang heard that, he shifted his gaze to the screen that presented the teams from the Saber Dao faculty.

There were 26 students on iron-level in Class 1 of the Saber Dao faculty and Mu Xiao, who was on bronze-level, was one of them. Their overall abilities were indeed stronger than the students from the Sword Dao faculty. There were eight students from Class 2 of the Saber Dao faculty that had achieved iron-level and were almost on par with Class 1 of the Sword Dao faculty. The Saber Dao faculty was incomparable to the Sword Dao faculty.

Seeing a few of the classes from Saber Dao faculty, Lin Huang then looked at the rest of the classes that were registered under other programmes and realized that there was nothing worth paying attention to.

The Gun Dao faculty was slightly weaker than the Sword Dao faculty. There were seven students who had managed to get to iron-level in Class 1 of the Gun Dao faculty, and it was on par with Class 2 of the Saber Dao faculty. There were only about two students who were on iron-level for the rest of the programmes.

Lin Huang took a glimpse at the classes and soon, he shifted his focus back to Lin Xin.

Four of the members of Lin Xin's team looked nervous. Lin Xin was the only one who did not look nervous at all and looked somewhat excited. Lin Huang could now see the benefit of having brought her along to explore in the past. She had been to the moderate danger zone with Lin Huang. She would not feel nervous about getting into a level-1 wild zone at all.

"Eh, Ling Xue looks weak, but her mental quality is quite excellent," Qin Tianxing mumbled, evaluating the performance of his students. Soon, he shifted his gaze to Lin Xin's team and realized that she appeared to be rather calm.

Lin Xin's nickname was Ling Xue when she registered herself in this school. Aside from the President, Liu Ming, nobody knew that they were siblings. Of course, Qin Tianxing would not have known that he was commenting on Lin Huang's sister.

Lin Huang was not surprised to see Lin Xin's expression. He had seen Lin Xin's performance during the battle in the Gun Master game. She had actually achieved the beginner level of a gunmaster but had yet to achieve iron-level. Therefore, she was unable to activate her Life Power for the use of relics. However, as long as the power of the gun and the bullets were strong enough, Lin Xin would be capable of killing an iron-level rank-3 monster.

When it came to the use of guns, Lin Xin was even stronger than Lin Huang who had sat for the Reserve Hunter Assessment a year ago. When Lin Huang was preparing himself for the Reserve Hunter Assessment, he did not even master any of the entry-level gunfighting techniques. However, Lin Xin had already learned 37 types of entry-level gunfighting techniques and 11 types of beginner-level gunfighting techniques that could be used without activating her Life Power.

Lin Xin was fated to be a dark horse to be discovered soon in the battle drill. Lin Huang had never doubted it. He was worried about the performance of his students instead.

While Lin Huang was observing the performance of the students, the Deputy Dean Wang Zijun shifted his gaze to Lin Huang. He originally wanted to have a look at the young man who had just come and to see if he could adapt the life here. However, he was frightened. When the school had just started, Lin Huang was just a gold-level rank-3. About one month had passed, and he had leveled up to white flame-level.

"He's only 16 years old and he's now on holy fire-level. He's perhaps the youngest person who managed to get into holy fire-level in Division7!" Wang Zijun exclaimed. "Although he's just on white flame-level, his aura is extremely strong. It's comparable to those on crimson flame-level. Did he kill a triple mutated Life Fire monster?"

Wang Zijun had met many of the people who leveled up to white flame-level by killing a double mutated monster. However, it was his first time sensing such a strong aura from Lin Huang. He instantly guessed that Lin Huang could have killed a triple mutated Life Fire monster.

"At just 16 years old, he has achieved level-3 sword realm. He even killed a triple mutated monster… Where did President Liu discover such a genius?" Wang Zijun was sizing Lin Huang up secretly for about two seconds. However, Lin Huang could still sense it.

Lin Huang immediately turned his head to look at Wang Zijun as he sensed his gaze on him. Realizing that it was the Deputy Dean who was sizing him up, Lin Huang roughly knew why he had done so.

Wang Zijun was stunned as he never expected Lin Huang to be so sensitive. He immediately smiled to cover up the awkward situation before shifting his gaze away from him.

"He's so strong!" Wang Zijun, who had spiritual detection ability, could sense that Lin Huang had extraordinary abilities as they exchanged glances with each other. "I've no idea how his students will be…"

Again, he shifted his gaze to the screen that projected the situation of the battle drill, looking at the students from Class 2 of the Sword Dao faculty.


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