Monster Paradise
476 The Rules of the Battle Drill
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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476 The Rules of the Battle Drill

It was nine o'clock in the morning.

There were more than 3,000 new Year 1 students. All of them stood straight in their formations according to their faculties and years.

It had been a month since school started and everyone had started familiarizing themselves with one another. They had a better understanding of the rules and the system of the school as well.

The school would organize a battle drill in a month, and it was most anticipated by the new students since most of them had never been to the wilderness.

The teachers oversaw the battle drill. Therefore, they would not need to worry about their safety.

Moreover, it was the first battle drill since the school started. The new students were looking forward to it. They were more excited than nervous.

Deputy Dean Wang was the one who was in charge of the battle drill.

While he was giving a speech on the stage, Qin Tianxing had sent out the rules of the battle drill to Lin Huang and the rest of the teachers' via their Emperor's Heart Rings. 

Since Lin Huang was the new teacher, he immediately checked them out. Despite having briefly heard about the rules from Qin Tianxing, he still read them carefully. 

The rules of the battle drill were simple. The training ground was a level-1 wild zone. The staff of the institution had hidden many of the star badges in the wild zones. Points would be awarded to those who retrieved the star badges. Those who managed to kill the iron-level monsters would earn extra points.

Furthermore, the battle drill would last for only three days. That being said, the students would have to sleep in the level-1 wild zone for two nights. This would be the greatest challenge that they would face in the assessment.

After Lin Huang carefully read the rules, Deputy Dean Wang had almost finished his speech.

"That's all from me. Now, the class teachers will explain the details of the battle drill to the students!"

Lin Huang waited for the rest of the teachers to do so before heading towards his students.

The students had not seen Lin Huang for a week and noticed some changes in him. However, they could not figure out the difference.

"We haven't seen each other for a week. Did you guys goof around?" Lin Huang gazed at the crowd. A few of them avoided his gaze whereas the rest of them did not seem to have slacked off at work.

"Alright, stop talking nonsense. I'll explain the rules of the assessment." As soon as Lin Huang finished his words, two star-shaped badges were projected.

"In the coming three days, the accumulation of points mainly come from these two badges. You'll be given one point for each silver badge collected whereas you'll gain ten points for each gold badge. They'll normally hide the gold badges at dangerous places. There might be iron-level monsters there. Therefore, when you see a gold badge, you have to be cautious. Don't just focus on getting the badge but neglect the danger.

"Aside from collecting badges, points can be accumulated by killing monsters. You'll get ten points for killing an iron-level rank-1 monster and 30 points for an iron-level rank-2 monster. You'll obtain 100 points if you kill an iron-level rank-3 monster.

"Your performance in the wilderness will be recorded by the Surveillance Mosquito. Therefore, after the monster is killed, there's no need to handle the carcasses. The staff will do it for you."

"Teacher Lin, if we get bitten by a mosquito at night, and we accidentally kill the Surveillance Mosquito, what shall we do?" A fat young man raised his hand and asked.

The people around him tittered, covering their mouths.

Lin Huang was speechless and shook his head. The Surveillance Mosquito was projected to them. "The Surveillance Mosquito measures a length of about 20 to 30 centimeters. There are eight eyes on its head which gives it a 360-degree vision. It is an iron-level rank-3 monster. The Surveillance Mosquito has been tamed by humans. However, if it encounters an attack, it'll still fight back. Each Surveillance Mosquito can drink more than ten liters of blood. It has to absorb the blood of two people of your body size to feel full."

The young man, who asked the question, kept quiet. The rest of them, who had no idea how the Surveillance Mosquito looked like, felt lucky that they did not ask such a question.

"Also, I'd like to remind you that despite the Surveillance Mosquito has been tamed, it is not absolutely safe. Even a pet at home will go mad, let alone monsters. Don't get too close to the Surveillance Mosquito and it's best to keep a distance of at least one meter away. Of course, if you don't provoke them, they usually won't attack you." Lin Huang was not trying to scare them but such problems did really exist in the past.

He then switched the screen to the map and continued, "The wild zone that you guys are going to is called the Mist Forest. It is a level-1 wild-zone and the strongest monster will be an iron-level rank-3. However, mist will form in the forest at night. Therefore, it's best for you to look for the badges and hunt for monsters during the day. When the mist is formed at night, don't wander around so that you won't get lost with your mate.

"Also, individual marks will not be given for the assessment but will be calculated based on the points accumulated by each class. Therefore, your opponent isn't only those from the Sword Dao faculty but also those from Saber Dao faculty, Gun Dao faculty, and so on.

"There'll be 50 students in each class forming a team of five. Therefore, there'll be ten small teams. Each team will be sent to random places, and the same goes for the rest of the classes.

"All the badges collected have been processed specially. Therefore, it's not possible to put it away in the storage space. You can only bring it along with you. Besides, you can snatch badges from other teams. Therefore, the monsters aren't your only enemy but so are the students from other classes."

Many of their faces turned pale when they heard that the badges could be snatched from other students. The strongest student among all the Year 1 students was, of course, Mu Xiao from the Saber Dao faculty. Before enrolling into school, his combat level was already on bronze-level rank-1. His abilities were far beyond the rest of the students. He surely had no difficulty with the assessment. If they had permission to snatch badges from each other, he would be able to seize all the badges from the teams that bumped into him.

"Aside from the enemies, please don't forget something that you'll have to do at night. In each team of five, each of you has to take turns to keep watch at night. Therefore, every one of you will get to sleep for about eight hours. Don't fall asleep together as you won't know if the monsters or the other teams attack," Lin Huang reminded.

"That's all for the rules of the assessment. The last rule is that you're only allowed to bring in water during the assessment. No food is allowed because you'll need to hunt for your own food in the forest. Please hand in all the food you have now. If the Surveillance Mosquito finds out that anyone of you has brought along food, regardless of what food it is, based on the number of people who brought in food, the class marks will be penalized by 100 points per student. If ten students bring along the food with them, the class marks will be -1,000," Lin Huang extended his hand out for their food supplies while saying.

Some of the students who heard that immediately passed their food to him. A minority of them passed it to him unwillingly when they saw the rest of them gave it to him. Lin Huang did not care if some of them were trying to hide the food. He had deliberately emphasized, "if the Surveillance Mosquito finds out". In fact, he was trying to hint that if they were not discovered, their marks would not be deducted. However, most of the students did not seem to understand that. It was obvious that some of them could understand what he meant and handed in only a few packets of snacks.

"Alright. That's all I'm going to say. I'll send the rules and the map of the wild zone to you. Look for your teammates now. I'd suggest you assign the team members according to their abilities. There's no need for those who are good in attacking to be on the same team. It'd be best for a team to have a good mix of those attacking, defending, controlling, and healing. If it's impossible to do so, please try your best to follow," Lin Huang reminded. He then sent the details and rules to the group.

The group of students then downloaded the map and the rules of the assessment. Soon, they began forming their own groups.


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