Monster Paradise
474 One Page of Sword Scripture
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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474 One Page of Sword Scripture

"The summoning period is only one hour but that's good enough since it's not sealed."

While Lin Huang was looking at the card of the Regal Sword Killer, Xiao Hei's voice was heard.

"A hidden page is detected in the Regal Sword Killer's body!"

Under normal circumstances, after the tinder was extracted and ignited, it would release a large amount of information to the tinder's owner. These messages would typically include the memories inherited from the monster that was killed.

However, Lin Huang did not obtain the memories inherited. Instead, a few seconds later, a notification from Xiao Hei suddenly arrived.

"There is a hidden page?" This was strange news to Lin Huang.

"It has been verified that it is a Divine Object. As the Regal Sword Killer died, this page started disappearing, but I managed to capture it. There is a missing part, but the impact of that section isn't that big. If I'm not mistaken, the memories inherited from the tinder of the Regal Sword Killer wasn't released because this page of scripture might have absorbed it."

"Where's it?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

A dark bronze, palm-sized object gradually came out from the Regal Sword Killer's body, floating in front of Lin Huang. Lin Huang stared at it for a few moments and black inscriptions flickered on the object.

"Can I extract the information from this?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"The level of this object is too high and it isn't possible to turn it into a card. The information can't be extracted and I can only oppress it. Insert it into your body and try to communicate with it."

As soon as Xiao Hei finished his words, Lin Huang extended his hand and he was able to touch the page of scripture.

The next moment, Lin Huang felt dizzy.

As he regained his senses, he was no longer on Elam Island but in a deserted land where battle swords were all pierced into the ground.

"Xiao Hei!" Lin Huang contacted Xiao Hei through his mind as he wanted to ask what was happening. However, Xiao Hei did not answer him.

"It seems like we have lost connection." Lin Huang frowned, looking at the vast wilderness. There was nothing other than the battle swords that emitted a threatening aura.

Just when Lin Huang was in doubt, a weird thought ran through his mind.

"As long as you manage to look for the sword that belongs to you among the 18,800 of them, the recognition by that single page of sword scripture will be given. You only have one chance to do so. The page of the sword scripture will disappear on its own and I'll lose a chance as well…"

Lin Huang did not know why but he could suddenly understand the rules. He immediately sized up the surroundings.

He could see that none of the battle swords were similar to each other. The swords were emboldened and he had no idea how much stronger they were than his own supreme sword. Lin Huang was confused.

As he was wondering how the sword should be picked out, he felt something peculiar as if he was being drawn by a magnet.

Lin Huang then turned back and headed towards the direction if the pull, running for more than half an hour. Eventually, he arrived at a place where the peculiar attraction could be felt the strongest.

He stood still, looking at the swords surrounding him. He finally targeted one of them.

The undefined attraction was coming from this particular sword.

It looked ordinary and the handle of the sword was simply made of wood. There were no traces that it had been carved. The blade had an ordinary silver color and there were no remarkable designs on it at all.

It had a normal and a rather unappealing appearance. Its aura was calm and run-of-the-mill unlike the rest of the swords whereby some of them emitted a deadly aura, or were overbearing, or even spiritualized…

"I don't care whether it is the right one but I'm going to choose you today!" Despite it not being eye-catching, it somehow looked outstanding to Lin Huang. Even if it could not be used to fight, it could still be used to practice.

He then grabbed the handle of the sword, slowly drawing it out of the ground.

Right when it was being pulled out of the ground, a golden glow emerged. The battle sword that looked unappealing released a dazzling golden gleam that looked like sunlight and instantly expanded throughout the deserted land.

As the golden glow faded, Lin Huang's vision recovered and he returned to Elam Island.

"Are you okay?" Xiao Hei's voice was heard.

"I'm okay." Apparently, Xiao Hei did not know what had happened just now. He felt that he had been in the deserted land for at least half an hour. However, as he returned to reality, not even a second had passed.

As soon as Lin Huang finished his sentence, the golden page then turned into a beam of light and flowed into his body through his finger.

"It seems like you have been verified. You have saved me some trouble."

When the page moved, Xiao Hei wanted to oppress it. Soon, it discovered that the scripture had no bad intentions and it was no longer bothered about it, allowing it to enter Lin Huang's body.

When his consciousness immersed his body, Lin Huang managed to capture the presence of the page rapidly in his body. It floated somewhere near Xiao Hei and the rest of the cards.

As Lin Huang contacted it, a large amount of information began gushing into his mind.

Lin Huang was startled but soon, he was surprised as most of the contents recorded were about the Sword Dao.

It was not the content of the human's Sword Dao but the monster's!

For a monster that had never gone through any mutations to one that had gone through its third mutation, as long as the combat level was below immortal-level, all the sword type monsters were recorded. The monster's Sword Dao was all recorded on the golden page.

Lin Huang was delighted. He did not obtain just one type of the Sword Dao, but there were more than 10,000 of them!

The formation process of the sword skill of each monster was clearly recorded. Lin Huang was like an onlooker standing less than three meters away, witnessing everything that had happened.

It was already late at night as he skimmed through it. Lin Huang did not notice that while he was reading the legacy, the sword realm in his body was improving unknowingly. When Lin Huang recovered from his thoughts it was already 10 o'clock at night.

He took a glance at the time and realized that it was time to leave.

Looking at the Regal Sword Killer's dead body, Lin Huang decided to follow his last request and carried the carcass. He brought along the three fiends and headed towards the east of the island, somewhere near the edge of the cliff.

A few minutes had passed and the four of them arrived near the cliff.

Lin Huang strode towards the place where the Regal Sword Killer had been found earlier and instructed the fiends, "One of you, please help me dig a hole here."

The fiends exchanged glances with one another. One of them then walked to the front, extending its claws and quickly dug a standard rectangular pit that was three meters long and more than a meter wide. It had a depth of about two to three meters.

As the fiend extended its hand again, the Regal Sword Killer's dead body floated on its own. Even the long sword that it was holding with cracks that were visible on its blade gradually fell into the soil pit. Soon, black sand started filling the large pit and the carcass was buried.

Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction at the Imperial Imp that had completed the task. "You're quite familiar with this. I'll look for you when there's a need in the future."

He then recalled the fiends, gazing at the slope. "You're a worthy opponent. I'd make an exception this time. I won't do anything with your dead body. May you rest in peace."

After finishing his last sentence, Lin Huang immediately summoned the Black Ink and strode over to it.

The howl of the wind resonated through the deathly stillness of Elam Island.

There were two moons, one in red and another in purple lighting up the night sky.

At midnight, underneath the black soil, a faint golden glow appeared on the Regal Sword Killer's chest which had completely exploded.

If one looked into his body carefully, one would discover an incomplete gold, thumb-sized page. Its shape completely matched the missing part of the sword scripture that Lin Huang had obtained.

On the island, a deadly aura was inserted into the incomplete page that was on the Regal Sword Killer's wound.

At the same time, the Regal Sword Killer's body changed strangely.

Up until it was about four o'clock in the morning, the charred land completely disappeared. Flowers and grass began to grow.

Before the dawn, when the first beam of sunlight shone on the island, the finger of the Regal Sword Killer's dead corpse that had been buried moved a little…


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