Monster Paradise
472 Killed in Three Swings of the Sword!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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472 Killed in Three Swings of the Sword!

"I really do have what you need to complete your quadruple mutation," Lin Huang stomped and leaped with his sword like a flash of lightning as he taunted. This time, he gave his all. As he activated his Thunder Sting and Thunder Steps, his sword turned into a black lightning bolt in the air and headed towards the Regal Sword Killer. Ripples were created in the air as he wielded his sword so quickly like an osier swung through the water surface.

The Regal Sword Killer only saw a black glow before it realized anything. It did not have the time to respond while it defended with its sword by instinct. The force that was like a black lightning bolt collided on its black sword while Lin Huang proceeded to swing his sword at it. The only thing the Regal Sword Killer felt was an invincible force that pressed against it like a gargantuan mountain. Before it even fell, the thousands of black electrical arcs that came from the Thunder Stings radiated from the sword and covered the Regal Sword Killer's entire body.

After a loud groan, its bloody red body was shot out like a cannon. Thousands of meters trees that were burnt disintegrated into powder as it was shot out, black dust filling the place. The Regal Sword Killer's bloody red body fell clumsily on the ground thousands of meters away while the black electrical arcs were still happily dancing on it. The electrical arcs were numbing its body and at the same time, creating intense heat on its armor. The heat could do more harm than spiritual lava could, which was the reason why it groaned.

Lin Huang stomped and appeared before the Regal Sword Killer again. He looked at the Regal Sword Killer that could not get up due to the numbing effect of the black electrical arcs.

"It seems like you're slightly more powerful after transforming yourself. You can defend yourself better now. But that's good. I can test my ability with you and see how powerful I am after the transformation." With that, he swung his sword again. This time, he was not performing Thunder Stings but form36 from the Great Sword Scriptures. It was a killing style that was explosive, and it was also the last and most powerful form of the Great Sword Scriptures.

As he swung his sword horizontally, black Life Power dashed towards the Regal Sword Killer with a serious threat. Although its body was numb, the Regal Sword Killer did not give up just yet. It decided to bite the bullet and blocked its sword in front of its chest as it saw the black sword glow coming towards it.

As the swords collided, Regal Sword Killer released all its bloody Life Power in an attempt to defend from the attack. However, its red Life Power was like a flame that was fighting to survive in the dark when fighting the black Life Power. It only lasted for seconds before it was completely burnt out. The Regal Sword Killer was once again engulfed by the black Life Power. The shockwave created from the black Life Power shot it tens of thousands of meters away.

Lin Huang looked far into the distance as the shockwave faded away, Regal Sword Killer was tens of thousands of meters away. It was on the ground and was attempting to get up, but it seemed to be difficult for it. Lin Huang leaped and appeared less than ten meters before it. The attack just now had destroyed all the will that the Regal Sword Killer had been left with. To live, it had drained its Life Power to defend the attack.

Its bloody armor was destroyed, and it looked even clumsier than it was when it was in its greenish-black armor. Seeing that it was in pain, Lin Huang did not mock it but instead, he complimented it, "You're an opponent who deserves my respect, but I must kill you today so that I can get your tinder to level-up to holy fire-level."

"I've never thought I would be killed by a human kid who isn't even holy fire-level," the Regal Sword Killer smirked in mockery. However, it was not ridiculing Lin Huang but itself.

"Could you promise me something?" The Regal Sword Killer stopped its smirk and looked up at Lin Huang.

"Do tell." Lin Huang nodded after a moment of silence. He knew that there was no way the Regal Sword Killer could turn the tables around.

"I hope you'll take good care of my body after I die and bury me at the edge of the cliff that you found me on. I hope to see the thing that I've been waiting for since half a year ago after I died," the Regal Sword Killer requested.

"Sure," Lin Huang agreed without thinking twice.

Lin Huang respected its dying wish. After all, he was taking the Regal Sword Killer's life with no hatred.

"Kill me now!" The Regal Sword Killer did not say anything else as it saw Lin Huang's agreement. It straightened its back with the help of its sword in hand and closed its bloody eye slowly.

"This is called Worldly Purification. It's my most powerful form. It means purifying all the sins of the world," Lin Huang said while the tip of its sword burned in a black flame from his Life Power.

Lin Huang did not hold back this time as he inserted three Life Wheels of Life Power into his sword. The black flame on the sword tip became even more intense. The usual bright golden glow was now shiny black. It was as black as piano keys, and it could almost reflect a person's face. As the black flame was burning at its peak, Lin Huang activated his Thunder Steps and Seraphic Speed, then swung his sword. Within seconds, he cut open the Regal Sword Killer's hard bloody armor and pierced into its chest without any obstacles. The sword pierced through its heart and protruded from its back.

The heat from the sword tip remained in its body like a volcano that was going to erupt. When Lin Huang balanced to his feet, he was thousands of meters away from the Regal Sword Killer. Its body was cracking, and a flaming black force was coming out of the cracks. Even its mouth and eye were shooting out the black flames from the Worldly Purification. Before it could even fall to the ground, notifications came from Xiao Hei.

"Congratulations, you've killed the Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete), mission accomplished!

"Congratulations, you've obtained pseudo mythical-level card Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete) x1

"Congratulations, you've obtained quadruple tinder card (pseudo)!"


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