Monster Paradise
471 I’ve Only Used 30% of What I Go
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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471 I’ve Only Used 30% of What I Go

Lin Huang only took a step out, and there he was in the fight with the Regal Sword Killer and the three fiends that were thousands of meters away. The Regal Sword Killer's pupil shrunk as it sensed an intense aura that was targeting it. A strong sense of doom came to it, so it had to break free from the three fiends and back off from where it was.

The attack that the three fiends rained on the Regal Sword Killer's greenish-black armor did not work at all. However, as soon as it backed off, a shadow appeared. The Regal Sword Killer could not even see what the shadow was doing. It was clearly Lin Huang who had transformed into a fiend. He held his supreme sword relic in his right hand that was completely covered with a layer of black Life Power like it was painted black. There was a layer of black mist surrounding the surface of the sword, exuding a death threat. Even the Regal Sword Killer was threatened by his terrifying aura.

As Lin Huang got less than ten meters from the Regal Sword Killer, he smirked and caught up to it by stomping on the ground. They were now less than two meters away from each other. The Regal Sword Killer swung its sword immediately in the attempt of scaring him away instead of killing him. The nearer they were together, the more intense danger the Regal Sword Killer could feel.

However, Lin Huang was even faster than the Regal Sword Killer. He brandished his sword horizontally with his right hand. The space where the sword swung became a vacuum as the air around was pressured to its peak, creating a circle of a white wave that was sent together with the sword towards the Regal Sword Killer. It was as quick as a black lightning bolt that headed towards the Regal Sword Killer's black sword together with the white wave.

As the two swords collided, black Life Power exploded from Lin Huang's sword like a volcano eruption. Meanwhile, greenish-black Life Power shot out from the Regal Sword Killer's black sword. However, the difference between the both of them was like a stream and a flood. The greenish-black force was suppressed by Lin Huang's black Life Power immediately. Soon, the Regal Sword Killer was engulfed by the black Life Power like a flood.

The black shockwave from the black sword shot out and covered the Regal Sword Killer completely. A drain thousands of meters long and two meters wide was created on the burnt land. It was not created by Lin Huang's attack but from the impact of the shockwave. However, Lin Huang did not put his sword away as it was not his all. He knew that the Regal Sword Killer was not dead from his attack. There was no notification from Xiao Hei as well.

"Let me handle this. You guys just make sure that it doesn't run away." Lin Huang turned around and looked at the three fiends. Although he was transformed, the three fiends knew very well that he was their master, Lin Huang. They were shocked by the attack that he performed earlier. Although Lin Huang was on the same combat strength with the three fiends, his ability was much more powerful than theirs. They could not harm the Regal Sword Killer at all despite attacking it for a while, but Lin Huang's single sword swing managed to suppress it. Nobody knew if it was dead or not.

After instructing them, Lin Huang activated his Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps. He dashed more than ten kilometers away after merely two to three steps. Although the Regal Sword Killer's aura was weaker now, Lin Huang could clearly sense where exactly it was as he had targeted its aura since the beginning. The shockwave had shot the Regal Sword Killer almost 10 kilometers away; even Lin Huang did not expect to see this.

The Regal Sword Killer looked clumsy when Lin Huang found him. There were cracks like spider webs all over its greenish-black armor, and it was recovering itself slowly. Although the sword in its hand was in good condition, it was obvious that its right hand was trembling from the attack earlier.

"Your sword is pretty solid." Lin Huang noticed that there were no cracks in its sword at all.

The Regal Sword Killer looked terrified by Lin Huang's sudden appearance before it. It then looked at the three fiends following behind, and it knew that it could not escape anymore.

"Since you're so powerful, why are you sacrificing your life to the human? That timid human kid has run away." The Regal Sword Killer looked at Lin Huang and attempted to talk him out of this.

"The timid human kid that you're talking about is me. I didn't run away. I transformed into this," Lin Huang raised his eyebrow and said to Regal Sword Killer.

"Are you satisfied with the answer?"

Clearly, the Regal Sword Killer did not expect to hear that, so it was in shock. Perhaps, it was puzzled how a human had managed to transform himself into a complete double mutated fiend that it could not distinguish.

"You're the first one to know the secret that I can transform into a monster. So, please bring this secret together with you to hell." Lin Huang did not want to talk to it anymore as he swung his sword again.

The black sword glow shot out like a crescent moon and headed towards the Regal Sword Killer as swiftly as lightning. Red glow shot out of the Regal Sword Killer's bloody eyes like a fuse lighting up its body which was also soon turned red. Its greenish-black armor became crimson red like charcoals on fire. The cracks on its armor disappeared, and there were bright red patterns on its black sword like lava.

It held its sword with both of its hands and sliced the crescent moon black sword glow into halves. The glow disappeared as it was destroyed.

"Do you really think that I couldn't sense your aura? I knew it was you, the human kid. Since you transformed yourself, I just needed to buy myself something to complete my transformation." The Regal Sword Killer glared deadly at Lin Huang and grinned.

"You're still a kid. Your ability is just like that even though you've leveled up to purple flame-level. Don't worry. I'll kill you first and explore more secrets about you. I can feel that you have what I need to complete my quadruple mutation."

"Really? I forgot to tell you something as well. The attack earlier was only 30% of what I've got as I have yet to adapt to my new body. Also, it was just a casual attack. I haven't even used my sword skills," Lin Huang smirked and deepened his voice.

"I shall let you in on my other secret. You're right. I really do have what you need to complete your quadruple mutation."


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