Monster Paradise
470 Please Be My Whetstone
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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470 Please Be My Whetstone

On Elam Island, the fight between the Regal Sword Killer and the three fiends did not progress. As the Regal Sword Killer adapted to the trio's rhythm and its immunity towards the Witch's containment grew, it was a piece of cake for the Regal Sword Killer to handle the three of them. The battle became stagnant. However, Lin Huang and Kylie, who were watching from the top, knew that the longer they took, the higher the chances for the three fiends to lose.

After transforming his Life Wheels with the Flawless Card, Lin Huang took out a Provisional Transformation Card. The golden card was crushed into golden stars in his hand.

"The Provisional Transformation Card has been activated. Please select the Monster Card that you would like to transform into."

"The Inferior Imp." Lin Huang looked at the Inferior Imp that was fighting below.

"You have chosen to transform into Imp (Inferior), confirm?"

"Confirmed!" Lin Huang nodded.

As Lin Huang said that, the stars were absorbed into his body and he went through an intense transformation. He grew from 1.75 meters to taller than 2.3 meters. His skinny body was now bulky with muscles. Within seconds, his height and body size were like a hunk's similar to Tyrant. The only differences that told him apart from a human were the gigantic horns on his head and his bloody eyes.

The transformation took only a couple of seconds. Instead of his appearance, what Lin Huang cared about was the changes inside of his body. He could feel that his combat level was increasing. He had leveled up from complete gold-level to purple flame-level, which was four ranks higher. Such an upgrade gave him an illusion that he was now invincible.

He obviously felt that his Life Power had changed as well since his combat level was upgraded from gold-level to holy fire-level. The difference was like mist and flood. He even suspected that the holy fire-level monster that he killed might be fake as the difference in the Life Power was immense. The Life Power that came from the Life Fire could not be compared with that of a normal Life Wheel's. Not only Life Power, the power that the body contained was shocking to him. As compared to his original body, it was like comparing an ant and an elephant.

"Such a powerful body! The abilities that most of the monsters come with are so much better than humans'!" Lin Huang exclaimed as he familiarized himself with the transformed body. Sensing an additional aura in the air, the Regal Sword Killer looked up and realized that Lin Huang was no longer there. Instead, he was replaced by another fiend. It only observed but it did not care as it thought Lin Huang had escaped. He did not mind the additional fiend as it knew the ability of the Inferior Imp which made no difference to it if there were more of them.

After familiarizing with his transformed body, he then took out the supreme sword relic Zenonia that Liu Ming had given him. As he did not have sufficient Life Power, he could never use the sword relic despite having it with him all along. Now that he was on the purple flame level, he could finally activate this battle sword with his Life Power. He could not wait to see how powerful this sword was.

As he inserted Life Power into the half-black and half-silver sword, black Life Power started spreading and the level-3 sword realm radiated out of the sword. Almost as soon as Lin Huang held the sword, the Regal Sword Killer looked up at him. As a monster that was training swords, it could sense the sword realm that was radiating out of the sword. It felt a sense of threat. Its bloody red eye held fear in it as it looked at Lin Huang nervously.

"Kylie, take a rest."

Lin Huang waved his hand and recalled Kylie into card form. Since Kylie was grabbing him mid-air, he fell to the ground as he had yet to master his flying ability.


Within seconds, he fell to the ground from hundreds of meters above. A three-meter diameter hole was created on the burnt ground. Black dust flew up around the hole and engulfed his body. Since the life of the island had been absorbed earlier, all of the underground microorganisms had died, which caused the ground to be dry and easy to break.

Lin Huang's fall grabbed the Regal Sword Killer's attention. It was distracted and kept looking at him. Ever since the sword realm was accidentally released, the Regal Sword Killer knew that the monster that came out of nowhere was the most powerful enemy that it had ever encountered. Among the dust, Lin Huang climbed out of it with his large body size and the sword that was now 1.5 meters long.

As he familiarized with his body and the battle sword that he had just had the chance to use, his footprints marked the burnt land while his aura rose.

"Aren't you a Regal Sword Killer? Let's see how many hits you can take from me!"

Lin Huang was smiling with confidence, and his voice was as loud as the thunder that shook the entire Elam Island.

The Regal Sword Killer looked seriously at Lin Huang's direction. It had yet to recognize that the fiend that was coming to it was actually Lin Huang. It was puzzled at how this fiend that had the same combat level could be so much more powerful than the three fiends that were fighting it. The aura alone shook him. Lin Huang had no answer to the question that the Regal Sword Killer had because he himself had no idea how powerful the purple flame-level fiend that he transformed into would be.

When he was on complete gold-level, he could cross one level to kill a purple flame-level. Now that his combat level was four ranks higher, his ability must be extremely more powerful than before. All he could feel was the endless strength that he had from the transformed body. He was even sure that his ability now was much more powerful than the gold flame-level executive, Zhu Nian, from the Hunter Association that he had seen last time.

"I would like to know how powerful I am right now, so please be my whetstone today, Regal Sword Killer!" Lin Huang then ran towards the Regal Sword Killer as he said that. The ground cracked and gravel exploded everywhere. Soon, he disappeared from where he was and what was left was a 10-meter hole and a circle of a white wave that was shooting out gravel everywhere.


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