Monster Paradise
468 Killed With a Swing of the Sword
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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468 Killed With a Swing of the Sword

The entire Elam Island and the surroundings up to hundreds of kilometers away were stripped into dead land within minutes. The greenish-black cocoon that was dull was now vibrant since it had absorbed the life from the island. Although it was still the same murky green, it now gave out a mysterious vibe. All the plants were burnt black, and the once dark, dense jungle was now exposed to the scorching sunlight.

Under the sun, the cocoon reflected a light glow that made it looked like it was covered in a thin greenish-black mist. As Lin Huang observed the changes in the cocoon, he was calculating the likelihood of winning this fight.

"This Blacksword Killer had the ability of gold flame-level when it was triple mutated. Now that it's quadruple mutated, although incomplete, its ability must be the standard of an immortal-level. It could even be a level more powerful than that, which is even stronger than my fiends… Moreover, its life form might change as well. Its original skills would be more robust, and it might even have more skills, which renders all the techniques that I picked up in the video clips to be useless now.

"All three of the fiends are now purple flame-level, and they're all double mutated. Their abilities might be able to reach immortal-level, but they'll be slightly weaker. I'm worried about Lancelot and Kylie as both of them are just crimson flame-level. Even if they give their all, they'll just be slightly more powerful than a normal purple flame-level, and they won't reach gold flame-level. Of course, if Lancelot was to use his Absolute Kill, he should be able to kill a gold flame-level, but he can do nothing to an immortal-level. My abilities are restricted. I'm basically a piece of trash when facing an immortal-level opponent." Lin Huang realized that he would not be able to join the battle and all he could do was watch.

Time passed by. The cocoon below them was becoming more and more vibrant as it absorbed all the life from the things around it. Soon, it exuded a more and more terrifying aura. As the greenish-black mist surrounding the cocoon reached the peak of its thickness, it started shrinking into the cocoon vigorously. The color on the cocoon's surface became dull immediately. In less than a minute, the greenish-black cocoon returned to its initial dullness, but its aura was growing.

Lin Huang and his five summoning monsters stared deadly at the cocoon. Their instincts told them that the thing in the cocoon was breaking free soon. The aura of the monster in the cocoon climaxed, and Lin Huang could feel that its aura was invincible.

"The aura… It must be an immortal-level!" Lin Huang was convinced about his speculation.

A while later, the aura in the cocoon became calm, and soon it was all silent. Just when Lin Huang was figuring out what was happening, a cracking sound broke the air. An inky black sword pierced through the cocoon. Later on, a lightning-shaped crack appeared from where the tip of the sword was all the way around the entire cocoon. Within seconds, there were cracks all over the greenish-black cocoon. As the sword continued to pierce through, the cocoon was like a shattered glass cover that completely collapsed. Greenish-black pieces were floating in the air and soon disappeared. All of them focused on the monster that had just broken out of the cocoon.

The Blacksword Killer's cloak was now transformed into a greenish-black armor. Its sword was now completely black. There was no hat on its head anymore. Instead, there was a thick, black braid. The biggest transformation was its body. It had initially been more than two meters tall, but it was now 1.8 meters tall and seemed leaner now. Its green eye that occupied half of its face was now a bloody red. There were black patterns swirling in its iris. It did not have ears or a nose. Its mouth that had been sewn shut was now a regular mouth and its lips were bloody red.

"So, you're an Imperial Censor…" The Regal Sword Killer looked at Lin Huang with its bloody eye from far away. Its bloody lips were spread slightly opened, and its tone was terrifying.

"I wouldn't have completed my quadruple mutation after killing the last dragon blood, but you've ruined it. Your existence has destroyed all my effort of hundreds of years. Now, I'm just an incomplete monster. Are you…ready to die?!"

Lin Huang's body shook as he felt the terrifying vibe from the monster. As soon as the Regal Sword Killer said that, it disappeared from where it was standing. It suddenly appeared before Lin Huang and swung its black sword towards his waist. Lin Huang was stunned to see what was happening. He could not catch up with what the monster was doing, but all he could feel was an intense sense of danger.

A black shield flashed in front as someone stood before him. It was Lancelot who had reacted first. Lin Huang backed off immediately as soon as he realized what was happening. However, Lancelot's Dark Shield broke immediately while the black sword pierced through the shield horizontally after the feeble block. Lancelot was sliced into half at his waist, and blood splashed everywhere.


Lin Huang had never thought that any of his Monster Cards would be destroyed during this mission. Even though they were facing an incomplete quadruple mutated monster, the fact that Lancelot had been sliced into half happened right before his eyes. Soon, Xiao Hei's notification popped up.

"Your epic-level Monster Card, the Ruthless Sword Master, is dead! Would you like to use Resurrect from the sword servant?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang was stunned for a moment before replying.

"Activating Resurrect by using rare-level Monster Card, the Greatsword Fiend, to revive Monster Card, the Ruthless Sword Master. Consuming the Greatsword Fiend (sword servant) x1. Are you sure you want to activate Resurrect?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang replied without thinking twice.

"Monster Card, the Greatsword Fiend (sword servant), has been consumed. Monster Card, the Ruthless Sword Master, has been revived."

As the notification popped up, the Greatsword Fiend card disappeared from the sword servants card. The black and white Ruthless Sword Master card was now revived and returned to its normal color. Lin Huang was relieved to see that Ruthless Sword Master's card was restored. The communication between him and Xiao Hei happened within seconds. As Lancelot was sliced into half, its body disappeared while the Regal Sword Killer dashed towards Lin Huang without hesitation.

Suddenly, a shadow tugged on the Regal Sword Killer's left leg. It was the Witch! The other two fiends helped as soon as the Witch stepped in.

Meanwhile, Kylie grabbed Lin Huang and brought him out of the battlefield.

"This battle is out of our league. You'll distract them if you stay on the battlefield," Kylie stated.


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