Monster Paradise
467 Mission Card: Activated Again…
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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467 Mission Card: Activated Again…

Lin Huang found it odd that there was no notification coming from Xiao Hei.

"Since the murky green force is fading, the Life Power of the Blacksword Killer should be drained soon, and its cloak's defense must be weak. My sword can kill a gold flame-level. Since it's defense is almost zero now, theoretically, it should be dead in an instant…"

He could not understand what exactly was happening. He had seen in the battle video clips that as long as one could break the Blacksword Killer's defense, one would be able to harm it. He had also seen in one of the video clips that after the Blacksword Killer's Life Power was drained, it was later killed. In the video clip, the kill was successful as the Blacksword Killer's Life Power was drained without any exceptions.

However, Lin Huang was encountering something odd. Since the Blacksword Killer's Life Power was drained, he should be able to kill it. He could not see what exactly happened in the bright golden glow. As soon as the golden glow faded, he could finally see where the Blacksword Killer was standing. It was no longer there. Instead, there was an oval, greenish-black cocoon. The cocoon that was almost three meters tall floated less than 20 centimeters from the ground. There were tiny holes similar to coddle holes all over its surface. It was absorbing the remaining golden Life Power. Trypophobic people would have goosebumps if they were to see this.

"What the hell is this?"

Lin Huang was puzzled as he had never seen the monster in this form in any of those video clips that he had watched. If the cocoon did not look exactly the same as what he saw in the information section, he would have thought that he had encountered a fake Blacksword Killer.

Just when he was going to ask Xiao Hei what was happening, a notification popped up.

"Mission Card has been activated due to unique circumstance.

"Details of Mission: Your target Blacksword Killer is encountering incomplete evolution, and it will soon be a quadruple mutated Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete). Please kill the Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete) as soon as possible.

"Mission Time Limit: 24 hours

"Mission Reward: Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete) Card (Pseudo Mythical-level)

"You will be punished if you failed to accomplish mission within given time. Three of your legendary-level Monster Cards will be removed randomly!

"Remarks: This mission terminates when your Life Fire monster dies, so there's no restriction in the killing. As soon as the kill is completed, the system will select the tinder for you. You can use all of your summoning cards of holy fire-level as long as they're not of immortal-level.

"Mission announcement stops here. You may read the details on the back of the card."

"A Mission Card again…" It was nothing good whenever a Mission Card appeared automatically. In some cases, Lin Huang sometimes had to risk his life to complete the mission. He did not expect to encounter this when he was just hunting down a Life Fire monster. The triple mutated monster was now evolving into an incomplete quadruple mutated monster out of nowhere. Nevertheless, he was excited that he would be able to get a pseudo mythical-level card as soon as he killed this monster!

However, Lin Huang knew very well that the fight would be a tough one since it had taken him so much effort to finally kill the triple mutated Blacksword Killer. Now that it was evolving into a quadruple mutated monster, though incomplete, its ability would be much more powerful than before. He definitely could not defeat the monster on his own, but fortunately, the terms of the Mission Card allowed him to ask for help.

Without hesitation, Lin Huang summoned three of his fiends as they were the most powerful ones. They had leveled up from blue to purple flame-level when Lin Huang arrived at complete gold-level. He then summoned Lancelot the Ruthless Sword Master. Although he was only a crimson flame-level, he had nine sword slaves with him. Summoning Lancelot was the equivalent to summoning ten monsters at once. Lastly, Lin Huang summoned Kylie who was the fastest. He did not pick Tyrant as Lin Huang did not have confidence in Tyrant's defensive abilities. They were fighting a quadruple mutated monster, after all. It would be too much of a waste if Tyrant could not keep it up and ended up being killed.

As Lin Huang summoned his five summoning monsters, he noticed the greenish-black cocoon that was not far away.

"That's a quadruple mutated monster inside?" Lancelot turned around and asked Lin Huang as he sensed the terrifying aura that came out of the cocoon.

"It's an incomplete quadruple mutated monster," Lin Huang corrected him.

The five summoning monsters soon looked serious.

"Let's see if we can break the cocoon together," Lin Huang suggested.

"It's redundant. There's no way to break such an evolution unless you're a god." It was Kylie who spoke this time.

Hearing the certainty in Kylie's voice and seeing the rest of his monsters look like they knew it was a fact, Lin Huang gave up on that thought.

Among the six of them, Lin Huang was the most relaxed one while the five summoning monsters looked grave. The remaining golden Life Power in the air was absorbed by the greenish-black cocoon. Just when Lin Huang thought when the Regal Sword Killer would break free from the cocoon, a deft shadow came out of it and spread around in a circle. Lin Huang saw that all the areas that the shadow touched turned black, causing all the trees, flowers and bushes around it to wilt immediately.

The shadow soon headed towards Lin Huang and the rest.

"Kylie!" Lin Huang shouted. Kylie grabbed Lin Huang and flew into the air immediately while the remaining four summoning monsters rose up as well. The six of them watched the shadow engulfing the entire green island. All the areas the shadow touched turned charcoal black. It looked like the island had gone through an unforgiving forest fire, and everything was burnt black. The monsters that were hiding in their lairs and did not manage to escape the island turned into skeletons.

"What's happening?" Although Lin Huang had seen many things in his lifetime, he was shocked to see what was happening.

"It's taking life away as this evolution isn't a normal mutation whereby it requires major energy support," Kylie explained.

Lin Huang looked at the island below and frowned. The shadow was expanding, and it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon. Within minutes, the entire 300 kilometers of Elam Island was covered in the shadow. The rich green on the island was now all dead.

However, the Regal Sword Killer did not seem like it was done; the shadow kept expanding towards the ocean outside of the island. Elam Island was surrounded by 50 to 60 kilometers of sea, and there were other islands around it. The waters turned foul as soon as the shadow engulfed it, but it did not stop. Soon, it passed the waters and covering the other islands around.

The birds on the other islands started fleeing while the other monsters turned into skeletons just like the unfortunate monsters on Elam Island. The shadow finally stopped when it expanded around 300 kilometers away and faded into nothingness. Meanwhile, the surface of the greenish-black cocoon started to become more and more radiant…


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